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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation & Dark w/c 17th April

Coming to you from Milwaukee & Universal Studios this week, with a combined 11 matches. Featuring Emi Sakura, Christopher Daniels, Angelico, and more... Here are your Highlights:

#1 Pat Buck, but not as you know him

If you’re an AEW regular watcher, Pat Buck’s name should not be new to you, in fact you would have caught a glimpse of his luscious ginger locks most weeks on Dynamite, attempting to break up any non-match skirmishes! Whenever he’s out the commentators will astutely refer to him as a producer or a trainer, but this week he was neither of those things!

Yep, Pat made his official in-ring AEW debut on Dark! Unfortunately for him though, the match was against “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson, hot off his re-acquaintance with Jay White too. Buck looked in phenomenal physical condition to be fair to him, but this wasn’t enough. The Juice was loose this night.

#2 Why are you Shouting?!

We don’t see the Iron Savages too much these days, and the last handful of times they’ve been managed by JT Davidson, who cuts a lame promo, whilst shouting for the entire 3-5 minutes. If you are in fact a fan of this style of promo, then boy are you in luck!

In a backstage segment the Savages (Bronson & Boulder) were interviewed, but without their usual mouthpiece, they had to do the talking. In what can only be described as a terrible 80’s promo Boulder just yelled at poor Schiavone. What’s worse is, it got worse! We were then introduced to their new manager/partner Jameson Ryan, and he was even louder than the previous guy! But it’s clearly working for them as they battered the Trustbuster’s Jeeves Kay & Sonny Kiss.

#3 Turncoat

“The Reality” Zack Clayton was in action this week, as he teamed with Mike Magnum & Jack Tomlinson to face the JAS’s Jake Hager, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker on Elevation. This was clearly just a tune up match for the JAS before they face The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass on this week’s Dynamite. However there was a small amount of storytelling in this squash match.

Right before the end of the match Clayton clearly wasn’t too impressed with his 2 partner’s abilities, and made this perfectly clear by taking both their heads off with a double clothesline. He then claimed to also like Jake Hager’s hat & left the ring, leaving the JAS to walk away with the win.

Clayton was busy this week as he then showed up on Dark to approach Cole Karter (who was victorious earlier in the night). Clayton made his intentions clear; let’s tag together.


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