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Slammiversary 2023 Review

Before I begin my review of Slammiversary, I shall post my predictions for this event.

Death Dollz & Jody Threat vs Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal - Death Dollz & Jody Threat

Digital Media Championship Match - Joe Hendry

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match - Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly

Ultimate X Match - Mike Bailey

Frankie Kazarian vs Eddie Edwards - Frankie Kazarian

Tag Team Championship Match - ABC

X-Division Championship Match - Chris Sabin

Bully Ray & Deaner vs Scott D’Amore & TBD - Scott D’Amore & TBD

Knockouts World Championship Match - Trinity

World Championship Match - Nick Aldis

This is the 21st Anniversary of Slammiversary and it comes to us from St Clair College Sportsplex in Windsor, Ontario.

We begin with matches on the Countdown to Slammiversary.

Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal vs Jody Threat & Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka)

Jessicka has Vidal reeling in the early going as he scurries to his corner. Rush chases Vidal around the ringside area but she gets caught with a big boot from Evans. Back in the ring, Vidal slaps Rush across the face before Evans continues the attack with a leg drop. Shaw delivers double knees to Rush in the corner as they cut off the ring and employ quick tags. Moments later, Rush creates some much-needed separation with a reverse neckbreaker to Evans. Threat is tagged in and she quickens the pace with a flurry of offence. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved. Shaw superkicks Jessicka but then Threat suplexes Shaw. Rush puts Vidal away with the spear for three.

A good opening on the Countdown show. I like the team of the Death Dollz and Jody Threat. Good paced action and nice tag work in this one. Prediction was correct as well. Grade C

Digital Media Championship Match - Joe Hendry vs Kenny King w/Sheldon Jean

King charges at Hendry from the opening bell. Hendry quickly turns it around as he hits a stalling vertical suplex. Jean runs into the ring, allowing King to blindside Hendry off the distraction. Jean occupies the referee’s attention as King chokes Hendry with his Chippendale’s tie. Hendry puts his strength on display as he powers out of the wear-down process from King. Hendry hits a big Fallaway Slam, then kips up to his feet. Hendry catches him in mid-air for the Standing Ovation but Jean puts King’s foot on the rope to break the pin. King inadvertently collides with Jean at ringside. Moments later, King pins Hendry with his feet on the ropes and an assist from Jean to become the new Digital Media Champion.

A good match, but a disappointing ending. It's a shame that Hendry’s title reign has ended on such a screwy finish. Hopefully, when he gets his rematch, it will end differently. King is a good athlete that doesn’t need to cheat to win, so if they plan on keeping the title on him, he needs to show that he can keep it without help. Grade C-

Slammiversary starts NOW!

Match 1: Ultimate X Match - KUSHIDA vs Alan Angels vs Jonathan Gresham vs Kevin Knight vs Mike Bailey vs Jake Something

Everyone starts to climb right off the bat, Jake knocks down KUSHIDA. Angels goes for a crossbody but gets caught by Jake and slammed. Knight faces Jake and jumps onto his shoulders to go for the X, but Jake eventually knocks him down and catches him, powerbombing him into the other four men. Jake now jumps for the X but he can only touch it with his fingertips, so he starts climbing. Angels then hits him and knocks him down, taking a bodyslam after. Bailey and Gresham go after Jake and send him into the ropes but he clotheslines them both down. KUSHIDA and Knight with superkicks, everyone dropkicks Jake and Angels clotheslines him over the ropes.

KUSHIDA and Knight face off with Bailey and Gresham, they go against each other and Gresham into a cutter, on KUSHIDA, Bailey locks in an armbar but Knight splashes him to break it up. Gresham with a springboard double moonsault and dives on Jake on the outside, Bailey dives as well to take him down. Bailey and Gresham begin climbing up and arguing about who’s gonna climb to get the X. Gresham hits Bailey and they start trading blows on the top of the structure, Angels comes up and hits a double Spanish fly. Angels is alone in the ring and goes to climb, but KUSHIDA hits him with a springboard kick to the head. KUSHIDA gets Angels on his shoulders, Knight dropkicks Angels onto everyone on the outside.

