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Time to Bring the Boom with another Dynamite Review.

The opening match is Chris Jericho against Komander. Will Jericho get the win to put him back in the groove. Schiavone talks up Jericho's history with luchadores on this channel and WCW in general. They hype man Alex Abrahantes is ringside with Komander. Komander took control early in the match. This is definetly one that Jericho in his prime would have been a show stealer. Jericho pulled out an old school brainbuster. A high impact move was the hip toss over the top rope. This was followed by a picture in picture commercial break. While it is a commercial, I would like to say that starting the show with a match rather than a promo is nice and my preffered way. Jericho almost went with a powerbomb symphony with two powerbombs after blocking a hurricanranna. Komander finally blocks a big move from Chris Jericho. He then walks the ropes and does a moonsault. Komander with a series of high velocity high impact moves gets him a close count. Jericho triumphs with the Liontamer. Don Callis comes out to further his recruitment angle.

Hook invades Jungle Boy's car. Jungle Boy runs again but not before Hook grabbed his hair. Don't worry Jungle Boy escaped by an elbow to Hook's face.

Team bonding with MJF and Adam Cole at a bar drinking. MJF tries to get Adam Cole to cheat on Britt Baker. MJF disappears and is back in less than a minute to play games with Adam Cole. They played FightForever on the Xbox. The two are seemingly bonding. Essentially it is the same plotline that MJF and Jericho had. That is the biggest problem with MJF; he repeats storylines but varies it enough to make it look original.

On paper this is a great match. Fan favorites Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin against high flying Sammy Guevara and technically sound Daniel Garcia. I feel the biggest disservice of this match is that it has the International Champion in it and he is injured. It makes the belt just a prop like the FTW title. Also the longer he competes hurt the more I worry he will do something that shortens or ends his or another wrestler's career. Darby went for a top rope springboard maneuver, but Garcia swiped his legs and Darby hit hard on the top rope. Garcia kept cotrol during the picture in picture break. Come back and Darby has Guevara in a clover leaf. I really enjoy this action which makes it hard to type about it while enjoying it. Nice storytelling with Garcia and Guevara essentially still in the midst of their cock measuring contest. Sammy gave a nice high knee to Darby berfore missing a 450 splash. Prince Nana comes out to provide a distraction for Swerve to attack Darby. Sammy Gueva with a GTH for the win. Sammy Gueva and Daniel Garcia move on to the finals.

Nick Wayne video package airs. Nick Wayne talks about his story and how he lost his dad at age 9. He started playing around in the ring at 6 months. I feel like I am just jumping on the bandwagon as I have only been a fan of Nick Wayne for about a year but this young man is super talented and amazing.

The way that MJF points at Adam Cole reminds me of the way Scott Hall would point at Kevin Nash. Which when those two broke up the Outsiders it was Hall who betrayed Nash and stuck with NWO Black and White. MJF and Big Bill are in the ring when the bell rings. MJF calls for the fans to change body slam. Does he think he is Hulk Hogan and Big Bill Andre the Giant? MJF then did the heel move of going up the ramp like he is going to be counted out before returning. The legal men change. Brian Cage and Adam Cole compete in showing that they both can do push ups. Big Bill cons MJF into push ups before attacking him. This is a weird dynamic MJF taking the babyface stance. MJF may have been studying some RIcky Morton film as he is selling really well. MJF finally gets the body slam and the crowd erupts the wrestlers act suprised. NO BIG DEAL. This is the first time Big Bill has been treated in a fashion that it is hard for someone to pick him up. Cole and Cage become the legal men. Then almost do the double clothes line. The humor of it must be lost on me. If you know the humor leave a comment below. Cole and MJF get the win and advance to Hartford Connecticut to face Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia.

Back stage segment with Jake Hager giving his purple hat to Jericho because Jericho is not sure of where he wants hit my feels. Jake talked about how he and Jericho have a tight history. Jake left Bellator for Jericho. This was a twist I did not see coming.

Semi Finals of Ruby Soho and Sky Blue was next. Ruby Soho was accompanied by the rest of the Outcasts. Toni Storm threw Sky Blue into the stairs before getting ejected. If Sky Blue wins it will be a massive underdog story. Sky did mount a comeback to keep the action going back and forth. Sky Blue hit Ruby in the surgically repaired nose. Ruby sold it as a decoy. No Future from the top rope for Ruby Soho to advance to the finals. Find you her opponent on Rampage this Friday. The finals will be Saturday on Collision. We at Real Rasslin will have both of those covered.

The main event is a match that I have been waiting for. You can see the overwhelming feeling Nick must be feeling on his face. This match is just a few days after Nick Wayne turned 18. Nick Wayne and Kerry Morton are the two hottest third generation talents in the business today. Nick Wayne and Swerve Strcikland know each other well. Nick won the Defy Championship from Swerve back in April. Excalibur mentioned that Aubrey Edwards refed Nick Wayne's very first match and is now the ref for his AEW debut. Nick may have some nerves. He missed his footing on going to the ropes and he missed a move earlier when it looked like he was going for a code red. I am glad that Nick is getting to debut with a person who he knows. Swerve with a double back breaker from his shoulders. Swerve Strickland followed that by a pin attempt. Poison ranna off the top into the Wayne Cutter. Swerve only survives due to being able to get his foot on the rope. I thought NIck had the match there. Swerve stomps Nicks arm. Then does a driver to win the match. Disappointing that he lose in his first match. Not all people debuting can win. Great match still the same.

Fifth member of BCC and Don Callis Family team is The Bastard Pac. I did not see this. It makes sense as they have a history. That and Pac is a member of Death Triangle whom the Elite won the Trios Titles from.

The Elites fifth member is who everyone thought it would be Koto Ibushi.

No real downs this week.

Upside: Nick Wayne debut. Jericho/Hager segment. Hager often gets accused of having no charisma.


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