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WWE Hall of Famer and Bloodline family member Rikishi says he is excited about Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania 40.

On the March 15 episode of WWE SmackDown, Jimmy Uso accepted the challenge of his twin brother Jey Uso for WrestleMania 40.

After making the bout official for the Show of Shows, many fans are hoping WWE Hall of Famer and The Usos’ father Rikishi will be involved in some way.

Speaking on Rikishi Fatu Off The Top, Rikishi was asked about the news that Jey and Jimmy Uso will officially clash for the first time at WrestleMania 40. He answered:

Man, that’s exciting news. I’m excited, to be able to have the boys out there.”

Another historic…Bloodline, family tree, whatever you want to call it, but to have my sons out there on WrestleMania finally going after it together, this is a big deal for the whole fans.”

“You’re finally gonna see the dream match, Uso vs. Uso, Yeet vs. No Yeet. It’s gonna be exciting. I’m very happy to be the last to know about it,”

On teasing that he won’t be far from Lincoln Financial Stadium in Philadelphia for the bout, Rikishi said:

“I’m not too far from WrestleCon. I’ll be there at WrestleCon. I’m gonna be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m not too far, that’s all I can say.”

“I’m not too far from the stadium. I’m not too far from the stadium where WrestleMania will be. Of course, they got a lot of Ubers, they got limousines over there, who knows?”

But I am not too far from the stadium. The news was that [it’s] Yeet versus No Yeet. But where’s the man that eats? I’ll tell you, I’m not gonna be far,”

When asked to name whose side he was on heading into WrestleMania 40, the WWE Hall of Famer replied:

You know what? That’s a hard one, but I gotta put my feelings aside as a father. Jey is having a hell of a year as a single. Jimmy’s the same as far as being involved in the group, with the Bloodline.”

“So to see the steam that Jey is having as a singles career, it only makes sense from a business standpoint, as if I was on the board of TKO or WWE. We’d have to go with ‘Yeet’.”

I would feel that it would be the best business move, is to let Jey get the upper hand for WrestleMania against his brother.”

On wanting his sons to deliver the passion to steal the show, Rikishi said:

But on a personal level, it’s a win-win situation for the boys, that they’re able to go out there.”

They bring it out when they work with a lot of people, the passion, because they always want to steal the show.”

But this one here, working against each other, this is really gonna be ‘show the world’ type of shit, like let’s me and you do this, and let’s announce to the world what exactly these two brothers can do.”

“To see my sons going against each other for this dream match for the fans, it’s a win situation for the fans, for the company, for the family, and I’m so proud of them.”

“I just pray that they walk out there, I know they’re gonna give it all they got, but I also pray that they are able to walk back out the squared circle together, hand in hand,”

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