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Sacrifice Review

Review of Sacrifice 24/3/23

Countdown to Sacrifice Results:

Eddie Edwards def. Bhupinder Gujjar

Rosemary w/Jessicka def. KiLynn King w/Taylor Wilde

Sacrifice starts now!

Match 1: Mike Bailey Vs Jonathan Gresham

This should be an awesome match, especially if their last match is anything to go from. Both men looking to take the advantage but they are trading offence move for move. It’s a display of great wrestling from Gresham and Bailey. Gresham with the submission on Bailey, Bailey makes it to the ropes. The ref has to help untie the men from the submission, Bailey enraged thinking Gresham refused to let go of the hold, and attacks Gresham with a flurry of kicks. The action continues. Honestly, both men have amazing chemistry together. Bailey hits a springboard moonsault to the outside. The match gets taken back into the ring and now Gresham is on the offence, hits Bailey with a running clothesline, covers Bailey and gets a 2. Bailey now on the offence, he hits a running shooting star press, covers Gresham and gets a 2. The fast paced action continues. Gresham locks in the figure 4, Bailey manages to reverse and put the pressure onto Gresham, but they manage to roll into the bottom rope to break. Gresham gets driven face first into the ring post and Bailey follows up with moonsault knees. The ref begins a 10 count, the men are fighting their way back into the ring, trying to stop the other getting back into the ring, but both men manage to make it back into the ring just before the ref reaches 10. The match continues and Gresham goes for the Figure 4, but Bailey manages to reverse and turn the pressure onto Gresham forcing Gresham to tap out! Mike Bailey wins. It is now 1-1, hopefully we will see another match between these two to find out who the better man is. Another absolutely great match from Bailey and Gresham. Grade B+

Backstage Interview: Brian Myers being interviewed about his upcoming Digital Media Championship match. Moose tells Myers he will be at ringside to make sure that Myers beats Hendry again. Santino overhears this and bans Moose from ringside.

Match 2: Digital Media Championship Match Joe Hendry Vs Brian Myers

Hendry cuts a promo before the match. In the early goings of the match, it already gets taken to the outside. Myers manages to gain control. He hits Hendry with a sit-down slam and gets a 2 count. The action continues and Myers gets caught by Hendry in the air and gets hit with a powerslam. Hendry hits Myers with a cutter off the ropes, covers Myers and gets a 2 count. Myers hits Hendry with a DDT and then hits a spear, covers Hendry and gets a 2, Hendry only just manages to get his shoulder up. The match continues, Myers looks to be going for a high risk move, but Hendry catches Myers mid-air with a cutter and he follows it up with a Standing Ovation, pin Myers and gets the 3! Hendry retains the Digital Media Championship. A pretty decent match. I do have a soft spot for Joe Hendry so I really enjoy watching his matches and Brian Myers is a great worker. An enjoyable one. Grade C+

Backstage Interview: Mickie James and Santino Marella are discussing Mickie James’ injury. It is revealed that Mickie suffered a broken rib and she is unable to compete tonight or at Multiverse United. So, the winner of the Fatal 4-Way match between Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw, Masha Slamovich and Miyu Yamashita next week will go on to face Jordynne Grace at Rebellion for the Knockouts World Championship. However, if Mickie is cleared to compete by Rebellion, the match will become a Triple Threat Match.

Match 3: Deonna Purrazzo Vs Gisele Shaw w/ Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans

Here’s hoping that this is a good match again from these two. Gisele distracts the ref, allowing Vidal to attack Purrazzo from the outside. Purrazzo able to get on the attack, she hits Gisele with a running boot followed by a Russian leg sweep. Purrazzo building momentum against Gisele, but Gisele hits Purrazzo with a superkick. Purrazzo able to come back and locks in a Koji Clutch. The women exchanging strikes, trying to get the upperhand and Gisele is able to hit Purrazzo with Shock & Awe. We continue and Purrazzo is able to lock in Venus de Milo and Gisele submits. A good match, Gisele is getting better in the ring and Purrazzo is always good to watch. Solid match. Grade C.

