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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark 7th Feb 2023

This week’s review & takeaways for AEW Dark on YouTube, for February 7th, 2023

This week’s Dark came to you from Universal Studios, Florida, with 8 matches, featuring Konosuke Takeshita, Mascara Dorada, Slim J and more... Here are your Highlights

#1 New Week, New Winners

If you watched last week’s Dynamite, you’d have witnessed the Tag Team Champs, The Acclaimed, totally squash some Miami Vice looking dudes. Well fast forward 6 days and those very same guys, now called The Outrunners, picked up their first win!

The team consists of the of Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd (the one who looks like Ben Stiller and Hulk Hogan’s love child, which happened to have grown up in the 80’s!) gave a great showing for themselves. How they don’t get dizzy during their matches is a mystery, the two of them just don’t stop spinning! They even have their own catchphrases sorted, giving us a sample in their post match interview.

#2 and the Wins just keep on coming...

Regular watchers of Dark will be no stranger to Baliyan Ahki, who almost always accompanies Emi Sakura to the ring. Ahki would normally be a member of Emi’s royal court, but this time he stood in no one’s shadow, as he picked up his first win in an AEW ring!

#3 SAP’s new Groove*

Opening the show was Spanish Announce Project’s Serpentico, and we were treated to some new music. SAP now has their own entrance theme, though as Excalibur pointed out, Angelico seemed to struggle to gain his usual “vibe” to it. The music itself was very akin to a crazy 90’s cartoon, fitting for this weird & wonderful trio.

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