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NXT Stand & Deliver Review

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiser weights bringing you your NXT Stand and Deliver Review. So let's get into it.

A great Trick v Melo video package is followed by Meta Four going over the card in a few funny bits.

We start properly with Axiom and Nathan Fraser coming down for their match. Let’s gooooooo.

Match 1 - NXT Tag Team Championship Match - Nathan Fraser and Axiom vs Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin

Axiom and Fraser attack before the bell rings, flying over the top rope to Corbin and Breaker outside. Axiom hits a springboard moonsault onto them off the top then toss Bron into the ring. The bell makes it official, and Axiom covers for 1…NO! Axiom hits the ropes, blind tag from Fraser, tag to Corbin, the double team kicks Corbin away, and then Fraser hits a DDT. Cover for 1…2..NO! Side headlock to Corbin. To the ropes, Fraser gets shot off, hits the ropes, again, dropkick to the knee, he kicks, Corbin catches and flips him inside out then hits a lariat. Right hand to the dome from Corbin. He grabs the legs, flips Fraser up, enziguri with a tag to Axiom, and a double superkick knocks Corbin down. Cover for 1….2.NO!!! Axiom to the corner, gets shot to the apron, high kicks to Bron for no reason. Springboard to a fireman’s and Corbin with a DVD then a brainbuster. Cover for 1.2…NO!! Tag to Bron. He gets some knees in the corner. Locks the side of the head, and shoots to the ropes, Bron hits the ropes, again, HUGE clothesline to Axiom! HE locks the head and tags in Corbin. Corbin kicks, right hand to the face. Corbin corners Axiom, boot to the chin. Tag to Bron. Right hand from Axiom, but Bron hits a knee. Whip to the ropes, back elbow. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Axiom breaks a hold, chops the chest, another chop. Knee from Bron. STANDING SPANISH FLY! Bron is shaking!

Tag to Fraser, tag to Corbin. Dropkick from Fraser. He ducks under, again, slides out to kick Bron, back in and flips over the arm, springboards catches Corbin, slams him down on the head, and then hits a beautiful Standing Shooting Star. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Fraser to the top rope, tries for a corkscrew flip, and lands on his feet, Axiom in to distract, but Corbin with a big slam. Powerbomb to Axiom after a tag from Bron, but Axiom hits a HUGE superkick! Kick from Fraser! Cover from Axiom! 1…2…..NO!!!! Axiom to the top rope, Bron stops him, and hits some right hands. Elbows from Axiom, Bron hits a knee to the forehead. Tag to Corbin. Corbin in, gets sent off, Bron runs up the corner, Frankensteiner! Corbin assists with a slam, cover for 1.2...NO!!! Fraser is there to break it up.


Bron and Axiom are going at it, a German from Axiom, but Corbin catches him and hits a Uranage INTO the buckles! Fraser in, sends Corbin out of the ring, and Bron is there to hit a gutbuster! He hits the corner, and climbs up, Axiom with a high enziguri! He splits the legs, and tags from Fraser. Axiom with a Spanish Fly off the top! Fraser springboards into a 450! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!!! Fraser to the top rope, Bron is up, punches under, and in comes Corbin. Elbows from Fraser, DEEP SIX to Axiom! Bron has Fraser up top, they flip out of the corner, and I’m not sure what happened, but Bron sells like he got the best of it. Corbin to the top rope! Yeah, I said that. Corbin with a HUGE splash! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! Bron drops the straps, and both Fraser and Axiom are outside the ring, Bron rushes them, but Axiom pulls Fraser out of the way and Bron runs into the steps! Corbin is there to shove both his opponents onto the announce table, but they fly back to attack him! Corbin is sent into the ring. Tag from Fraser, dropkick, tag from Fraser. Phoenix Splash! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!!

Bron in to stop the pin! Axiom with a superkick, another, tries for a DDT to Corbin, but he hits a Flatliner. SPEAR FROM BRON TO FRASER!!! Corbin covers! 1..2….3!!!

