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Oh, my Tribal Chief! Find out what’s happened with Roman Reigns as he has got him banned from TikTok!

Eagle eyed fans of Roman Reigns have noticed that his account has been banned from TikTok despite boasting 1.3 million followers and 7.6 million likes.

While the ban seemed a bit abrupt, it is entirely likely that the official Roman Reigns account didn’t post anything untoward.

According to most speculators, TikTok has a strong policy regarding posting videos that include simulated violence so many have hypothesized this is why the official account got banned.

For his part, the Head of the Table and his 4.9 million followers remain on Twitter.

What a week, suffering your first pinfall loss since 2019 and now being banned from TikTok! Roman Reigns can’t seem to catch a break and the hits might just keep coming.

Set for this week’s WWE SmackDown, a Bloodline trial where the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns is set to face accusations from Jimmy and Jey Uso about his behaviour toward the Bloodline.


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