After the match, Purrazzo is attacked from behind by Savannah Evans. Before she is able to out away Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz music hits and she comes to the ring. It looks like she is going to join forces with Evans again, but Steelz attacks Evans and also takes Jai Vidal.

Match 4: Kenny King w/ Eddie Edwards Vs PCO

PCO is attacked by King while still making his entrance. Edwards able to provide distraction which allows King to hit PCO with a corkscrew dive to the floor. PCO is able to get back into the match, he drives King to the outside. PCO ends ends up throwing himself to the exposed flooring, apparently he is “short-circuiting”. PCO able to focus and manages to hit the dive to King on his second attempt. The match continues and PCO hits King with a ‘Lung Blower’ out of the corner. PCO goes to the top rope, but King pulls PCO off the top rope, causing PCO to land on the apron spine first. King pulls up the protective flooring and hits PCO with a powerbomb. PCO is somehow able to make it back into the ring after that and King is not able to keep PCO down. Edwards tries to help King and throws a Kendo Stick into the ring and King is able to capitalise off the distraction and hits PCO in the back with a chair. PCO is able to punch the chair causing it to hit King in the face. PCO pins King for the 3. Not sure how to take this match. It obviously is furthering the PCO/Edwards storyline, but the match didn’t wow me. I think I expected more out of it. It wasn’t a terrible match, but probably my least favourite up to now. Grade D.

Promo Video: Jody Threat is coming soon to Impact.

Backstage Segment: Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann and Steve Maclin talking about their match tonight. Maclin says he will get the job done.

Match 5: X-Division Championship Match Trey Miguel vs Lince Dorado

This should be a fast paced, exciting match. Lince hits Trey with a twisting splash to the outside. The match gets back into the ring and Lince once again goes high rush and hits Trey with a cross body. Trey able to get some separation after hitting an enzuiguri. Trey goes to the top rope, but is met by Lince who hits Trey with a Lucha Lit. Trey able to roll to the outside to avoid Lince getting the pin. The match continues and Trey hits Lince with a modified sunset flip powerbomb. Goes for the pin, but it wasn’t enough to get the 3. Trey manages to get Lince into a pinning predicament, pulling out the victory, retaining the X-Division Championship. I might have gone into this match with too high of expectations, but it was a good match, it could have been better but overall, it was a good solid match. Grade C-.

Backstage Interview: Shane Haste and Bad Dude Tito of TMDK declare victory tonight over Bullet Club.

Match 6: Impact World Tag Team Championship Match - Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) Vs TMDK (Shane Haste & Bad Dude Tito)

Looking forward to this one, Austin and Bey are incredible and I enjoyed watching Shane Haste so I’m hyped up for a good match. Haste wearing down Ace. Ace and Bey able to build momentum using high flying offence. Tito regains control of the match, hitting a standing Blue Thunder Bomb on Ace. TMDK able to slow the pace of the match, cutting the ring in half and keeping Ace from making the tag to Bey. Ace is finally able to tag in Bey who soars over the top rope and collides with Tito on the floor. The match gets back in the ring and Bey connects with a springboard Finesser on Haste. Haste able to get back on the offence, hits Bey with a Saito Suplex and Tito hits a powerbomb on Ace. Tito with a big dive through the ropes and takes out Bey. Tito thinks he has this match won when he hits a top rope splash but the pin is broken up. Ace and Bey do what they do best, hit the Art of Finesse into the Fold on Tito and they pin him for the 3! Ace and Bey retain their Tag Team Titles. Another brilliant match from Bullet Club. Haste was once again impressive and I enjoyed watching Tito’s Impact debut. Grade A-

