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Quebec Dynamite

AEW is wasting no time getting to the excitement. Opening match is Will Ospreay against Katsuyori Shibata. This is a rematch from 7 years ago. Shibata gets the early mat wrestling advantage. The early match really seems like what we will get from the start of the Will Ospreay against Danielson match we will get at Dynasty. In fact, I think the Dynasty match will have to work hard to not feel like a redo of this match for critical fans. Ospreay does copy a few of Shibata's moves once the match moves away from the feeling out process. However, even then I see a lot of Danielson style moves in the moveset of Katsuyori Shibata. Shibata taking the elbow strikes and backing Ospreay up is a nice change in match aesthetics. THis really gives Shibata the strong look you want to give to people you just sign and make them sound like a big deal. Shibata is an excellent acquisition for AEW. Shibata tries to put the match away with a good old fashioned sleeper. It only gets him a Oscutter for a single count. The two men then start to trade blows. Very NJPW style of the. Tiger Driver but no pin. Shibata hits his signature pose just to get hit by the Hidden Blade. Ospreay wins. Both men show each other respect after the match.

Private Party knocked out the Young Bucks in the original tournament to crown the original AEW tag team champions. This however is a different Young Bucks. It will be a good match as Private Party has grown since that match. Quick pin attempts dominate the first minute of the match. The Young Bucks and their opponents bring a nice element of symmetry to tag matches. A Silly String from outside the ring is a fist for me. Isaiah Cassidy keeps Marquin from getting counted out after a Falcon Arrow from the barricade. Nicholas Jackson has a more aggressive in tonight's match. I wonder if the wrestling in dress clothes is for the next figure line? A chase figure with Sting's blood would be a cool action figure. Private Party has gotten the advantage for a brief period of time. Isiah takes out both of his opponents. Sliced Bread power bomb combo by the Young Bucks was nice and got them a two count. Only broken up by Marquin. Gin and Juice cannot be capitalized on by Private Party; it is followed up by them doing a More Bang for Your Buck. Low Blow by Matthew while RIck Knox was distracted. This also allowed Marquin to hit Matthew with a title belt, Marquin misses a 720 off the top and gets a EVP Trigger for his trouble. This gets the Young Bucks the win.

Darby Allin and Tony Hawk did a nice segment about since Darby can't climb Everest this year.

Jericho tells Hook that he will mentor him. This is a strange segment. Not because Jericho is setting up a long term partnership with Hook but because it seems like Chris Jericho is wanting to become a manager.

Is it too early to think Mercedes Mone is overexposed? I know people like her. This match seemed like a one on one between Anna Jay and Willow until Skye Blue inserts herself. Statlander then comes in when Skye Blue has the advantage. Willow did a nice pounce before being distracted by Mercedes Mone. The ladies are hitting their spots it is a nice match. With the story being told so far and on commentary this really feels like a way to wrap up Anna Jay and Kris Statlander's pursuit for the TBS championship while putting it on Willow Nightingale as a transition champion into Mercedes Mone. Willow hits a massive Death Valley Driver to Skye Blue on the apron. Willow hits a powerbomb for the win. Only time will tell if my reading of the story is correct.

Two less than entertaining vignettes from the back. One setting up a match of Dustin against Butcher for Rampage and the other Toni Storm. Dustin against Butcher could be a decent match. Only those there tonight will know for sure. Then I guess the Toni Storm segment just had to further a partnership that AEW and Turner Classic Movies has. I guess: Chin Up; Tits Out; and Watch Out for that Shoe.

As much as I don't like champions in matches for belts that are not their belt I do want the Kingdom to win. Orange Cassidy starts off by punching Matt Taven. Then chaos breaks out momentarily. A nice jump start. Trent gives a series of German Suplexes to Matt Taven. The sell of Taven for those drop kicks was nice as Trent is shorter than Taven and that does not always make for a pretty suplex. Orange Cassidy is animated tonight. A nice spinebuster moonsault combo only ruined by Trent getting his knees up. That allowed for Trent to tag in Orange. Proton Pack for a two count. After some interference Best Friends sneaks in a victory. I don't think Orange Cassidy against Roderick Strong is finished.

I dig this look by O'Reilly but his backstage promo did nothing to progress anything tonight. Saying the roster is deep wiht talented wrestlers. Of Course it is. I just hope that he answers the Cope Open.

This match is one that is obvious Swerve Strickland will win. However, it would be awesome if Konosuke Takeshita won. The two start with a handshake that then turnes into a tug of war of sorts. A big of ameture wrestling from Swerve and Konosuke where Konosuke gets the upper hand. "Doesn't a blossom explode" Tony Schiavone let me down with that one. I feel like Takeshita is too tall to take a move like the neckbreaker Swerve gate him on the middle rope. Certain moves should not be executed or performed on certain sized individuals. Swerve's hurricanrana to the outside was nice, bu it looked like it may have not been performed to the best of its execution. Konosuke Takeshita gave a painful looking elbow which Swerve sold magnificently. Swerve Stomp on the apron looked a bit dangerous. This is followed by a series of dramatic reversals punctuated in a two count for Konosuke. House Call and Swerve Stomp then gets Konosuke Takeshita kicking out at 2. Big Pressure wins the No. 1 Contender match. That was the obvious thing that was going to happen.


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