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Released WWE Star Subject Of Heavy Interest From Top Companies

A released WWE star is reportedly the subject of heavy interest from several “top independent companies”.

On April 19, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal saw his second stint with the company come to an end as he was let go from his contract alongside his Indus Sher teammates Veer Mahaan and Sanga.

Although all three men will have to wait for their 90 day non-compete agreements to expire before returning to the ring, it appears as if Mahal will have no struggle finding work based on a recent report from Fightful Select.

The report notes that several “top independent companies” plan on reaching out to Mahal for bookings, with GCW, Black Label Pro and AIW all making no secret of their interest in the Modern Day Maharaja.

Mahal recently filed a trademark for ‘the Maharaja’ along with his real name Yuvraj Dhesi, which appears to be what he will be competing as when he returns to the ring post-WWE.

Photo credit WWE

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