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Pat McAfee may be on an indefinite hiatus from WWE at present, but that doesn’t mean he can’t comment on wrestling, and not just WWE, but AEW too.

On the most recent Pat McAfee show, the former NFL punter referenced a photo uploaded by the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez of Double or Nothing live that showed a largely empty section behind AEW’s hard camera, something that was obviously never visible to viewers at home and is a regular occurrence at WWE and AEW shows.

McAfee said:

“Anytime you get a shot away from hard cam, you know what I mean, you can really see a lot of things.

“AEW found out this weekend or whatever at one of their events, it’s like three quarters of an arena completely empty. They don’t want that photo out anywhere.”

The arena being three quarters empty is certainly an exaggeration based on other fan's pictures of the arena, that section that Alvarez captured was near enough empty.

On the day of the event (Sunday, May 28) WrestleTix reported that 10,229 tickets had been sold with 1,412 available, but there may have been late movement on that.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that ticket sales for the event were a disappointment to AEW, with some calling for the company to move away from Las Vegas for future Double or Nothing events not just because of ticket sales, but also the reaction from the fans that were there.


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