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Seth Rollins Opens Up On Being Frustrated With WWE Creative Last Year

Seth Rollins was on Jimmy Traina’s SI Media podcast to discuss a range of topics while promoting his title defence against Finn Balor at Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam 2023 PLE. 

During the interview, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins discussed being frustrated last year with WWE Creative.

“Now over the last decade or so, I’ve been pretty upset in different instances. I would say the beginning of 2022 was the most angry I’ve ever been. There’s like two-to-three different instances that I’m not gonna get into specifically… some bastardized version of what could be good. It leaves you very frustrated with the process and so, I was very frustrated with the process. I think that’s the timeline, 2022 I wanna say and then again, Cody Rhodes coming over, us having the story heading into WrestleMania, having the match. So the last month, like March, I was solid, pretty good but everything leading up to that was a very difficult time for me creatively speaking.”


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