Official Winners - STILL NXT Tag Team Champions - Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker

Official thoughts - Good God Almighty, that was everything an opener should be. Fast-paced, non-stop action with some badass wrestling. Good shit and props to all four men. Match Time: 11:22

Match 2 - NXT North American Championship Match - Dijak vs Josh Briggs vs Oba Femi

Oba stops a double team by shoving Briggs out of the ring and trying for a back suplex to Dijak. Oba catches two kicks and flips both big men upside down. Oba with uppercuts to Dijak, to Briggs, but Briggs stops a second one, and we get to big boots. Shoulder tackles Oba over and over from both of the other men, none of them able to knock Oba down. Tackle after tackle, and finally, they send Oba out of the ring. Both big men to the apron and Dijak hits a huge kick to Briggs. He flies with a crossbody, but Oba catches him, Briggs flies and Oba rams Dijak into him! He then presses Dijak in the air and drops him onto Briggs. Oba sends DIjak into the Spanish announce table then grabs a chair and tosses it into Briggs. Oba walks over to the hair, sets it up and brings Dijak over to it, but Dijak it’s a right, another, another, another, seating Oba in the chair. Oba fights out, big boot from Dijak drops him. He enters the ring and climbs to the top, but Briggs is there with a GOOZLE! He then hoots Dijak INTO the seated Oba!!! Good God.

In the ring, Briggs hits a big boot in the corner, another, shoots Oba to the centre, and flies into a big punch to the chest. Briggs with an elbow to the head, GOOZLE! Oba breaks it! IN comes DIjak, they double team chokeslam Oba and then try to cover but Oba kicks out at 2 under both men. They argue, shoving each other, on their knees. They then turn to Oba and beat him down on his back with clubbing blows. They hit the ropes but Oba catches each one and slams them both down hard. Oba to the apron and grabs Briggs, Briggs with a waist lock, and Oba hits his right hand. Uppercut, right, back elbow from Briggs, locks up from behind and drops Oba down hard on the apron. Briggs runs into the ring, BIG BOOT TO Dijak! Cove! 1..2….NO!!! Briggs climbs the top, Oba there to stop him, hits some rights. Briggs fights back, Dijack with a huge superkick to Oba! Dijak climbs and attacks Briggs on the top rope, Briggs with a huge lariat flips Dijak down to the mat. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Foot on the rope! Wade covers the triple threat rules but says the ref must be ok with the boot.

We get all three men back in the ring, Oba and Briggs fight with rights until Dijak hits a chop to both men over and over. Briggs hits a right, a back elbow, and does the same again to each man. Oba with chops to the chest, Briggs hits a back elbow, big boot from Dijak, boot from Briggs, one for Oba from Dijak, Briggs with a kick to Dijak! A clothesline sends Oba outside, and Briggs turns into a big boot from Dijak! Cover! 1..2…NO!! Dijak with chop after chop onto the chest until Briggs grabs the head and shoves Dijak away. Up kick. Briggs is up lariat. Another. Dijak is cornered. Chops over and over to Dijak. GOOZLE! Chokeslam attempt! He hits it! Co er for 1….NO!!!!!! Briggs is hyped. Briggs with a boot. GOOZLE! But Dijak with a surprise Canadian Destroyer! Dijak with Briggs on his shoulders. He climbs the corner. But Oba is in the ring! He goes under Dijak and lifts him on his shoulders, WITH BRIGGS UP TOP!!! Oba turns and Briggs is hit with a DVD by the falling Dijak! Cover from Oba! 1..2…..NO!!!! Damn, that was scary.

Oba is up, DIjak is up, powerbomb attempt, Dijak is shot over the head, Big Boot from Dijak, Another big boot. A spin then another boot. Dijak with a torture rack into a Go2Sleep like knee! Cover! 1..2..MOONSAULT FROM BRIGGS! Dijak moves! Big Boot to Briggs! Another Torture Rack! Another knee to the face~ Cover! 1..2……THE REF IS PULLED OUT!! AWESOME CAMERA ANGLE THERE!!! DAMN! Diajk is pissed. He hits the ropes! Dijak flies over the top rope onto Briggs! He pulls oBa into the post! Dijak rushes, and Oba sidesteps, but Briggs is right there to send him into the timekeeper area!! Dijak with FEAST YOUR EYES TO BRIGGS!!! He grabs Briggs and sends him into the ring!

To the shoulders! FEAST! YOUR! EYES! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! OBA IN WITH A GOOZLE!!!!!!! POWERBOMB ONTO BRIGGS Cover to Briggs! 1…..2….3!!!

