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THE POWER OF THE PIN - April 16, 2023: A Refreshing Change of Pace

For some fans, Orange Cassidy may be an acquired taste. But the AEW International Champion is proving to fans and critics that the juice is worth the squeeze

By Ryan K Boman - 04.16.2023

Every week, fans of All Elite Wrestling can count on a blast of Vitamin C when they hear the first few chords of Jefferson Starship's 'Jane' flow through the air. They know Orange Cassidy is about to arrive and energize the arena.

The AEW International Heavyweight Champion has been on one of the hottest streaks in professional wrestling lately, racking up numerous title defenses on both Dynamite and Rampage. He's become a workhorse on the promotion - one who can be counted on for excitement, both from the audience and in the ring. His presence alone can often set the tone for that week's program.

Since capturing the now re-christened crown (it was originally dubbed the 'All-Atlantic Championship'), he's been a highlight for the promotion. Not only do the faithful dig his eccentric style and unique character, but they also love his never-say-die work ethic in the ring. While he will never have the most potent offense in the game, there may be no other star today that has as much resiliency.

Resiliency. That's a word that has endeared many a performer to the fans over the years. Guys who show an ability to overcome the odds during hard-fought matches also somehow seem to coincide with the guys who have had to be tough just to survive in the industry. Mick Foley, Sami Zayn, and Eddie Edwards are examples of wrestlers who have a devotion to the business that's obvious - both as a shoot and a work.