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Real Reason Andrade El Idolo Quit AEW For WWE

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Andrade El Idolo is seemingly on the verge of a WWE return following his AEW contract's expiration late last month and a new report sheds fresh light on the former NXT Champion's change in circumstances.

The writeup states that Andrade El Idolo had been on a two-year AEW contract, through this was extended due to time missed through injury. Per AEW talent, Andrade El Idolo hadn't been shy of discussing his contractual situation, telling people his deal was to expire at the end of 2023.

Talent also claimed that at one stage, Andrade El Idolo had mentioned plans to stay with AEW. He was seemingly considering a new agreement with the Tony Khan-helmed promotion, though this changed, and he was telling colleagues he was going back to WWE by the end of his deal.

Some AEW personnel expected Andrade El Idolo to show up on WWE the week after his deal expired, though this didn't happen.

Sources close to AEW have indicated that although Tony Khan has left the door open for Andrade El Idolo to return, it was a "frustrating process." The 34-year-old is understood to have informed the company of his decision in the days before 30th December's Worlds End pay-per-view.

Andrade El Idolo’s partner and WWE mainstay Charlotte Flair is understood to have pushed for him to return to WWE. Sources within the market-leading promotion haven't officially confirmed that Andrade El Idolo is going back to standard, though some have admitted that this is likely happening.

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