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Top 4 Takeaways from "For The Love Of Wrestling" – Progress Edition – Day 1

Well, who can say “Progress is Dead” hey! What an eventful first day at Manchester’s “For the Love of Wrestling” event! With the wonderful Mr Lee McAteer and his fantastic team all in the “Progress Zone” of the event, some things were bound to kick off!

So, let us review shall we…

4 – Lana Austin & Mr Lee McAteer make up?

Yes, that is right, you have read that right! Have the cracks between Progress Wrestling Women’s Champion and Progress boss Mr Lee McAteer started to repair? Well, what better way of “Progressing” the relationship than some light-hearted Lana-oke of Grease’s “Summer Days” to start!

That is right! Lee McAteer sang with Lana Austin… what is next? A hand shake? Stay updated on where this rebuild goes next.

3 – The meeting of four fantastic individuals

The joyous thing about “For the Love of Wrestling” is the experience to meet your idols within this absolutely wonderful industry we call “Rasslin,” and Progress wanted to make sure people didn’t miss out on meeting 4 fantastic individuals.

Fans were treated to meeting Progress Wrestling Woman Champion Lana Austin, “The King of Bedlam” Rob Drake, “The Greatest Wrestler to Ever Grace Planet Earth” Tate Mayfair’s and Progresses Co-Owner Mr Lee McAteer.

Everyone adds something unique to their meet and Progress did not disappoint by making sure these experiences could happen complete free!

2 – “I’m sure we’ll become very familiar with them!”

Well… what a line! FTR becoming familiar with Progress Tag Team Champions Sunshine Machine?

It cannot be surely. Could we see 7-star FTR take on “The Kings of Cool” Sunshine Machine?

Well during the ever so wonder So Cal Val Q&A Session with the AEW World Champions, she decided to introduce the two teams together and words were not minced! As a tag team wrestling fan, I would love to see it… could the Progress Tag Team titles be on AEW TV? Or will the AEW Tag Team titles be seen on “Demand Progress”?

Honourable mention time!

Can we just give a HUGE shoutout to So Cal Val please? She has been a busy bee all day doing various Q&As with some of the most iconic figures in the industry and she deserves nothing but pure respect as we know at RR how difficult doing back-to-back interviews can be, yet she has been nothing but the true professional and killed it today!

1 – “Spike Trivet won’t be holding the belt for much longer…”

Wow! Not other word for it other than WOW!

Did Adam Cole just call out Spike Trivet and give his clear indication on taking the title from Spike?

And then did they meet face to face for a challenge to be issues? I THINK SO!

Adam Cole has not stepped inside a Progress ring since December 2016… if Spike gets his way, we could see him step inside one again 7 years later!




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