Knight is now climbing up but Bailey trips him up, he climbs along with KUSHIDA and they start trading shots. Knight leaps up but gets knocked down, Bailey kicks KUSHIDA off the top and is now kicking at Angels. Bailey from the top with an ultimate Moonsault onto everyone on the outside. Bailey is now climbing, but Jake catches him. Bailey kicks Jake off the apron and starts to climb again. He is on the ropes but Angels with chair shots to the back and Bailey drops to the apron and floor. Angels with chair shots to Bailey, then Gresham, then six chair shots to Jake.

Angels is in the ring and goes to climb, he makes it to the ropes across the top but Knight grabs his legs. A kick to the head and Knight goes up top. Angels catches him with the PoisonRana. Angels climbing the structure again, but Gresham is there to catch him when they’re on the top. Gresham looks for a German Suplex but Angels with a low blow to drop Gresham to the mat. Angels is climbing but Jake is back up and hits him in the back. Angels’ head is bounced off the truss and Jake is climbing. He starts to climb across but Angels with a leaping kick down low to drop him.

KUSHIDA is climbing across the ropes and Angels is as well; Bailey is up there but Angels hits him with a low blow. KUSHIDA drops Angels and unhooks the X. He drops to the floor with the X to win the match.

A good Ultimate X match, it wasn’t the usual spot fest that previous Ultimate X matches have been, but it was just as good. The surprise return of Jake Something was a nice addition to the match as well. All men were more than deserving to win this one as well. There was no clear, obvious winner. KUSHIDA winning was a nice surprise as well. A very enjoyable match. Grade B

We see that former Team Canada member A1 is sitting at ringside.

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller is with Kenny King and Sheldon Jean. She congratulates King on his victory over Joe Hendry earlier. King sings “I just beat up Joe Hendry”. King says that Hendry told everyone that King used to be a stripper, but he has just stripped Hendry of the title and he is now the new Digital Media Champion. He then says that he is cutting edge while Alex Shelley is like MySpace - used to be cool, but is garbage. And Sabin is like Twitter. He says that his title is the only one that matters.

Match 2: Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match - The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly

Kelly and Wilde start off, Wilde shoves Kelly and Kelly shoves back. Wilde with a slap, and Kelly goes over to Masha who comes in the ring, bringing King in — and the challengers attack. They pile the champs in the corner, Masha is whipped into a pump kick, Kelly covers Wilde for two. She hits three short-arm clotheslines on Wilde and then lays in a knee to the head, then forearms in the corner. A snapmare and then a big kick to the head off the ropes, cover for two.

Masha tags in and hits the rapid-fire slaps, a dropkick off the ropes for two. She goes for a fisherman’s suplex but Wilde floats over and slams her down. King tags in, they double slam Masha and then King drops Wilde onto Masha; cover for two. King flings Masha across the ring and then splashes her in the corner. Back elbow and King comes off the ropes but Masha dodges. She gets a roll-up for two, stands up and hits a double stomp for another two. Kelly tags in, King off the ropes for a double big boot, Kelly with a kick off the ropes for two again.

King fights Kelly off but Kelly right back in to try and whip her across the ropes. King blocks it and boots her, Kelly with an Irish whip and Wilde with a blind tag. King trips Masha into the ropes and Wilde in to choke her against the ropes, another cover for two. King tags in, the champs both hit splashes on Kelly who drops to the mat. King with charging double knees and she covers Kelly for two. King with a rolling senton and goes to the second rope but Kelly is able to move. Kelly is crawling for the tag, so is King. Masha & Wilde tag in. Masha takes out King and hits a big knee strike on Wilde in the corner, a spinning heel kick gets a two.

Masha beats Wilde in the middle of the ring with strikes. A big kick to the head and a cover, but King breaks it up. King slams Masha and Kelly comes in with a couple of headbutts to King, but King fires back. Masha goes for King, but King reverses a waistlock, Wilde with a Codebreaker and King with a German Suplex. King goes for the double knee but Masha moves. Kelly is in with a butterfly suplex on Wilde in the corner. She back elbows King and leaps into a senton on Wilde as Masha takes out King. Double knees to the head of Wilde but King comes in with a big boot to Kelly. Wilde hits the Witch’s Wrath, but she is only able to get a near fall.

