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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation 16th Jan 2023

This week's recap of AEW's YouTube show, Dark: Elevation. Episode 98 on January 16th 2023

This week’s Elevation came to you from Los Angeles California, with 8 matches featuring the Blackpool Combat Club, Top Flight, The Butcher, The Blade and more... Here are your Highlights #1 An Enthusiastic Local Hero

A storyline we are growing to expect here on Dark continues; The Breaking of Matt Hardy. This week Ethan Page grows more tired of Isiah Kassidy, or as he’s now affectionately named “Cranky Zay”. Fuelled even more by Hardy seemingly being on board!

To help encourage the disgruntled Private Party member, Ethan enlisted the overly-enthusiastic local hero, Brandon Cutler, to join the party! Cutler came out to a very warm welcome, though he seems to be getting this regardless of location due to his over–the-top, and hilariously brilliant performances.

#2 Becoming an Occurrence

On this episode we had our second look at the newly nicknamed “Perro Peligroso” Preston Vance, who teamed up with fellow LFI member, Rush. They face off against Diego Valens and the returning masked man Misterioso (the love child of Rey Mysterio & Scott Steiner).

This is now the 2nd masked talent that Vance has squashed, and much like the 1st opponent, Misterioso’s beating didn’t end when the match did. Rush & Preston continued to beat him down after the match, and for the 2nd time, he de-masked the loser.

#3 Another ROH title match next week?

Same short build up, different opponent? Two weeks ago we saw Marina Shafir come out and interrupt Athena’s post match beat down, followed by her getting a title shot the week after...

This week the same happened again, but this time it was Yuka Sakazaki doing the interrupting. I think we now know who the Fallen Goddess’ next Dark Defence is against.

Does having such little build up for a title match belittle the title? Does having all the defences on Dark hurt her reign? Or, does having title matches on the YouTube show improve Dark? Who knows, but either way there was an awful lot of advertisements for ROH next PPV in March!


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