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Report: AEW Making Pitches For Top Free Agent Wrestler

Dolph Ziggler has reportedly been the subject of different creative pitches within AEW, reports WrestlePurists.

The 43-year-old seemingly has fans in the Tony Khan-helmed promotion, as "many" people within the group are pushing for AEW to sign him. Now, pitches are being made - including one that'd see Dolph Ziggler (now competing as Nic Nemeth) work as one of CJ Perry's managerial clients.

There is currently no indication that negotiations between AEW and Nic Nemeth have taken place. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is still technically bound to the Stamford-based market leaders as part of his 90-day non-compete clause. Released on 21st September, he will be free to sign and appear for other wrestling promotions from 20th December onwards.

But while the former Dolph Ziggler is yet to agree terms with AEW, ideas have been thrown around.

Nic Nemeth was amongst a talented crop of WWE wrestlers released by the Endeavor-led group on 21st September, including Mustafa Ali and Shelton Benjamin. Alongside Mustafa Ali, Nic Nemeth's name has been one of the most commonly linked with AEW.

Currently, all Nic Nemeth has announced, wrestling-wise, is a 20th January appearance for WWC, the Puerto Rico-based group co-owned by Carlos Colon.


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