Official Winner - Oba Femi

Official thoughts - If I gave you a verbal recap and you had no idea who these guys were, you wouldn’t believe me when I told you how huge they were because these boys moved like cruisers. Great match, and kudos to the multiple camera angles that hid the false count more than once. Amazing. Match Time: 15:00

Up next, Izzi Dame and Kiana James then Jacy Jayne comes out with Jazmyn.

Match 3 - Izzi Dame, Kiana James, and Jacy Jayne vs Kelani Jordan, Thea Hail, and Fallon Henley

Izzi, Kiana, and Jacy attack, sending the faces flying off the apron until the bell rings, and we got Izzi and Backbreaker then a tag to Kiana. Kiana kicks the stomach, a big boot to the side of the head. Tag to Jacy, who comes in. Thea with the tag, she flies with a crossbody. Kelani flies over the top rope! Sick! Thea sends Jacy outside and then hits a trust fall, but Jacy pulls someone in the way. Jacy mounts and attacks with some right hands. Jacy sends Thea into the corner face first. Kicks to Thea, then a tag to Kiana. Shoulders send Thea into the corner. Tag to Izzi who eats a boot. Thea elbows the girls on the apron, and Izzi lifts Thea, knee to the face. Tag to Kelani. To Jacy. Big right to the chest, cartwheel into a back elbow. The kick is caught, and Jacy flies with a heel kick. Dropkick to Izzi sends her outside.

We get Izzi getting hit with a right hand, then a toss sends Kelania away. Cocky pin gets a 1..NO!! A cover for 1…2.NO!!! Izzi shoots Kelani into the 2nd buckle. Tag to Kiana who stomps in the corner. Shoulders to Kelani. A back flip then a huge shoulder. Tag Jaycy who hits a cannonball in the corner. Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Jacy whips, hip attack and a tag to Kiana. Whip to Kelani. Kelania with a surprise rollup that gets 2. She reaches for a tag, but Kiana hits a clothesline. Tag to Izzi. Kiana sends Kelani into a big boot then Izzi covers for 1.2..NO!! Izzi grabs the legs and catapults Kelani, but Kelani hops to the 2nd buckle and flies, Izzi catches her and hits a gut buster. Izzi surprise attacks Thea. Tag to Fallon. Right, right, chop to Izzi. She sends Izzi into Kiana, in comes Jacy and Fallon drops her with ease, she trips Izzi and kicks her to the side of the head. Fallon mounts and Kiana grabs her, but Fallon hits a suplex and a cover for 1..2.N!O!! Jacy is in to stop the pin. Izzi in to kick Thea away. Fallon sends Izzi flying then puts Kiana into position. Fallon to the top rope, Kiana up and throat thrusts. She climbs the corner, grabs Fallon, SPANISH FLY and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!!

Kelani stuns Izzi and sends her flying, then Kelani hops to the top rope and hits a huge moonsault to Kiana and Izzi! Jazmyn with a surprise kick!!! In the ring, Jacy turns to see the newly tagged Thea. Thea finally gets her hands on Jacy! Jacy tries to tag, but her team is knocked out. She turns, and Thea wants some. They lock horns! Jacy with a right! Thea with a right of her own. Booo Yay! Boo! Yay! A shove, a kick, and Thea goes down. Jacy misses a right hand, Thesz Press from Thea! Punches galore! Big chop, exploder suplex. Jack sends her into the buckle, rollup for 1..2.NO!!!! Jacy misses a right, Jacy lifts up, Thea works the wrist, and tries to lock in a submission, but Jacy drops Thea onto the apron, Kiana is there to pull Thea down!

Kiana sends Thea back into the ring, and tags to Izzi. Misses a big boot, Thea with a DDT attempt but Izzi catches, only for Thea to lock in a Kimura! IZZI TAPS!!!

Official Winners - Thea Hail, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan

Official thoughts - The standout for me is Kelani Jordan here, who looked amazing even as the “face-in-peril.” Good showing from everyone, though. Match Time: 11:43

Ava is backstage to announce that they will be crowned the first ever Women’s NXT North American Champion.

Giulia is shown in the crowd!