King goes for the double team finisher, but Kelly trips her on the outside and Masha takes out Wilde with the Snow Plow for the pin! We have new Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

A great match. Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich are definitely a dangerous tag team. Both teams had a great showing here. This was the right time to take the titles from the Coven and putting them on a team united by violence is a brilliant idea. Hopefully, we will get some amazing tag team championship matches from Masha and Kelly. Grade B-

Match 3: Bully Ray & Deaner vs Scott D’Amore & Eric Young - Special Enforcer Darren McCarty

Eric Young returns from the dead! He is here to be partnered with Scott D’Amore in a nostalgic Team Canada reunion.

Young starts off against Deaner, and Young stares at his former protege. Deaner tags in Bully. Bully and Young go into a lock up, Young with a wristlock. D’Amore wants the tag and gets it, D’Amore is in and it looks like he wants to take out Bully, but Bully tags out and Deaner is now in. They lock up and Deaner rakes the eyes of D’Amore. Irish whip reversed by D’Amore. D’Amore hits a spinning heel kick off the ropes. Armdrag and a kick to the back, a knee drop to the face off the ropes and a leg drop. He covers and gets a two count.

Young tags in, hits Deaner with a kick to the gut and then a Death Drop for a two count. D’Amore tags back in, he goes up to the second rope for a double axe handle. Deaner with a knee to D’Amore and an Irish whip reversed, D’Amore charges into a back elbow, Deaner charges but is hit with a Low Down. D’Amore goes for the Destroyer, but Kon causes the distraction and McCarty leaps in to stop it, which distracts the ref and Bully nails D’Amore. Deaner takes down D’Amore and tags in Bully, who knocks D’Amore to the outside. Bully goes to the outside and threatens to hit D’Amore’s mother. He then nails Scott and talks trash to his mum. Fists to the head and more mocking follow. Bully asks what she’s gonna do and she nearly hits him. Bully rolls D’Amore back in the ring and follows. He then hits D’Amore in the head. D’Amore gets up and asks for another shot to the head. He goes down but gets right back up as the crowd sings “Oh Canada!” D’Amore gets knocked down again but he once again gets up and asks for more. Bully then hits a low blow in front of the ref.

Young tells the ref not to call for the DQ because Bully wants to be DQ’d. Bully threatens the ref and shoves him, the ref takes his shirt off and leaves. McCarty has the ref shirt on now. Bully turns around and is shocked. Bully grabs D’AMore and jabs away at him, he winds up and turns to mock McCarty, but D’Amore hits Bully with a Spear. D’Amore gets the hot tag to Young, Deaner tags in but Young takes him down. Deaner whips Young into the corner, he flips over to the apron and then goes up to leap over Deaner. Clothesline to Deaner, shot to Bully to knock him off the apron. A Piledriver to Deaner. A cover and Kon pulls McCarty out of the ring, then takes him out and comes into the ring to go after young. A1 comes into the ring to take out Kon.

McCarty is back in the ring and he hits Bully with a Stunner. Young takes Bully down and McCarty and Young grab his legs. D’Amore with the Wassup headbutt onto Bully. McCarty, Young and D’Amore say “GET THE TABLES!” They put the table in the ring. McCarty helps set it up, D’Amore grabs Bully and they double chokeslam Bully through the table. Deaner comes in but gets caught with a Canadian Destroyer from D’Amore, Young with a top rope elbow, covers and picks up the win.

This was a bit of a sloppy match. It was more of a nostalgia pop than a decent wrestling match. This would probably have been better suited to a normal episode of Impact. It was a nice, emotional reunion for Team Canada though and I think that helped the match a little bit. Grade D+

Backstage Segment:

Nick Aldis talks about how tonight's the night for Alex Shelley to prove that he belongs in the championship picture. He says that it takes a great man to win the title, but it takes an even better man to hold on to the title. He questions whether Shelley can handle the pressure and the emotion. Aldis says that he is a closer and he only needs one mistake and he can get Shelley in the Clover. He will then close the book on Shelley being a transitional champion and open the book of the Aldis Era.

Match 4: X-Division Championship Match - Chris Sabin vs Lio Rush

Rush attacks Sabin with a springboard kick as he’s entering the ring, then dives hard onto him to the outside. The ref tells Rush to back off and checks on Sabin, who has yet to get up. Rush is chilling and laughing in the corner as a medical official checks on Sabin. The medical official says he can’t let Sabin wrestle and the ref needs to check with Sabin. Sabin pushes the official aside and goes to enter the ring. The bell finally rings and Rush hits a dropkick, Sabin goes down. Sabin is on his hands and knees, Rush takes aim and hits a spinning kick to the head. Rush goes up top, hits the Final Hour, covers Sabin but Sabin is able to kick out.

