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TNT X GCW Review 17/09/2023

Hello everyone it's one half of your Irn Bruiserweights Craig giving you your TNT X GCW Review let's get into it

After an amazing weekend of shows with 5 shows over 3 days we are on the final show.

Match 1 - Fatal 4 Way Match - Gringo Loco v Robbie X v Scotty Rawk v Tony Deppen

This match was a great match to start with all the men showing what they could do in the ring and showing their acrobatic skills against each other. Robbie X and Scotty Rawk represented TNT and proved their worth in the match all men hit massive moves and finishers but it was Gringo Loco who hit his finisher on Scotty Rawk for the three count

Official Winner - Gringo Loco

Alexxis Falcon came out to the ring with Charles Crowley to make an announcement and she said there would be an open challenge for the TNT Women's Championship, out come Lizzy Evo accepted the challenge.

Match 2 for the TNT Women's Championship - Alexxis Falcon v Lizzy Evo

Lizzy Evo attacked Charles Crowley knocked him down and out of the ring and hit a running knee to Alexxis Falcon for the three count.

Official Winner - NEW TNT Women Champion - Lizzy Evo

Match 3 - Fatal 4 Way Tornado Tag Match - Lykos Gym v Los Macizos v Jordan Oliver & Starboy Charlie v Los Vipers

This was another good match with all teams showing what they can do and it was all go from the start of the match all men involved hitting big moves and hard hits. All men proved their teams should be at the top of where they are. All men hit their finisher but it was Lykos Gym that hit their finisher to get the three count on Starboy Charlie.

Official Winners - Lykos Gym

After the match, Jordan Oliver said that he thought Lykos Gym should be the TNT tag champions and he asked the crowd if they would like to see more of him and announced he would be coming back to TNT more and he is coming after the World Title

Match 4 - Leon Slater v Joey Janela

This was a banging match from the start with both men showing what they could do sharing the upper hands and hitting big moves and hits on each other. Leon Slater proves he has what it takes to be in the ring with big talents and proves he will be a World Champion one day. Joey Janella kept hitting big moves to finish Leon Slater off but Leon Slater kept fighting back Joey Janella hit one more big move for the three count

Official Winner - Joey Janella

Match 5 - Death Match - Team TNT V Team GCW

This match started with Paul Robinson giving the GCW guys a welcome by calling them names before all 3 sweet kicked Paul Robinson in the face. This then just started the carnage. We had loads of light tubs flying about, Big FN Joe going through a door, Nerf Gun bullets flying about anything you can think of happened. All competitors showed what they could do and how much it meant to them but it was a big move from Team TNT that got the three count.

Official Winner - Team TNT

Match 6 - Act 2 v Bussy

This was an interesting tag match with both teams trying to put each other off at the start. We finally got the match going when Allie Katch tagged herself in. Both teams went for it with big moves and hits and a few double team moves. Act 2 hit a big rolling thunder to Bussy into another big move but that didn't finish it. Bussy got back in the match and Allie Katch stopped Act 2 from hitting a big double team move before Bussy hit a double team move for the three count.

Official Winner - Bussy

Match 7 for the GCW World Title - Man Like DeReiss v Blake Christian

The match started with DeReiss quickly off the mark and hitting a running kick to Blake Christian. Both men went to war in this match with both men hitting big moves and big hits, Blake Christian attacked DeReiss arm on multiple occasions. DeReiss came off the top rope but Blake Christian moved and DeReiss hit the referee. Blake Christian got the title and went to hit him but DeRiss moved and got on the offence. DeRiss hit the 450 splash but it wasn't enough. Blake Christian hit DeRiss with the title but it wasn't enough. Blake Christian hit the step up stamp for the three count.

Official Winner - STILL GCW Champion Blake Christian

Match 8 - Helen Campbell v Dark Sheik

The match started with Helen Campbell getting the upper hand by being quicker off the mark. Dark Sheik got back into the match with big moves and hits. Both women have shared being on the upper hand. Both women have shown they can be at the top of their game. Helen Campbell did her best but it was Dark Sheik who hit the up and drill for the three count.

Official Winner - Dark Sheik

Main Event for the TNT World Championship - Charles Crowley v Che Monet

Che Monet got the Mic before they started and said he wanted no rules and no DQ. Charles Crowley accepts

The bell went and Charles Crowley hit a big boot and went on the offence with a big slam and a super kick. Che Monet went out of the ring and Alexxis Falcon attacked him. Charles Crowley spat in the face of Monet and threw him out the ring and Alexxis Falcon attached him. Both Charles and Monet went in the crowd and upstairs. Charles Crowley was thrown off the balcony and Monet jumped off on top of him. Both men are back in the ring with Monet staying on the offence. Monet hit the moonsault but only got a two count. Crowley drops Monet on his head three times in a row and only gets a two count. Crowley stays on the upper hand with Alexxis Falcon's help and Crowley slaps the referee so the referee hits a big move on Crowley and this allows Monet to get in the upper hand and hit his finisher for the three count.

Official Winner - NEW TNT Champion Che Monet

After the match Tate MayFairs come out with the referee and Che tag partner hit Che Monet and Tate MayFairs cases in his number 1 contntenders briefcase and hits a running knee on Monet and then his finisher for the three count.

Official Winner - NEW World Champion Tate MayFairs

Overall I thought it was a great show and all the superstars did amazing I honestly can't wait to see more of both TNT and GCW


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