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Tony Khan Introduces A New Title To Ring Of Honor

At the latest Ring of Honor TV tapings, Tony Khan unveiled a new championship for the promotion in the shape of the ROH Women's TV Title.

Yesterday's tapings saw Tony Khan introduce this new belt in a segment expected to air as part of the 21st December episode of ROH on Honor Club. It's not yet known how the inaugural ROH Women's Champion will be crowned, but this would certainly give Tony Khan the chance to run yet another tournament should he so wish.

This new title means that Ring of Honor will now be home to the ROH World Championship, the ROH Women's Championship, the ROH Women's TV Championship, the ROH TV Championship, the ROH Pure Championship, the ROH Tag Team Championships, and the ROH Six-Man Championships. On top of that, the wider stewardship of Tony Khan also features the AEW World Championship, the AEW Women's Championship, the AEW TBS Championship, the AEW TNT Championship, the AEW Tag Team Championships, the AEW Trios Championships, the AEW International Championship, and of course the FTW Championship. And who says there are too many titles in professional wrestling these days.

While it's great to see another prize on offer for the ROH women's roster, there remains plentiful questions in regards to Tony Khan's utilisation of the hugely talented ladies of both ROH and AEW.


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