Rush goes back up top, hits another Final Hour, covers Sabin and gets the pin. We have a new X-Division Champion.

Well, that was a way to take the title from Sabin. I don’t understand why this match actually took place. If the “medical official” said that Sabin was not cleared, then this match should not have taken place. This has made Sabin look like a transitional champion, which should never be the case when he is the talent that he is. I’m not a fan of Lio Rush, and this has just soured me on him even more to be honest. Grade D-

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller interviews Alex Shelley. She asks him about what just happened with Sabin and whether that affects his mindset going into his championship match. Shelley walks away without saying anything.

Match 5: Impact World Tag Team Championship Match - ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Moose & Brian Myers vs SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) w/Dani Luna vs Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

Bey and Andrews start off and go into a series of reversals. They leap around each other, Bey sent back into the ropes and holds on, he catches Andrews with a big boot and Ace tags in, Willow in the Winds to Andrews. Webster tags in and they take out Bey, then hit a series of sentons on Austin for a two-count. Webster with a wristlock to Austin, who escapes into a waistlock, they counter and Webster with a kick in the corner, then springboard moonsaults into Austin. Swann tags in and takes Webster down with a kick, Callihan in and hits a shoulder breaker followed by a kick to the face.

Myers runs in and takes out Callihan, Moose is now in the ring. They grab Swann and Callihan for double powerbombs, Swann escapes and superkicks Moose and then superkicks Myers. He goes out to the apron, a kick to Swann, then a dive onto Myers. ABC then face off with Moose in the ring and he runs, but they send him over the top rope. Bey dives onto Moose who is able to catch him and powerbombs Bey to the apron. Austin goes after Moose, Myers gets involved and bodies begin to fly as Callihan throws people to the outside.

Back in the ring, Swann and Callihan have Webster and go for a double suplex. He escapes but gets battered with kicks. Callihan with a Death Valley Driver and Swann follows that up with a rolling splash, cover and gets a two. Swann with a kick to Webster in the corner and charges but gets sent to the apron. Swann with a kick to the head, he goes for the 450 but Webster moves out of the way. Austin is now in the ring and he takes out Swann, a drop-toe hold and a kick to the back. Bey in, Swann fights back but ends up on Bey’s shoulder for a kick/neckbreaker. Myers and Moose now in and they hit a double powerbomb. Moose forces the tag to Bey and grabs Swann. He throws Myers into a clothesline but Swann ducks and tags in Andrews. Andrews is going hard at Moose, off the ropes for a forearm, followed by another forearm, and a third, but Moose catches him. Andrews hits his Stundog Millionaire. Webster with the top-rope senton but Callihan breaks up the pin.

SubCulture double headbutt Myers but Callihan hits them with a double clothesline. Bey and Swann trade kicks, Moose is in and goes up top, goes for a dive but Swann and Bey hit a double cutter. Austin tags himself in and hits knees and a kick. Callihan charges but is hit with double superkicks from ABC. ABC then hit a 1-2-Sweet on Webster. Myers made a blind tag, but ABC is ready. Out of nowhere, the Rascalz are here and they take out Austin, followed by Bey when he dives on him. Andrews takes out Myers, SubCulture up top, and Webster with the top-rope splash for the pin. We have NEW Impact World Tag Team Champions!

A very chaotic match, but I didn’t expect anything less from a match of this type. It was very quick paced and very exciting to watch. Having the Rascalz interfere also ensured that there would be more rivalries coming out of this match. Great to see SubCulture getting a push that they deserve. Grade B

Match 6: Frankie Kazarian w/Traci Brooks vs Eddie Edwards w/Alisha Edwards

Eddie and Kaz lock up, they jockey for position and Eddie gets Kaz in the corner, he breaks away and slaps Kaz and Kaz slaps him back. Into the ropes, Kaz with a hurricanrana and goes right into a side headlock on the mat. Eddie gets back to his feet, Kaz gets shot into the ropes and taken down with a forearm. Eddie goes for a back suplex, but Kaz floats over and trips Eddie. Eddie escapes to the outside, back in and they trade shots, Kaz into the ropes and Alisha trips Kaz. That allows Eddie to attack and he lays in some chops against the ropes. Eddie goes into the ropes and Traci trips Eddie. Kaz with a Backstabber to Eddie, covers him and gets a one.