Match 4 - NXT Women’s Championship Match - Lyra Valkyria vs Roxanne Perez

LOCKUP!!! Perez corners Lyra and tries to lock up the arm. The ref tells them to break it up. Perez misses a right, gets lifted and dropped right back down. Again. Front face headlock, Roxy works the arm again, but Lyra gets her in a pin. 1..NO! Perez hops into the air, Lyra catches her, Roxy attacks the shoulder then drops to her ass. Perez works the left arm again. She puts Lyra on her knee and pulls back on the arm. Lyra spins Roxanne away, backs to the ropes, and creates separation, Perez with a shoulder tackle, runs the ropes, Rana! But Lyra cartwheels out of it! Back elbow from Lyra, whip, knee to the gut, Perez with a hammer lock! Lyra spins for momentum then sends Roxanne into the ropes and shoots her out of the ring. Lyra hits the ropes, dives through them and hits a dropkick to Perez! Lyra heads out and grabs Roxanne then sends her back into the ring. Lyra enters, a shotgun dropkick sends Perez into the corner, kicks out of the corner then she sits on the left arm! Elbows to the shoulder. A DDT to the arm! Running uppercut! Perez with a side Russian Leg Sweep! Cover! 1…2..NO!!! Roxanne slams the hand onto the mat. She maintains wrist control and then steps on the shoulder. She tries to stomp, but Lyra rolls her up for 1..2.NO!! Drop toe hold from Roxanne, and she attacks the back and shoulder. Roxanne locks up the left arm, pulling it back with a snap. She goes Northern Lights onto the arm! Cover! 1.2….NO!!! She keeps hold of the wrist, pulling back on it and putting boots to the side. Lyra turns into the hold and gets a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Perez kicks her away, still holding on. Perez corners Lyra, then shoots her into the corner, but Lyra reverses, back elbow from Perez. To the top, tries to sit on the arm, Lyra rolls up for 1..2.NO!! Shoots to the 2nd buckle and flies off with a crossbody, Perez rolls through, grabs the left arm and tries to drop a knee onto it. Lyra pulls back, Perez locks the head, Lyra with a backbody drop! Both girls up, both hit the ropes. Crossbody collision in the centre of the ring!

Both girls down, Lyra to her knees first. Roxanne grabs her head and they pull each other up. The right is blocked. Lyra attacks the hamstrings with kicks over and over. Big clothesline, another. Kick to the gut, another kick, headbutt, kick, Northern Lights gets a 1..2.NO!!! She flips out of it and hits another Northern Lights and a pin, then she hooks the leg for a possible fisherman’s, but her shoulder gives out and the ref checks up on her. Perez tugs on the arm and tries for another Side Russian, but Lyra kicks, hits the fisherman’s, covers for 1..2…NO!!!! Both girls head to the top rope and they have a slap fest. Lyra attacks the back with clubbing blows. Lyra flips for a Sunset but Perez holds onto the ropes and won't allow the powerbomb. Lyra walks to the centre of the ring and hits it! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!! Lyra to the outside. Perez dives through the ropes for a DDT! Into the ring POP ROX! PIN!! 1…2….NO!!!! Perez kicks after kick to the arm, then she posts Lyra's shoulder first. Perez sends her into another post again. Beatdown in the corner. Ref hits 3, then stops Perez. Perez goes on the attack again, this time ripping off the cover of the buckle. Another beatdown till 3.

Ref distracts and Tatum Paxley comes from the crowd to help. Perez hits a right hand to her, Lyra escapes a big move and pulls Perez into the post. She kicks, and attacks over and over, Lyra rushes, and Perez sidesteps and sends Lyra into Paxley. The ref takes Paxley out as Perez sends Lyra into the ring and locks in the Crossface, but Lyra rolls this into a pin! 1..2.NO!!! HUGE KICK to the side of the head! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! CROSSFACE AGAIN! Another pin attempt from Lyra! 1..2.NO!! Crucifix from Perez! 1..2..NO!!! She tries for Pop Rox, but Lyra escapes, jackknife cover, 1..2..NO!! Perez shifts weight, 1..2..NO!!! GERMAN FROM LYRAA! Fireman’s pops Perez u. POISON RANA FROM ROX! POP ROX!!! CROSSFACE!!! Lyra reaches for the ropes,

Perez uses the ropes to roll into the centre. The crowd is AWAKE!!!!! Lyra tries to break the grip. Roxanne pulls back! LYRA TAPSSSSS!!!!

