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Welcome guys to this weeks edition of AEW Collision. We have six matches for you this week so lets kick things off with an eight man tag team match.



Danielson and Rush kick it off and Rush ducks a kick, gets sent into the ropes and dodges another shot. Test of strength, Danielson kicks Rush  and lays in the forearms. Rush springboards into a rana and comes off the ropes, waistlock by Bryan and he tags in Yuta, Rush with an enzuigiri and Romero tags in.


Big shot by Romero, Yuta fires back and they trade chops. Romero into the ropes and Yuta takes him down for two. Claudio tags in and kick to Rocky then chops him. Rocky into the ropes, he ducks under a couple swings and hits a rana.


Nichols tags in, Haste joins him and they take Claudio down, snapmare and running lariat for two. Haste is now in, Claudio blocks a whip into the ropes and hits a double bulldog. Danielson tags in, he’s up top for a front missile dropkick, kippup and he charges in for a running kick to the head. He backs up but Haste follows with an elbow the head. Haste goes in but Bryan catches him in the YES Lock. Haste manages to get to the ropes as the rest of the teams brawl outside.


Claudio grabs a chair and sets it up, diving onto Nichols, and comes in the ring for a double stomp to Haste. He calls for the giant swing and grabs Haste, but Nichols clotheslines him. Yuta nails Nichols and sends him over the top — he dives but gets knocked down. Moxley in now and kicks Haste!


Claudio gets the tag to Moxley, Nichols in and gets blasted. Whip across the rope and a charging clothesline, he climbs for the 10-count of punches and then nails a piledriver, cover gets two. Moxley right into the rear naked choke, but Nichols with a back elbow. He comes off the ropes into a pump kick, back into the ropes and they take each other out with clotheslines. Rush in and up top for a frog splash that gets a nearfall.


Rush goes right back up, he leaps but Mox rolls out of the way. Pump kick, Death Rider but Rush moves and TMDK takes out Moxley. Danielson in, he pushes TMDK into each other and hits a psycho knee. Everyone in to trade finishers, Claudio grabs Rocky for the giant swing! Romero dumped — and Lio Rush jumps on Claudio’s back! Claudio pulls him around, tosses him to Mox for the Death Rider and the pin.



Here is your Winner: Blackpool Combat Club

No shock to the result but a great 8 man tag. The best thing about Forbidden Door is getting to see guys like TMDK on Collision. Solid opening match up.





Deonna attacks Rosa before the bell and sets her in the corner. Both women to the outside as  Rosa goes under the ring and throws a bunch of weapons in the ring, and nails Deonna on the outside with a trash can lid. She sets it against Deonna and charges in but Deonna dodges and Rosa hits the ring steps.


Deonna puts Rosa’s arm between the steps and kicks them, then throws more weapons in the ring. She sets a charge in the ropes in the corner, Rosa reverses an Irish whip but Deonna stops short. Deonna with the Irish whip and Rosa up short, she hits a DVD. Rosa out to slide a table in the ring, but Deonna hits a baseball slide dropkick into the table.


Deonna slides the table in and works over Rosa’s arm on the outside, then slams her headfirst into the ringpost. She rolls Rosa into the ring and follows, grabs the table and picks Rosa up for a snapmare onto the not-set-up table. Deonna wraps Rosa up and slams her repeatedly head-first into the table, then covers for two. Shot to Rosa and a short-arm clothesline, cover gets two. Deonna gets Rosa on her shoulder but she slides off, Deonna into the ropes and ducks a shot, double pump kick and both women down.



Both women up to their knees going for the same chair. They get up and try to wrestle control of the chair — Deonna gets it and swings but Rosa moves and kicks the chair into Deonna’s face, then blasts her across the back with it twice. Deonna on Rosa’s shoulder and a Samoan drop onto the table and a cover for two.


Rosa puts Deonna on the top and climbs, they battle on the top but Deonna slides down and grabs Rosa. Rosa fights back and Deonna pulls her head down, then kicks her in it. Rosa in the Tree of Woe, Deonna charges in for a big shoulder. Cover gets a nearfall. Deonna has Rosa  but Rosa counters with a DDT onto the chair for two.


Deonna put in the corner and Rosa puts a trash can over her, then kicks her and sets up the table as a ramp. She runs up it for a diving dropkick into the can. Cover gets two and Rosa is frustrated. She sets the table up, Deonna has the chair and slides it at Rosa, who dodges. Rosa nails Deonna with the edge of the table, double underhook but Deonna counters out and hits a Tombstone. Cover gets a 2.


Fujiwara armbar by Deonna — into the Venus Di Milo. She doesn’t have it long though, and angrily rolls out of the ring and punches a  cameraman and nails Rosa with his camera. Deonna back in and wraps Rosa into the ropes and Rosa is out.


Here is your Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

And finally Deonna gets the big win she needs. This was chaotic but both women delivered. Hopefully this feud is over now.




They go head to head to start and then Dalton shoots for the knee but gets caught in a front facelock. Ref calls for the break as they’re on the ropes and Hechicero with a shot that Dalton returns. They trade blows and Castle takes over, comes off the ropes but  Hechicero catches him over the ropes into a sleeper, and knocks Dalton down. Missile dropkick gets two.


Hechicero stomps at Castle, but Castle comes back and hits a DDT. Elbows to the shoulder and a waistlock, Hechicero elbows out but is caught for the Bangarang.  Hechicero counters and locks in a bodyscissors. Castle pushes Hechicero’s shoulders into the mat for two. Castle hits a back elbow and goes to charge across the ring but Hechicero follows for a splash and knife-edge chops.


