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Royal Rumble 1999: Anarchy Unleashed as McMahon's Plan Backfires

Date: January 24, 1999

Location: Arrowhead Pond - Anaheim, California

The Rumble Match:

Entrants and Eliminations:

1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Entry #1, Mr McMahon)

2. Vince McMahon (Entry #2, Winner)

3. Golga (Entry #3, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

4. Droz (Entry #4, eliminated by Mabel)

5. Edge (Entry #5, eliminated by Road Dogg)

6. Gillberg (Entry #6, eliminated by Edge)

7. Steve Blackman (Entry #7, eliminated by Mabel)

8. Dan Severn (Entry #8, eliminated by Mabel)

9. Tiger Ali Singh (Entry #9, eliminated by Mabel)

10. The Blue Meanie (Entry #10, eliminated by Mabel)

11. Mabel (Entry #11, eliminated by Bradshaw, Faarooq amd Mideon)

12. Road Dog Jesse James (Entry #12, eliminated by Kane)

13. Gangrel (Entry #13, eliminated by Road Dogg)

14. Kurrgan (Entry #14, eliminated by Kane)

15. Al Snow (Entry #15, eliminated by Road Dogg)

16. Goldust (Entry #16, eliminated by Kane)

17. The Godfather (Entry #17, eliminated by Kane)

18. Kane (Entry #18, eliminated by Himself )

19. Ken Shanrock (Entry #19, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

20. Billy Gunn (Entry #20, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

21. Test (Entry #21, eliminated by Stone cold Steve Austin)

22. Big Boss Man (Entry #22, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

23. Triple H (Entry #23, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

24. Val Venis (Entry #24, eliminated by Triple H)

25. X-Pac (Entry #25, eliminated by Big Boss Man)

26. Mark Henry (Entry #26, eliminated by Chyna)

27. Jeff Jarrett (Entry #27, eliminated by Triple H)

28. D'Lo Brown (Entry #28, eliminated by Big Boss Man)

29. Owen Hart (Entry #29, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

30. Chyna (Entry #30, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

Thoughts on the Match:

The 1999 Royal Rumble was a chaotic battleground where "Stone Cold" Steve Austin overcame all odds, outsmarting Mr. McMahon and solidifying his status as a defiant force in WWE.

Full Event Card:

1. Christian vs. Jeff Hardy (Christian wins)

2. The J.O.B Squad bs. Too Much (The J.O.B Squad wins)

3. Mankind vs. Mabel (Mankind wins by disqualification)

4. The Big Boss Man vs. Road Dogg (The Big Boss Man wins)

5. Ken Shamrock vs. Billy Gunn (Ken Shamrock wins)

6. X-Pac vs. Gangrel (X-Pac wins)

7. Sable vs. Luna Vachon (Sable wins)

8. The Rock vs. Mankind for the WWE Championship (The Rock wins)

9. Royal Rumble (winner - Mr McMahon)

Highlights and Aftermath:

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's early entry did not deter him from eliminating every opponent, showcasing his resilience and determination.

- The Rock's victory over Mankind for the WWE Championship further fueled their heated rivalry.

Impact on Storylines:

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's triumph intensified his feud with Mr. McMahon, leading to memorable moments in the subsequent months.

- The tumultuous events in the Rumble match set the stage for upcoming rivalries and storylines leading into WrestleMania.


The 1999 Royal Rumble epitomized the chaos and unpredictability of the Attitude Era, with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin standing tall amid the anarchy. The fallout from this event would shape the landscape of WWE as the road to WrestleMania unfolded.


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