Match 7: Busted Open Match Bully Ray Vs Tommy Dreamer

The object of this match is to make your opponent bleed first. Dreamer gets blindsided by Bully with a chair to start the match. Dreamer is quickly able to turn things around and he hits Bully into the ring steps. Both men have chairs, they swing at each other with Dreamer getting the upperhand. Dreamer gets his hands on a replica ECW World Title and he smashes Bully in the head with it. Bully throws a beer into the face of Darren McCarty who is sat at ringside (former Detroit Red Wings player). McCarty is held back by security. Bully refocuses on Dreamer. Bully attempts an attack on Dreamer from a step ladder, but Dreamer avoids it. Dreamer then introduces thumbtacks into the match and pours them over the ring. The ref gets taken out by Dreamer accidentally splashing him into the corner. Dreamer continues his attack on Bully, using a cheese grater on Billy’s head. Bully is now Busted Open! This match should be over but the ref is still down. The Good Hands run down to the ring and give Bully a towel to wipe off the blood. Dreamer is able to take out Hotch and Skyler, but Bully is able to take advantage by throwing thumbtacks into Dreamers eyes. Dreamer once again has the cheese grater, but Bully is begging for Dreamer to not use it. Dreamer hesitates and Bully hits him with a low blow. Bully is able to send Dreamer into the ring post and Dreamer is Busted Open. Hotch and Skyler get the ref back up and into the ring. The ref sees Dreamer bleeding and calls for the bell. Bully has a towel over his head, hiding the blood. Bully wins the Busted Open Match. Not a bad match at all. Was nice to see a kind of throwback to ECW. I wasn’t expecting a 5* classic, but I enjoyed the match. Grade C

After the match, Hotch and Skyler continue to beat down Dreamer. Yuya Uemura runs down to the ring to try and make the save but is unable to overcome the 3 on 1 advantage. Darren McCarty jumps over the barrier to help but is stopped by security. Bully tells security to let him go. McCarty steps into the ring and a hockey brawl breaks out between Bully and McCarty. Hotch and Skyler back into the ring and attack McCarty from behind. Bully, Hotch and Skyler put McCarty through a table. Music hits and it’s Scott D’Amore! He’s back! D’Amore takes off his headset, his jacket and starts to roll up his sleeves. D’Amore has some backup! Heath, Rhino, Gresham, Bailey and Hendry all make their way to the ring with D’Amore. Bully and the Good Hands leave the ring, but Hotch comes back into the ring from behind to try and attack D’Amore, but D’Amore was ready for him. D’Amore hits Hotch with a Canadian Destroyer! Bully looks on in shock.

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Team Match Steve Maclin, Rich Swann and Frankie Kazarian Vs Time Machine (Kushida, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

Shelley gets thrown throat first into the top rope. Swann hits Shelley with a kickback. Shelley manages to fight out of his opponents corner and gets Swann into a Boston Crab. Kushida and Sabin get involved and it becomes a triple team on Swann due to Maclin inadvertently distracting the ref. Kushida hits a baseball slide dropkick onto Swann, Swann then gets tied into the Tree of Woe’, Time Machine capitalise on this and they deliver a triple dropkick. The match continues, Kushida attempts a chop to Swann, but Swann manages to make the tag to Kaz. Kaz quickens the pace of the match and hits a flurry of offence. Kaz hits Kushida with a backstabber and follows it up with a springboard legdrop onto each of his opponents. So far, this match has been really good. I love the chemistry of Time Machine. Shelley hits Maclin with a dropkick assisted Flatliner, goes for the pin but it is not enough to keep Maclin down. Kushida now in the match, he targets the left arm of Maclin, attempts to lock in the Hoverboard Lock. Maclin drives his shoulder into the mid-section of Kushida. Both Kaz and Swann hit Kushida with a cutter. Swann hits Kushida with a 450 splash, goes for the pin but Kushida kicks out. Shelley back into the ring and he takes out Swann with Sliced Bread. Shelley hits Maclin with Shellshock and Kushida locks in the Hoverboard Lock and Maclin quickly taps out. Time Machine wins! Absolutely brilliant match. The ending of Maclin quickly tapping makes great storyline sense. It’s a shame that Josh Alexander got injured and couldn’t be in the match, but Maclin was definitely a great replacement. Grade A-

Overall, a really good PPV. Some great matches, and some great moments. Happy to see Scott D’Amore back. Hope that Josh Alexander has a speedy recovery and hopefully the World Title picture can remain high profile. We are now looking towards Multiverse United which already looks to be a packed card.


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