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The Rock Continues WWE Teases After SmackDown New Years RevolutionWWE

On tonight’s WWE SmackDown New Years Revolution (January 5) it was announced that The Rock had broken a WWE record.

After his surprise appearance on Monday’s WWE Raw Day 1 where he teased a possible go with the ‘Head of the Table’, Roman Reigns went viral, WWE has announced it has officially broken a record.

On last night’s SmackDown, WWE shared that the clip of The Rock appearing on Day 1 had been viewed over 171 million times, making it the most viewed clip in WWE history.

Surpassing the recently viral CM Punk return clip, The Rock also was grateful for the experience in front of the crowd on Day 1.

Taking to Twitter shortly after tonight’s WWE SmackDown, The Rock wrote:

“25+ years of sacred connection with the people that I’ll forever honor.

“This eruption at the end just hit different. I’ve experienced some very loud crowd pops, but this was different. Layers. Chills.

“~ people’s champ 🖤💪🏾”

Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns reacted to The Rock referencing him but it was certainly brief.

However later in the show, Paul Heyman had more expansive comments for The Rock that were not in the friendliest of tones.

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