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Scotia Prowrestling Retribution Rio Review 24/05/24

Your Irn Brusierweights were at Scotia Pro Wrestling Rio Retribution last night let's get into the action

Match 1 - SPW Defiance Championship Match - Colton Davis(c) v Frazer Girvan

The match started with Colton leaving the Ring and Frazer Telling the ref to go get him which he did Colton returned but no ref and was like well I'm not fighting leaves again and then the ref came back through the curtain and told Cotlon to get i the ring.

the match starts with Colton not allowing Frazer to get any sort of offence and he cuts him off at every opportunity and then Grivan manages to reverse and gets in a few punches and kicks then throws Colton towards the corner.

in the corner, Grvan gets off a few slaps which Colton isn't happy about and returns the favour Colton then goes for the cover and only gets the two and starts talking trash towards Grivan and the crowd.

both men lock up in the middle of the ring and Colton goes to go for the chokeslam and Frazer blocks it and gets out of it before Colton runs threw him and goes for another pin only a two-count.

Frazer built a bit of offence and was about to try for a cover but ran into a close line from Colton and went for the Chokeslam and was successful going for the cover and 3 count and the win

Official Result - Colton Davis Wins and Retains the Defiance Championship

Official Thoughts - This was a very good match and both Competitors showcased their talent this was the 1st time I've seen Frazer Girvan live and looks like a very good talent and would like to see them again. I like how SPW are building Colton Davis and i can't wait to see his next title defence

Guest Commissioner Luke Aldridge Segment

Match 2 Jimmy Pierce Vs Ray Berani special guest Ref Logan Smith

This match was not even on the card and was made during Commissioner Aldridge's segment as Ray came out complaining about being sick and tired travelling up and down and not being on the card.

Young Teams music hits and Jimmy arrives and says he would fight him but doesn't have a ref we start chanting Logan Logan and Jimmy says shh us then Logan arrives with a ref shirt on and the match is on.

Before the match starts Ray asks Logan if he's going to call it right down the middle and he says yeah right down the middle.

The match starts with Ray trying to build up an offence to which Jimmy counters with a few punches and kicks of his own Ray reverses and gets

Jimmy over to the corner and gets in a few punches and kicks.

Jimmy reverses and gets Ray on the ropes and Logan says to Jimmy you canna dae that "Jimmy asks Canna dae what and Logan goes to do the same as what Jimmy was doing and the crowd are in hysterics.

Ray manages to reverse it and gets Jimmy to the ropes Logan Counts to 4 and tells him you can't do that and Ray is ok for Him to do it Jimmy gets back in control and gets Ray on the Top Rope and he gets stuck and pulls the ropes up and down a few times and Logan says again you canna dae that and Jimmy asks What and Logan then does the same to which the crowd and Jimmy are lapping it up.

this further frustrates Ray and he gets a bit of momentum and goes for the pin gets a two and starts moaning saying I can't get this down as it's not down the middle Jimmy then takes back over and sets u for the Young Team Finsher 3 count and the win

Official Result - Jimmy Pearce wins

Official Thoughts - This match was pretty cool how done and had two tag partners in the ring and one trying to be a ref but also take part in certain spots in the match i really couldn't contain myself within certain spots in the match I look forward to seeing more of Ray and if he will go up against any members of the Young team again

Match 3 - Women's Tournament Match - Kirsty Love Vs Rhio

Whoever wins this match will advance to the final of the women's tournament

the match started with both ladies shaking hands and Love got the upper hand with a few punches then Rhio got into this match this was the 1st time I had seen either of these two women wrestle.

it looked like Rhio was the heel in this match as I had heard how good a talent she was I couldn't cheer for her and you could see that was appreciating the fans chanting for her during this match.

There was a back and forth between both these women and both went for kicks and punches with Love getting the upper hand and going for her finisher and got the 3 count and the win

Official Result - Kirsty Love Wins and advances to the finals

After the match, Rhio hurt herself Love made sure that she was ok which I thought was a nice touch

Official thoughts - This match was very good and it showed what both of these women can do in the ring i had heard a lot of good things about Rhio and was my 1st time seeing her in action and did not disappoint and I am looking forward to seeing her again at another show. Happy for Kirsty and looking forward to seeing who she will be up against in the finals of the tournament

Match 4 - Davey Blaze & Xander Davidson Vs TJ Rage & Krieger

This Match was originally meant to be Davey Blaze and Kid Fite but he had injured his Knee Davey came out during his music and said he found a Replacement Xander Davdisonnn as Davey said it.

Getting to the match

When Blaze & Davidson got in the ring they went to the ropes to get cheers and the crowd booed Krieger & Rage went to the ropes and Blaze and Davidson then went to attack them and the match was on.

Xander Davidson & TJ Rage Start the match Xander tries to build up some momentum but TJ cuts him off a lock-up between both men which TJ wins he then goes to tag in Krieger and he wants Blaze in the ring.

Davidson Tags in Blaze and him Krieger go at it with a few punches and kicks along with a few clotheslines by both men Blaze attempts a cover only a 2-count.

Blaze takes Krieger to his corner and hits a few slaps to which Krieger returns the favour and starts to ask Blaze if that is all he's got Krieger then tags in Rage and he starts to talk trash to Blaze and then delivers a close line and goes for a cover only to get a 2 count.

Rage and Blaze started to throw fists at each other crowd booed when Balze hit but cheered when Rage hit as he was close to his corner he tagged in Krieger and Blaze also tagged in Davidson.

