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We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Tony Khan made a big announcement regarding the future of AEW with the return of one of the original concepts.

Announced on commentary while referencing the social media post on last night’s January 20 AEW Collision, a return to the ranking system.

Tony Khan wrote on Twitter during tonight’s episode of AEW Collision:

“The Rankings are coming back to AEW going forward, starting this month! @AEW is having a very exciting January, and this is only the beginning of an amazing 2024 for AE W and our fans.

“Thank you all watching Saturday Night #AEWCollision right now on @TNTdrama!”

With Tony Schiavone on commentary noting that the rankings were returning, a throwback to the beginning of AEW five years ago.

Returning to the roots of AEW by re-instituting the ranking system could provide an interesting opportunity to ‘re-boot’ the chase for titles in the company.

Tony Khan recently made headlines for referencing HOOK’s win-loss record compared to Jinder Mahal’s in WWE, and it seems AEW is now going to be restoring the importance of that particular statistic.

Elsewhere on tonight’s Collision, Adam Copeland managed to squeak out a victory over Dante Martin after the latter had an impressive showing in the ‘Cope Open’ open challenge.

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