Official Winner - NEW NXT Women’s Champion - Roxanne Perez

Official thoughts - Wow wow wow wow! These girls woke the crowd up! They went old school with the action, and it worked out awesomely, especially considering the matches that preceded it. Match Time: 16:19

We see William Regal in the crowd with Giulia, watching on

Match 5 - NXT Championship Match - Ilja Dragunov vs Tony D’Angelo

Ilja starts with a chop and his fingers are hurt. Tony with big body shots, Ilja locks the head and opts for some elbows instead of right hands. He suplexes Tony over the top rope but Tony brings him along with him. Ilja sends Tony back into the ring, misses a back fist, and again they take each other to the outside. Tony grabs Ilja, slams his head onto the apron, and spins him into the ring. Big lariat drops Ilja. Both men up, meet in the middle and hit right elbows back and forth. Tony eats one, another, another, and hits his right, Ilja bounces off the ropes with a kick, Tony tries for a fist, but Ilja locks up. GERMAN! He keeps hold of the waist! ANOTHER GERMAN! Tony grabs the fingers, Ilja slaps, Tony slams the hand, then stomps it, again, Tony with a hard right hand and a cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Waist lock on the mat. Tony lifts Ilja and shoots Ilja to the ropes, who tries to spin out of it but can't hold the ropes. Gutwrench toss from Tony. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Shoulders from Tony into the corner. Ilja climbs the corner, and Tony climbs, too. They go full headbutt and both men fall to the outside. They fight outside, and Ilja hits a chop, and another, but misses a third and hits the post! Tony lifts Ilja and sends him back first into the post! Fireman’s from Ilja, and he dives with a DVD into the barricade!

Ilja sends Tony into the ring and follows. He locks the waist. GERMAN! ANOTHER GERMAN! Ilja tries for another but Tony elbows out. Right hand, Ilja falls, and pops right back up for an enziguri! Sick. Running knee hits the ropes, another knee to Tony’s chest! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Ilja is up first. He removes the tape and locks the head of Tony, Tony corners Ilja with a shoulder. They climb the corner, Tony with the right hand. Ilja with forearms, goes for a Sunset Flip. Into a powerbomb! Ilja stands tall in the corner, he runs for the H-Bomb, and Tony kicks him away! Tony gets handed some brass knucks. The ref is checking on Ilja. Tony hands them back and says he’s not doing that. Ilja runs and hits a big elbow. He then stomps the hands of Stacks. Tony with right hand, Ilja with a chop, another, another. He switches hands. Chops in the corner bring Tony down to his ass. Oot to the face. Scrape. Another. Ilja hits the ropes, Tony catches him, Ilja with a DDT! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Ilja. A huge elbow to the back of the head, another. Ilja pulls Tony up by the hair and yells for Staacks to do something about it. He hops on the apron, and Tony yells for him to stop, saying this is him, his fight. Stacks drop down. Ilja spins Tony, Tony turns into a kiss on the cheek, another, Tony with a headbutt! He mounts and punches the head over and over and over. Big pounce into a press! He corners Ilja, kicks out the corner, and with another kick, Tony locks up. BELLY TO BELLY TO ILJA! Chops from Ilja! Another belly to belly from Tony! Waist lock! Ilja with rights! Kick to the side of the head! Ilja hits the ropes, hits the ropes again, again, KING! KONG! LARIAT!!!!! Tony decapitated him! WAISTLOCK! Deadlift into a German! COVER! 1…2…NO!!! Ilja sits on the top rope, Tony climbs, forearms from Ilja, but Tony locks the hips then hits an overhead belly to belly! Ilja pops to the outside! Tony, rolls to the outside. Tony crawls towards Ilja, who is seated by the steps. Tony walks over to him, both men up now, Tony saunters over then they both see the announce table, and both go to clear it out. Slugfest from both men! Tony clubs the back, dropping Ilja to his knees. He sets up for a powerbomb, Ilja punches the head and drops Tony to the mat! H-BOMB!!! Ilja sends Tony to the table, lays him out on it, and climbs to the barricade. Ilja stands on the barricade, H-BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

Ilja sends Tony into the ring and climbs the top rope. He flies with a senton! Cover! 1..2….NO!!!! Ilja rolls to the apron! Pulls himself up! To the top rope! Tony is up! Ilja tries for a dropkick, but Tony with a surprise powerbomb! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Tony stomps the fingers, then puts Ilja’s teeth on the ropes and stomps the back of the neck! Damn! Spinebuster! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!!!

Ilja off the ropes, Tony catches him, tries to suplex, Inside cradle by Ilja! 1..2…NO!!! Running uppercut to the back of the head of Tony! Ilja to the top rope! H-Bomb! Cover! 1….2…..3!!!!

