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Stephanie McMahon resigns from WWE

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

More turnover takes place at the top of World Wrestling Entertainment as co-CEO Stephanie McMahon suddenly steps down from her position

More huge news has broken regarding a high-ranking WWE executive, and their last name happens to be McMahon.

Only this time, it's Stephanie who is making the headlines, as she has confirmed her resignation from the company via a social media post. She had been acting as the co-CEO of the company alongside Nick Khan since her father, Vince McMahon, stepped down in late 2022.

The elder McMahon has since returned to power as World Wrestling Entertainment's majority stockholder, amidst talks of impending media deals and a possible sale of the company. That brought about a lot of controversies, considering that Vince walked away amidst alleged misconduct and misappropriation of the corporation's funds.

Stephanie McMahon, 46, has spent virtually her entire adult life working for her father's company. Save for taking a leave of absence before her return in July 2022, she's been an active employee of WWE since 1989.

She explained her departure with the following statement:


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