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The Rock & Triple H Hype Their WWE Rivals Episode On A&E

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Season three of "WWE Rivals" is set to return to A&E this week, delving into and dissecting some of the most intense feuds in WWE history. The season premiere will focus on two of the biggest names in the history of the company The Rock and Triple H, who have both been featured in seasons one and two already. The Rock's lengthy feuds with Steve Austin and John Cena have already hit the airwaves, while Triple H's feuds against Mick Foley and Batista received positive reviews.

To get people excited for the episode, Triple H took to Twitter (X) to give fans a sneak peek of what to expect. Along with a trailer for the episode, Triple H commented on the show.

"Destined to do this forever... thank God. Get an in-depth look at my rivalry with @TheRock tonight at 8/7c when #WWERivals returns to @AETV. #WWEonAE," said the WWE CCO. 

This prompted The Rock to retweet the trailer with his message directed towards his long-time rival. "Hope everyone out there enjoys this tonight as much as we did paving the road over the years. There's no business, like the pro wrestling business and I LOVE it. Boundless respect to my brother @TripleH. Blood, sweat and 'thanks for the house'. #WWERivals @WWE @AETV 8/7c."

The two first came face-to-face at the 1996 Survivor Series event when The Rock made his official WWE debut, and their rivalry hit its stride during the Attitude Era. They feuded over the WWE Championship and the Intercontinental Championship throughout the years, before eventually having their final match against each other in August 2002, shortly before The Rock put more focus on his acting career.

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