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Rey Mysterio Reveals Major Stipulation For WWE Match Against Dominik Mysterio?

WWE star Rey Mysterio has revealed a major stipulation for a potential future rematch against his real-life son, Dominik Mysterio.

Mysterio also commented on what he thinks Eddie Guerrero would think about Dominik Mysterio being a WWE star and getting a ‘kick’ out of the storyline.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Rey spoke about how while he doesn’t have any specific date in mind, he does hope that it still ends up being Dominik Mysterio inevitably inherits his mask.

Rey said:

“The perfect scenario is that Dom would be the right person.

“And not necessarily to retire me but put what matters most to me on the line and that’s my mask. It’s something I’d be willing to do.”

When mentioning what he thinks Eddie might think of Dominik’s career, Rey said:

“I truly believe that Eddie is getting a kick out of this and, to a certain degree, Eddie has been in Dominik’s corner from the beginning.

“It’s very special and sentimental to see my son’s growth and to see every now and then a little Eddie-ish in his character and his development and the way he carries himself.

“To a large degree, there is a lot of pride when I see him and it reminds me so much of moments I lived with Eddie… Sometimes when I see pictures of them, it’s just scary.”

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio are now on the same brand again, back together on WWE Raw so we will have to wait and see if an ongoing rivalry is renewed.

Photo credit WWE

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