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Paul Heyman & More WWE Stars Send Goodbye Messages To Kayla Braxton

Paul Heyman and more WWE stars have sent farewell messages to Kayla Braxton following her departure after this week’s SmackDown.

SmackDown interviewer Kayla Braxton appeared for the final time on this week’s episode of SmackDown, with her now having officially left the company.

Kayla had been working on a handshake agreement with the company after opting not to sign a new contract with the company after her previous deal had expired.

Undisputed WWE Champion brought Kayla out in front of the fans in Madison Square Garden after the show for a goodbye segment, and WWE has now shared a video of other WWE stars giving their farewells to Kayla.

The video features WWE Women’s Champion Bayley, LA Knight, Paul Heyman and more sending goodbyes to Kayla, with hilarious callbacks to recent interactions.

Knight approached Kayla and completely blanked her questions, similar to the infamous segment from SmackDown several weeks ago where Kayla did the same to Knight.

Heyman would also come up to Kayla, startling her in a similar manner to how she would often startle Heyman on SmackDown.

Photo credit WWE

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