Official Winner - STILL NXT World Champion - Ilja Dragunov

Official thought - They beat the shit out of each other. Damn.Match Time: 17:04

After the match, the men show respect to one another with a handshake.

Je’Von Evans gets his hype video.

Match 6 - Trick Williams vs Carmelo Hayes

LOCKUP! Melo with a side headlock into a takedown, walks over the back of Trick, then kicks dust in his face. Trick stands up, and wants another lockup. Go behind, tosses him down, arm drag through from Melo, Melo flies over his back and slaps the back of Trick’s head. Bitch slap to the face of Trick. Trick fires back, right hand, a whip, through the ropes to the outside, he pulls Melo out, blocks a right, hits one of his own, and lifts and slams Melo onto the apron. He lifts again and drops Melo onto the barricade. A big clothesline sends Melo into the crowd. Trick follows and they fight in the crowd! They trade offence, climbing up the steps as the ref follows. Melo sends Trick into a trashcan and then climbs a barricade to flex on them. He flies with a splash. Right hand, locks the head, brings Trick over to Trick’s family, and flips the hat off of someone. Trick sends Melo over the barricade back towards the announce table.

They head back towards the ring, Trick tries to trip and kick Melo, he enters the ring and says this is his world. Trick enters his world, Melo hits the ropes, the big kick is missed, and Melo drops him with a right. Melo with a punch to the kidney. Melo removes the buckle cover. Big splash from Trick. Trick to the apron grabs Melo by the head and sends Melo’s head into the buckle. They climb the corner, and Melo stops a suplex attempt. Melo kicks the leg out from under Trick and he hits the buckle ribs first. Melo runs over and kicks the body over and over till the ref stops him. Melo shoves Trick into the apron's stomach first. Melo sends Trick into the ring and stomps the stomach. Kicks to the body send Trick rolling into the corner. Melo punches the midsection, then the head, and stomps. Running dropkick from Melo. A punt kick attempt, Trick moves, stands, hits a big right hand, whips to the ropes, Melo holds on, Trick pups him up, countered, Melo springboards into a right hand! Big kick from Melo, another kick, misses a eigh, back elbow from Trick. Both men are against the ropes, then both try for dropkicks and collide in the middle of the ring.

Both men to the knees. They trade right hands. Melo to his feet, Trick wants more pain. He stands, too. They square up to box, but Melo tries a kick. Trick catches it, hits a right, another, leg lariat, another one. Flapjack! Trick spins, Melo with a surprise Rana! Melo to the top rope! He flies! Trick catches him! Neckbreaker! Trick spins with a HUGE boot to the face! Cover! 1.2….NO!!! They both end up outside. Melo with a punch to the throat. Melo to the apron, springboard flies into a crossbody! Frogsplash in the ring! Melo covers! 1..2..NO!!! Melo is seated. Trick with a huge kick! He is up in the corner. He runs….INTO A CODEBREAKER! COVER! 1…2….NO!!! Melo rips some tape off of his wrist, then chokes up Trick from behind, but Trick rolls him forward, BIG splash in the corner, but Melo moves and TRICK HITS THE REF!!!! Chop block from Melo!!!

Melo leaves the ring. He lifts the apron. Melo grabs a chair! Trick grabs the chair! They both stand with it in hand. Trick pulls the chair, and hits a shot to the stomach. Zchair shoots to the back, again, and again, and Melo begs for mercy. The ref is up! He rips the chair from Trick! LOW BLOW FROM MELO!!! Cover!!! 1….2….N O!!!! Melo grabs Trick by the dreads, but Trick slaps him. Running knee from Melo, but HE HITS THE REF TOO!!! Lol. Melo to the top rope! He flies, Trick is up! Leg drop to the back of the head! Another ref runs down! Melo with a cover for 1..2…..NO!!!!

Melo is pissed. He corners the new ref, then heads over to the chair. He goes for a chair shot, the ref grabs the chair, and the big kick is missed by Trick, but he flies off the ropes with a Trick Knee! Cover! 1..2…3!!!!

Official Winner - Trick Williams

Official thoughts - This was Trick’s match to win, and he did it. The crowd was FIRMLY behind him and alive the entire match. As for the match itself, if this is the future of the WWE, then we are in for a treat. Match Time: 14:48


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