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RVD On How Owen Hart’s Blue Blazer Character Inspired Him

Owen Hart’s time spent as the Blue Blazer helped inspire Rob Van Dam, the former WWE & ECW World Champion has revealed.

On a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, Rob Van Dam recalled Owen Hart’s time under the mask and how he paid close attention to some of Owen Hart’s movements. He said,

“When he was the Blue Blazer, I was really turned on to him. When he would enter the ring he would jump right up to the top rope and would do a backflip into the ring as the Blue Blazer. For a while there, that’s how I’d get to the top rope, was the way that he did it… I was inspired by that. I think that’s why when someone goes to backdrop me, I land on my feet. That’s something Blue Blazer used to do.”

Rob Van Dam met Owen Hart when ECW invaded RAW in 1997. Owen Hart said he enjoyed RVD’s work and introduced him to some new moves.


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