Kaz locks in a headlock on the mat, Eddie gets to his feet and shoots Kaz off the ropes but Kaz with a headlock. Eddie gets back up and back suplexes Kaz over the ropes and out to the floor. Alisha mocks Kaz and Traci comes over. Eddie goes to the floor. Chop to Kaz, and another against the guardrail. Kaz gets rolled into the ring, Eddie follows in and Kaz hits him with a chop when Eddie gets distracted by a “Boston Sucks!” chant. Kaz fires up but Eddie takes him down for a two-count. Eddie sets Kaz in the corner and rakes the face, then hits a chop that drops Kaz. Kaz gets up and fires off with shots, he comes off the ropes but gets hit with a back elbow for a two-count.

Eddie grabs Kaz with a wrist lock into a knife-edge chop, then does it again. He holds on and goes for a third but Kaz ducks and hits a big German suplex. Kaz up in the corner and leaps over a charge, rolling Eddie up for two. Eddie charges again and Kaz pulls down the ropes, sending Eddie to the outside. Kaz leaps over the top and hits Eddie with a hurricanrana. Kaz hits some big shots on Eddie. Chops against the guardrail, then Eddie is rolled in the ring. Kaz goes to follow when Alisha runs her nails down his back. Kaz is back to the floor and is threatening Alisha. Alisha tries to back away, but backs up into Traci. She turns around as Eddie dives onto Kaz with a bulldog to the floor!

Eddie grabs Kaz and hits chops against the apron, sending him over the ring steps. Eddie kicks Kaz in the head and Eddie and Alisha argue with the “Boston Sucks!” fans. Eddie with another chop to Kaz, Kaz gets knocked to the floor. Kaz gets back in the ring, Eddie follows after and mockingly kicks Kaz in the corner. Eddie grabs Kaz’s legs and pulls him out but Kaz is able to land on his feet. A big boot from Eddie, but Kaz comes back with a slap. A spinning heel kick from Kaz, who is sent into the corner and comes out with a clothesline. He hits the springboard leg drop and covers Eddie for a nearfall.

Kaz goes for the Unprettier but gets shoved into the corner, he goes up and gets kicked in the head. A second kick to the head and then the backpack Stunner, cover and Kaz kicks out just before three. Eddie with a chop to Kaz in the corner, he sets Kaz on the top and Eddie hits a Superplex. Eddie up now, he grabs Kaz for the chicken wing, but Kaz escapes and goes for the Boston Knee Party but Eddie moves. Kaz sets Eddie up, turning inside out for two. They’re up and go for the suplex, both go over the top to the outside.

Kaz is back in eventually, Eddie is slower to get back in the ring. Kaz catches on the apron for the slingshot cutter for a nearfall. Kaz nails Eddie, he goes for a leaping forearm but Eddie ducks and the ref is taken down. A double clothesline takes both competitors down. Alisha grabs her kendo stick, entering the ring, ready to attack Kaz, but Traci gets into the ring. Traci hits a Thesz Press on Alisha. They get back up, Traci hits a clothesline to Alisha and they’re out of the ring. Kaz locks in the chickenwing in the centre of the ring, Eddie taps out but the ref is still down. Kaz rolls the ref back in the ring, but Eddie has the kendo stick and hits Kaz with it! Kaz gets up and Eddie hits him with the Boston Knee Party, covers Kaz and gets the three.

