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PROGRESS Wrestling’s flagship show Super Strong Style 16 has just been elevated…

As first reported by the Daily Star, the five-star show has received confirmation it will have the all-time five-star performer.


The Assassin, the leader of the United Empire and one half of the Swords of Essex, Will Ospreay, will be making a sensational return to PROGRESS Wrestling for Super Strong Style 16!


Recognised as one of if not the best wrestler in the World, Ospreay has not only enjoyed an illustrious career in PROGRESS Wrestling, debuting at Chapter Two: The March of PROGRESS, but he has stolen the show by headlining Tokyo Dome for New Japan Pro Wrestling and recently featured in AEW.


But it was in the PROGRESS Wrestling ring where Ospreay captured the imagination of many with his high-risk manoeuvres and he has tasted the sweet success of winning Super Strong Style 16 before.


The now 30-year-old, who celebrated his birthday last Sunday, knows exactly how important Super Strong Style 16 can be, with the winner of the famous PROGRESS Wrestling tournament guaranteed a championship shot at the PROGRESS Men’s World champion.  


Ospreay has reaped the benefits of winning Super Strong Style 16 before after he successfully cashed in his championship opportunity to win the PROGRESS World title for the very first time.


Speaking ahead of his return to PROGRESS Wrestling, Ospreay said: “I am a former winner of the tournament and back then the class of wrestlers was truly outstanding. I don't have any other thoughts at this stage apart from entering Super Strong Style 16 and expecting to win.


"There is a whole new crop of talent that's come through, some that I know and some that I don't. I guess going into this as the biggest name, I'll have the biggest target.  "I have my mission and that is to prove even as wrestling evolves, no one on the planet is on my level.  "To potentially head back to the Electric Ballroom is extremely nostalgic as I did a lot of my early work there and I'll be glad to go back."I'm curious to see how the fans respond as I adjust to the environment. If they are happy, we will have a party and we will have a good time. However, if they're aggressive, I'll match it and ruin the person that stands opposite me."One man in particular played an important role in Ospreay’s inclusion in this year’s Super Strong Style 16, with day one taking place on Saturday 27th May at The Dome, Tufnell Park, London.  That man is none other than AEW’s Nigel McGuiness, who is best known for his time with WWE where he worked as a colour commentator for NXT, NXT UK, and NXT Level Up. 

Nigel McGuinness stated: “Former PROGRESS Men's World Champion, and also the winner of the first ever Super Strong Style 16 tournament. I could list all his other accolades, but lets be honest I'd be here all day. You know who this man is. He is one of the most scintillating and exciting performers of his generation. The Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay makes his triumphant return to PROGRESS Wrestling at Super Strong Style 16.”

PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Lee McAteer said: “It’s been a long time coming, but we are thrilled to welcome Will Ospreay back to PROGRESS Wrestling for Super Strong Style 16.“We first chatted at the ballroom on day one of Super Strong Style 16 last year and we have been chatting on and off ever since.“Whilst the PROGRESS name might be the same, the brand has evolved since he was last at PROGRESS and I am sure that all the fans will make him feel at home.“I’m sure the fans are also hoping to see The Swords of Essex reunite in the Ballroom as well, but first off Will has Super Strong Style 16 to contend with and everyone will be gunning for him.”


PROGRESS Wrestling is excited to welcome Will back home. One thing is for sure everyone who attends Super Strong Style 16 will be in for a treat.

Tickets for all three days of Super Strong Style 16 are on sale, and can be purchased now by CLICKING HERE.


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