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Roman Reigns ruled 2022 as the Tribal Chief of the professional wrestling world

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns dominated his promotion and stood far and away above his peers as the number-one name in the industry over the past year

In 2022, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns seemingly sat at the table of the gods. He was able to partake in a supper of success and a sip from a goblet of gold, as he continued his ascension to legendary status in pro wrestling history.

The Tribal Chief finished off the calendar year by surpassing 850 days as the holder of the blue belt. Along the way, he gobbled up the WWE Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38.

The Beast Incarnate rode into Dallas like he was tougher than a two-dollar steak, Instead, Reigns turned him into Texas toast. Since then, his plate has been full, as he's defended his two titles against the cream of the crop in the promotion.

For the most part, The Big Dog has feasted on the competition, alongside his wildly popular heel faction, The Bloodline. The fact that cousins Jay and Jimmy Uso have also unified the titles in the tag team division makes the group look even more impressive.

This fearsome faction, draped in gold, is fortified by powerhouse Solo Sikoa. Alongside them is the 'adopted Uso', Sami Zayn, who doesn't mind picking up the table scraps the others leave behind. Add in wise man Paul Heyman, and The Bloodline has discovered a secret recipe for success.

And with all due respect to The Rock, everyone can smell what they're cookin'.

Roman Reigns wasn't just the top man in WWE, he dominated all of professional wrestling in 2022

While Jon Moxley was certainly a warrior for AEW, and IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander is one of the most underappreciated performers in the world, Reigns is 'the man' in comparison to them.

As far as international stars are concerned? Sure, there may be more technically talented guys in the ring. But none of them is the draw that the WWE Universal Champion is. They may all be like a roadhouse steak, but he represents the sizzle of a filet mignon.

The difference is in the name... and the excellence that comes along with the premium value. Roman is like a bottle of aged Chardonnay. By comparison? Everyone else is just