The match itself was good, it did seem to be a bit too long. The Alisha/Traci segment was not good at all. It seemed too sloppy. Realistically, these two do not need any outside factors in their matches as they are good enough to hold a match. Grade B-

Match 7: Knockouts World Championship Match - Deonna Purrazzo vs Trinity

A stare down to start the match, they circle each other and then lock up. Deonna with a headlock takedown, back to their feet, Deonna then shot into the ropes and runs Trinity over, but Trinity gets right back up. Deonna with a waistlock, she goes for the roll up but Trinity holds onto the ropes. Trinity gets sent into the corner, she goes up and over and rolls Deonna up. Deonna escapes and goes for the Fujiwara but Trinity is able to escape. Trinity with a dropkick and a whip into the ropes. Trinity goes for the Rearview, but Deonna holds onto the ropes and escapes to the outside. Trinity with a dropkick through the ropes and a corkscrew dive that doesn’t fully connect. Back in the ring, Trinity hits a high crossbody. She’s back up and goes to springboard, but Deonna gets up and trips Trinity on the ropes. Deonna with a short-arm clothesline and she folds out Trinity’s left arm and hits a stomp to the elbow. Back up, Deonna with a shot to the arm to floor Trinity, cover for one.

Back up and Trinity is fighting back, she goes for a fireman’s carry but her arm gives out and Deonna knocks Trinity down. Deonna continues working over the arm, then hits a suplex for two. Deonna goes right back to the arm with a shoulder lock, but Trinity trips Deonna up. Trinity comes off the ropes for a leg drop, Deonna moves and hits a basement dropkick to the arm, covers Trinity and gets a two. Deonna tells Trinity to get up and kicks her in the head. Deonna goes for the shoulder but Trinity punches away until Deonna grabs the arm and yanks Trinity hard to the mat by it. Deonna puts Trinity on her back and grabs the leg, snapping it back. Cover on Trinity gets two.

Deonna with a knife-edge chop and then another in the corner. An Irish whip sends Trinity hard into the corner. Deonna goes in, Trinity tries to trap her but Deonna grabs her, slams her to the mat and wraps Trinity around her back on the floor for a submission attempt. Trinity escapes but gets clotheslined back down. Deonna picks Trinity up for a chop and Irish whip into the corner, Trinity gets the back elbow and kicks Deonna in the head. Clothesline and another, kick to Deonna’s midsection and a right uppercut. Deonna off the ropes right into a Samoan Drop. Trinity is back up, springboard kick to the head and cover for a nearfall. Trinity with Starstruck, Deonna counters and they trade two-counts. Trinity goes for a headscissor takedown but Purrazzo catches her for a catch piledriver for a two count.

Deonna goes for the Queen’s Gambit but Trinity fights it off. Trinity gets sent into the ropes, Deonna takes her down and applies the Fujiwara armbar. Trinity struggles but makes it to the ropes to force the break. Trinity is on the apron, Deonna goes after her but gets kicked in the head. A springboard facebuster from Trinity, followed by a split-legged moonsault. Trinity covers Deonna for a nearfall.

Trinity is back up, she grabs Deonna and puts her on the apron, she sets Deonna up but gets backdropped to put her the apron. Deonna hits the Queen’s Gambit on the apron. Deonna gets Trinity in for a cover, but Trinity kicks out just before three. Deonna puts Trinity in the corner and puts her on the top, she lays in some forearms and climbs up for a Queen’s Gambit off the top but Trinity fights it off and sets Deonna up. Trinity hits a full nelson bomb off the top rope. Trinity locks in Starstruck in the centre of the ring. Trinity locks up the legs and Deonna taps out. We have a NEW Knockouts World Champion!

A really good match from these two. It was pretty obvious to me that Trinity was going to win this one, but the match did not disappoint. Nice back and forth and great chemistry. Grade B

Main Event: Impact World Championship Match - Alex Shelley vs Nick Aldis

Shelley and Aldis talk smack at each other. Shelley then spits water in Aldis’ face and lays into him in the corner. Aldis to the other corner and gets chopped, Shelley goes up for a ten-count of punches but Aldis catches him for a powerbomb. Aldis goes for the Kingsley Cloverleaf in the centre of the ring. Shelley is crawling in an attempt to escape, but Aldis pulls him back into the centre of the ring. Shelley crawls again and gets to the ropes finally, Aldis breaks on three. Aldis soaks in some boos from the crowd for a moment and then turns around to grab Shelley. He puts him in the corner for a chop. Aldis whips Shelley hard into the opposite corner and Shelley hits the mat. Aldis grabs Shelley, but he hits a dropkick to the knee. Aldis grabs him for a pumphandle suplex and then a kick to the head.

