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PROGRESS Men’s World Champion Spike Trivet isn’t fazed by the threat Super Strong Style 16 winner Kid Lykos possesses towards his title.  

Trivet, the Sovereign Lord, watched the dramatic final between Lykos and Mark Haskins to discover firsthand who the next competitor would be chasing his beloved championship.

“My thoughts and reaction to Kid Lykos winning are exactly the same before Super Strong Style 16 started,” explained Trivet, who has held the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship since August 2022.

“As far as I am concerned, Super Strong Style 16 was an opportunity for 16 of the best competitors this company has to offer to win a chance to fail to take my PROGRESS title off me.

“Kid Lykos means the World to this industry, he has conquered many challenges, but one thing he hasn’t done and won’t, is win the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship.”

Lykos thoroughly deserved his Super Strong Style 16 victory, as he overcame three former PROGRESS Men’s World Champions in Big Damo, Nathan Cruz, the first ever PROGRESS Men’s World Champion and conqueror of Will Ospreay, Mark Haskins, along with one of AEW’s hottest prospects Nick Wayne to become the 2023 tournament winner.

Nigel McGuinness, refereeing the Super Strong 16 final after commentating throughout the three days with Ollie Spring, proudly raised Lykos’ hand to a huge reception at the packed out Electric ballroom as streamers flew out across from everywhere in celebration.

After the final against the incredible returning Mark Haskins, Lykos accompanied by Lykos II, was quick to send a clear message to Spike Trivet that he is now coming for the title he has held for nearly a year.

Spike, who competed in the match before the final, beating Connor Mills after his opponent had enticed him over the course of the first two days of Super Strong Style 16, had strong words for both Lykos and Mills.

Spike continued: “Connor said things that are frankly irrelevant to me or anybody that was listening. He called me names, he insulted me, but I have been called worse by better.

“He tried to humiliate me, and I have destroyed lives for less.

“The PROGRESS crowd wanted to see me get destroyed, beaten up and kicked to an inch of my life, but they didn’t get to see what they wanted.


“Connor wasn’t even selected for Super Strong Style 16, so he decided to come straight after me. I understand his decision because I am at the top, and he has done some great things, but no one is going to come and beat the Vulture. I even gave the Smokin’ Aces and Bullet the night off and won the match on my own.

“And finally, back to Lykos, my friend, there are beautiful things in your future but none of them involve taking the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship off me. Super Strong Style 16 in your words might have been for everyone, but it will end in failure with defeat to your Sovereign Lord.


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