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Tony Khan told to STFU by WWE Superstar

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

In a recent and unexpected turn of events in the wrestling world, Tony Khan, CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), faced a blunt retort from WWE NXT superstar Edris Enofe.

This incident followed Tony Khan’s critical comments on WWE’s decision to book Jinder Mahal for a title shot, sparking a heated exchange on social media.

Tony Khan: The Spark of the Controversy

Tony Khan’s tweet highlighted what he perceived as a double standard in the wrestling industry. He contrasted the situation of Hook, with a 28-1 career record and on a winning streak, calling out the Champion, which led to online outrage, against Jinder Mahal, who, according to Tony Khan, had lost every match in the past year but still received a title shot.

This comparison by Tony Khan was not well-received in the WWE circles.

WWE’s Edris Enofe Claps Back

Edris Enofe, a rising superstar in WWE’s NXT brand, did not mince words in his response to Tony Khan’s tweet. He succinctly told Tony Khan to “stfu” (shut the f*** up), a direct and unambiguous reply that quickly caught the attention of fans and professionals alike.

Edris Enofe’s bold statement reflects the ongoing rivalry and tension between AEW and WWE, two of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world.

Tony Khan Tweet: The Aftermath and Future Prospects

While Jinder Mahal initially responded to Tony Khan’s criticism, he later deleted his tweet. Meanwhile, Edris Enofe is gearing up for a significant opportunity in the upcoming WWE NXT, where he and his tag team partner Malik Blade will compete in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup.

This tournament is a prestigious event in NXT, and Edris Enofe’s participation is a testament to his rising profile in the wrestling world.

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