Aldis grabs Shelley and puts him in the corner head-first, then hits a hard forearm to the back. Knee choke against the middle rope, and Aldis snaps Shelley back to the mat. Irish whip across the ring, Aldis charges into a back elbow. Shelley leaps off but is caught for a suplex. The challenger whips Shelley into the corner and charges, Shelley moves and then charges in for a dragon screw leg whip. Shelley up and goes in, he hits a hard kick to the inside of the leg and then wraps the leg in the ropes, hitting a leg whip on the other leg.

Shelly goes for the leg, Aldis kicks away but Shelley with an elbow drop to the leg. Shelley off the ropes with a basement dropkick to the leg, then grabs the leg to snap it between his shins. Shelley kicks away at the left leg, Aldis pushes him off and escapes to the apron, but Shelley with a dropkick. Shelley goes for the baseball slide, but Aldis traps him in the apron and hits some hard shots to the head. Aldis picks Shelley up and slams him spine-first into the ringpost, then picks him up for a snake-eyes into the apron before resetting the ref's ten-count. He finally rolls Shelley back in the ring and gets on the apron, grabbing Shelley for a suplex to the outside. Shelley blocks it and hits a stunner into the top rope. He goes over the top and stomps the arm of Aldis! Shelley breaks the count and then comes back out, but he gets raked in the eyes by Aldis. Aldis grabs Shelley on his shoulder but Shelley slips off and pushes Aldis into the ringpost.

Shelley works over the arm and then bends the fingers of Aldis through the turnbuckle fastener. Up on the apron, he stomps on the hand and then comes back into the ring to break the count before coming out of the ring and rolling Aldis back in. Aldis goes for a kick through the ropes but is caught with a dragon screw. Shelley hits a chop block. Aldis is able to get a shot to the eyes of Shelley, he then slams Shelley’s head into the canvas. Aldis with a front facelock, Shelley escapes and works the wrist before dropping to his back and kicking the arm. Shelley is up and kicks at the leg of Aldis, he comes off the ropes but Aldis follows and hits a big lariat. Aldis cover gets two.

Aldis is back up, he’s going up to the top as the crowd chants “Nick You Suck!” Shelley gets up and cuts Aldis off, he goes up for a superplex and he connects. Shelley is up now but falls back to the mat, clearly exhausted.. Shelley is once again back up. Aldis is up, Shelley ducks a shot and goes in with strikes. Aldis fires back but gets kicked and chopped, both men now trading shots. Aldis reverses a whip into the corner, he charges in but Shelley grabs him and puts him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley sets up, goes for the superkick but Aldis blocks it. Aldis goes for the Kingsley Cloverleaf but he can’t turn Shelley over. A small package from Shelley gets a two. A Sliced Bread gets a nearfall. Aldis gets Shelley on his shoulders for two. He then goes for the Cloverleaf, but Shelley has Aldis’ fingers and snaps them apart. Shelley goes for the Sliced Bread but he is caught by Aldis who hits a piledriver for a nearfall. Aldis up top for an elbow drop, he gets a very close near call.

Aldis is frustrated and he grabs the World Title belt, but Shelley nails him and grabs the title from him. The ref warns Shelley that he will DQ him, Shelley gives in and hands the title over, but Aldis hits him with a low blow and a Michinoku Driver. A cover by Aldis, but Shelley kicks out at the last moment. Aldis goes for the title again, the ref warns him, but Aldis swings anyway. Shelley ducks and hits the DDT onto the belt, he follows that up with a Superkick. Shelley then hits a Shell Shock, covers Aldis and gets the three! Alex Shelley retains his title!

A brilliant match from two amazing performers. It was a hard hitting, evenly paced match. A well executed Main Event. I was expecting an Aldis victory following his heel turn, so I was pleasantly surprised that Shelley retained. Grade B+

After the match, Shelley is celebrating his victory in the ring. Out comes Josh Alexander!! Alexander gets into the ring and he is eye-to-eye with Shelley. The crowd begins a “Walking Weapon” chant. Alexander gets a microphone, the crowd chant “Welcome Back”. Alexander tells us that he is back and drops the microphone as the show ends.

An amazing PPV. Slammiversary always seems to deliver! I didn’t do great on my predictions, but that's OK because it means that Impact isn’t predictable. Very shocked to see the return of Josh Alexander, but also very happy about it. Amazing to see so many people getting a well deserved push. Looking forward to the next episode of Impact to see the fallout from Slammiversary.


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