Krieger hits the big boot goes or the cover gets a 2 count then tags in rage and Davidson capitalises gets Rage in a small package and holds the tights for the win.

Official Result - Davey Blaze & Xander Davidson win but it will be the Knockout Kings who are the No. 1 contenders for SPW Tag Team Champions

After the match, TJ rage was complaining to the ref that Davidson had his tights

Official Thoughts - This was a very good match was also good to see Xander as the replacement for Kid Fite and showed what he can do in a tag team setting i am looking forward to seeing how this develops with the knockout Kings now one contender for The Young Teams Tag Belts

Match 5 - No.1 Contendership Match for SPW Defiance Championship - Frank Cross v Mercer

This started with Mercer saying towards the fans I'm going to win this match and go on to beat Colton.

Mercer then locked up with Cross a bit of back and forth between both. Cross then took control of the match with a few punches and then a hip toss to Mercer.

Both men were trying to get the better of each other with punches and clotheslines to each other cross then got Mercer in the corner and went for a few slaps which were not effective.

Mercer then does the same to Cross and just by how hard he hit Cross, It looks sore, and the crowd asks for it again, which Mercer obliges.

Cross then Gave Mercer a superplex and went for the cover and only got the two count tried a few more punches and kicks and then Mercer reversed and built momentum and continued to take control of the match.

Mercer has Cross in position to Jump from the top rope and go for his finisher which he does and gets the three count and he wins

Official Result - Mercer Wins and is the NEW No.1 Contender for Defiance Championship

After the match, Colton Davis Music hits and he enters the Ring and hits Frank Cross, and then he and Mercer stare Each Other Down Guest Commisoner Luke Aldrige arrives and says this match will take place next month

Overall thought - This was a very good match, was very happy with Mercer getting the win and looking forward to seeing him face off against Coltan For Defiance Championship which I think will be a very good match

Match 6 - Mark Munro & George Thatcher Vs the Underdogs

The match started and Thatcher & Munro stood on ropes and the crowd booed The underdogs did the same to get the cheers and Thatcher & Munro attacked this seems to be a running theme with the heel teams as this also happened during another match this evening.

The match started with Alex Clarke & Mark Munro, Munro got the momentum over Alex and isolated him from getting towards his corner to make a tag Munro then Tags in Thatcher and he started to punch Alex and Alex managed to push thatcher off him and crowd get behind Alex and he then gets the tag to Sam.

Sam Builds a bit of momentum only for Thatcher to cut him off and clothesline him goes for a cover and gets the 2-count then tags in Munro and Sam tags Alex back in then Alex throws Munro out of the ring sam and Alex both go for the suicide dive into Thatcher and Munro.

Alex throws Munro back into the ring goes for the cover gets the 2 counts then Munro gets up and gives Alex a big boot and Sam comes to even the odds but thatcher throws him into the ring post. Thatcher tags in Munro who hits a big side kick and Thatcher does a big cutter for Munro to cover for the win

Official Result - George Thatcher & Mark Munro Win

Official Thoughts - This was a very good match and the heels showcased thier ability to be able to isolate the face team i am looking forward to seeing what ICR can do going forward

After the match Thatcher called out Nathan Reynolds for being a Fairy by being on stage and not showing up so commissioner Aldridge came out and Thatcher started shouting at him and including his man bun which Alridge took out.

Then he says I've had enough of your complaining Thatcher and says scared because you are hiding behind your skinny friend then Thatcher says Munro is the strongest wrestler in this company and the crowd starts to laugh.

Thatcher moans one more time and he and Munro leave Aldridge then get in front of the camera next to us and say to Nathan if he doesn't deal with Thatcher he will when he's clear and the crowd starts to cheer and the show ends.

Match 7 - SPW Heavyweight Championship - Lucha DS (c) V BT Gunn

The match starts with both competitors trying to get the better of each other Lucha Ds takes control with a few punches and kicks which Gunn manages to reverse and grab a bit of momentum for himself.

Both continue to try to one-up each other Gunn then throws Luch to the outside and they start to brawl in front of us Gunn is in control and asks the ref if it falls count anywhere and he is like just go with it and goes for the pin and lucha kicks out.

The fight moves toward the merc stand and Gunn hits Lucha's head off the table and lucha then returns the favour the gets back towards the ring apron and Gunn hits Lucha's head off the Ring Apron.

Gunn then asks fans to move from their chairs and goes to throw Lucha into the chairs to which Lucha reverses then they end up at the food table and Gunn picks up popcorn and throws some over Lucha and with the other tub does like what Stone Cold Austin does with a beer but drink the popcorn before hitting lucha with it.

they end up back at the food table and Lucha squirts mustard on Gunn and more popcorn is thrown everywhere giving Lucha a suplex on the outside and starts to place chairs on top of Lucha from the fans.

they get back in the ring with a few kicks and punches by Gunn Lucha Reverses and sets up Gunn for the 619 Lucha Connects and goes for the 3 count but Gunn Foot is on the ropes and the ref didn't see Lucha Ds Wins

Official Result - Lucha DS Retains

after the match, Gunn is fuming as he was telling the ref his foot was on the rope and the ref said I can only call what I see and Gunn called BS

Official Thoughts - Was a very good match and didn't expect any of the outside stuff that happened this also showed how fan interaction worked in this match too I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes for Gunn and Lucha

Overall Thoughts - This was a very good show and also continued storylines and sets and new ones there was a match added to the card that we didn't expect to see which was also a bonus

The next Event for SPW is Destination Kingdown on June 22nd at The Devonvale Hall Tillicoultry


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