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TNT DoA Top 5 Takeaways

One half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you the top 5 things from the TNT DoA show

Us at Real Rasslin where in attendance with our merch and we also had our wheel with us where you won store credit.

Number 5 - Jimmy Lloyd from GCW making the semi finals.

Jimmy Lloyd went through a tough opponent in B.A. Rose and showed what he could do to reach the semi final where he lost to the winner of the tournament Emersyn Jayne. Jimmy Lloyd did himself and GCW proud and it won't be the last we see of him in TNT or any other DoA tournaments.

Number 4 - Drew Parker appearing at DoA

Drew Parker came out to interrupt Jack Critchlow and hit him with a light tube then hit a light tube over his head and put a part of the broking light tube from one end of his throat to the other then Drew Parker presented the trophy to Emersyn Jayne.

Number 3 - Session Moth Martina coming out as Moth 3:16

Paul Robbinson called Session Moth Martina names so her normal music hit then she appeared on the tron and was all hyped up and announced herself as Moth 3:16 and the shatter of the music hit and she came out all hyped up ready to go with cans in her hand and copy what Stone cold Steve Austin would do for his entrance. Unfortunately, she came up short in the first round.

Number 2 - Tommbie going on to win two tough matches to get to the final

Tommbie went through 2 tough opponents showing what he could do to get to the final and then showed why he took Emersyn Jayne to her limits and why he deserved to be in the final. All 3 matches where tough going and very physical and I'm suprised Tommbie was able to stand at the end of the final. Tommbie took a lot of weapons to his body with light tubes and chair shots and any other weapon they can find and use.

Number 1 - Emersyn Jayne being the FIRST ever woman’s champion

Emersyn Jayne went through 3 tough opponents to win the tournament where she has shown she can be at the top alongside the toughest men in deathmatch wrestling. Emersyn Jayne put her body through a lot on all 3 matches with the crowd behind her all the time. At the end of the final after she won she still had time to shake Tommbie hand and show respect. She was then presented the trophy by Drew Parker and celebrated with the fans.

Quarter finals matches:

Micheal Caden v Emersyn Jayne

Jimmy Lloyd v B.A. Rose

Antonio Gonzalez v Tommbie

Session Moth Martina v Paul Robinson

Semi Finals matches:

Emersyn Jayne v Jimmy Lloyd

Tommbie v Paul Robinson

Final match

Emersyn Jayne v Tommbie

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