Hechicero backs up and charges in but is caught with a suplex. Castle picks Hechicero up, but he turns it into a sunset flip for two. Castle with a pump kick, Hechicero comes back and hits a twisting legdrop and cover for three.


Here is your Winner: Hechicero

This was quick and hard to get behind. Result was an obvious one.




Lee goes for the knee but gets put on the mat. Into the ropes, some leapfrogging and dodging. Lee with a testing kick before they lock hands and Lee puts Martin on the mat with a kick. Dante kicks him away into the ropes and hits a rana from the mat, into the ropes for another rana. Lee charges, Dante flips over him, Lee out of the ring. Dante goes to leap out but Moriarty moves and Lee nails him from behind with a dropkick through the ropes.


Chop to the chest of Lee, and Dante rolls him in. Dante on the ropes but gets shoved to the floor.


Dante fights out of a submission hold, then hits a kick and some strikes. Irish whip blocked, Martin put in the corner but he dodges to the apron, nails Lee and hits a springboard crossbody for two. Dante goes for a half nelson suplex but Lee blocks it and wraps up Dante’s wrist before snapping it. Lift into a slam, crossface by Moriarty and Martin is trying to get to the ropes, Lee stomps on his hand but Martin gets his foot on the ropes. Suplex into a slam from Moriarty gets a nearfall.


Moriarty stomps on Martin and backs up, taking aim and he charges in but Martin ducks the kick and hits a high kneelift. Lee with a pump kick and charges into another pump kick. Meteora from Martin, up top for a frog splash and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: Dante Martin

I would have been happy with either of these two being in the ladder match. Obviously Dante is in for some high crazy spots because he of course is never winning the ladder match but will look great in it.



Roddy Strong and The Kingdom are at commentary for this match. Circle and lockup, they fight for position and trade waistlocks. KOR kicks Henry down, they’re back up and go into the test of strength. Hip toss by Henry, O’Reilly with a press and he picks Henry up, but Henry with a double wristlock. KOR goes for the submission but Henry gets to the ropes.


KOR works over Henry’s arm and kicks him in the thigh, but Henry with a side legsweep. He kicks out of a leg submission and kicks KOR in the head a few times. Kyle isn’t happy, he’s up and takes some strikes before firing back and sweeping the legs. Splash in the corner, he snaps the arm over his shoulder and slams Henry down. Submission is locked in and Henry has no choice but to tap.


Here is your Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Glorified squash. We need an end to this Kyle O’Reilly and Undisputed Kingdom storyline now.





Brody sends The Gunns over the top and then Juice follows. The HoB goes to dive but the BBG run into the ring but get taken down for their efforts. All six men to the outside and the brawl is on.


Black tags in Buddy, who comes off the top with a double stomp to Colten’s arm. Austin tags in and pounds on Black, whip into the ropes and Colten is in, double dropkick and Juice with a senton for two.


Juice sends Black hard into the corner. Snap suplex to Black, cover gets two. He puts Malakai in the opposite corner, Colten tags in and nails Black in the head. More strikes and Austin tags in and they continue to beat Black down. Juice tags in now and hits a headbutt to Black. Black fights back and takes it to Juice but is hit with a leg lariat for two.


Juice applies a sleeper on the mat, Black fights to his feet and nails Juice but Juice with a throat thrust. He backs up and charges in for the cannonball but Black moves. Colten tags in and puts Black in the corner, Black moves to dodge a Stinger Splash and tags in Buddy. Buddy’s in hot and kicks Austin down, then lays out Colten. He grabs Austin, puts him on his shoulder, and throws him into Colten. Jackhammer and a cover but Juice breaks it up.


Juice is in the ring now, puts Buddy on the apron but Buddy with a kick to Juice’s head. Up top, Meteora, cover gets two. King tags in.


Buddy gets taken to the back by medics – think he hurt his knee on the meteora. The Bang Bang Gang attack Black and King and bring King into the ring for Juice to stomp down in the corner. Colten tags in and continues, Austin takes his turn. Juice back in for stomps to King, then charges in for the cannonball. Cover gets a nearfall.


The Gunns send King into the ropes but he swats one and then the other down, then hits Juice with a Boss Man Slam. Black gets the hot tag and takes it to Austin, then Colten, then nails Austin and kicks to Colten. Diving dropkick to Austin, he goes for the Asai moonsault and Juice takes it. German suplex to Colten for two.


Black lies in wait but Juice grabs the leg. Colten with a leaping forearm to the back of the head, cover for a nearfall. Austin tags in, Black fights them both, Juice nails Black from the apron and Colten knocks him down for two. The Gunns grab Black, Juice climbs up — and Brody is here. 3:10 to Yuma on Brody, Juice is on the top — but Pac is here and has pushed juice off the top. Blackmass connects and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner: House of Black

The injury to Buddy threw this one slightly but other than that this was a solid main event. Malakai Black looked like absolute gold in this one. When hes cooking he is one of the best AEW have.


Christian Cage appears on the Tron with the Patriarchy and tells them they are #1 contenders to the Trios titles, but aren’t a Trio anymore. Buddy Matthews was taken out with a chair and we see Buddy Matthews laying on the ground with the painting of Christian Cage over him.


Solid show from Collison this week. Six matches and they were all pretty good. Thanks for joining me this week guys. See you next week.


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