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Tony Schiavone Opens Up About His 'Mistake' Of Going Back To WCW In The Early '90s

Tony Schiavone has been in wrestling for 40 years, making his debut as an announcer with Jim Crockett Promotions in 1983. Tony Schiavone left the promotion in 1989 to join WWE, lasting one year before returning to what was now WCW in 1990.

Tony Schiavone's WWE stint was short, but one the iconic announcer fondly looks back on, calling it his "best year in pro wrestling" until joining AEW in 2018. Despite enjoying the work and a substantial pay raise, Tony Schiavone decided to leave WWE, citing the cost of living and his family's preference to be in the Southern U.S. 

On "What Happened When," Tony Schiavone discussed his WWE departure. Despite feeling the move was "a gigantic mistake" at the time, his feelings faded away after assessing his life down South. "Living here in Georgia has been really, really good to me," he said, noting that the state is where his five children grew up. 

He added that moving to Atlanta led to additional announcing work with the Atlanta Braves and University of Georgia Bulldogs that wouldn't have happened living in Connecticut.

Tony Schiavone pondered his career further, adding that re-signing with WWE could have led to him getting released at some point. He compared the hypothetical scenario to 2018 when WWE was reportedly interested in signing the announcer, but he felt he would've been cut soon after.

"There was no question in my mind that Vince [McMahon] wanted me there so he could fire me," said Tony Schiavone, feeling that WWE's interest was an effort to keep him away from AEW. He speculated that as a newer roster member, he likely would have been cut during WWE's COVID-19 pandemic releases in April 2020. Tony Schiavone's current AEW deal expires in April 2024, and he has revealed that he plans to stay if offered a new deal.


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