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NXT Review 25/6/26

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review

We are rapidly closing in on Heatwave and after last week, we have an official #1 contender to the NXT Title. At the same time, we also seem to have two other people who want that spot. A four-way title shot isn’t out of the question, which appears also to be the case for another Joe Hendry appearance. Let’s get to it.

Ava tells referees and security to be on their toes tonight.

Match 1 Tag Team Gauntlet Match

For the Tag Team Title shot at Heatwave with Edris Enofe/Malik Blade in at #1 and New Catch Republic in at #2. Dunne works on Enofe’s arm to start but Blade comes in off a blind tag for a double dropkick. A Blockbuster/spinebuster combination gets two on Dunne but Bate comes in for a rebound lariat/German suplex combination. Bate dives onto Blade and then comes back in for a double powerbomb and the elimination at 2:43.

Angel and Berto are in at #3 and the slugout is on until Angel low-bridges Bate to the floor to take over. A Gory Bomb/flipping cutter combination gets two on Bate but Dunne comes back in to make the save. Bate is taken up top but cue Apollo Crews for the distraction, allowing him to fight his way to freedom. The Tyler Driver 97 finishes Berto at 6:13 total and it’s the OC in at #4.

The OC get dropped in a hurry and we take a break. Back with Bate airplane spinning Anderson, who is back up to save Gallows. The Magic Killer is broken up and Dunne small packages Gallows for the pin at 11:45 total. Chase U is in at #5 (the final team) as OTM comes out to laugh at the OC, who chases them to the back. Chase stomps on Dunne to start but Dunne sends him to the apron for the ten forearms to the chest.

That’s broken up and the tag brings in Hudson to clean house. Hudson and Bate fight over a suplex with the latter getting the better of things, only for Chase to kick Dunne in the head. Bate rolls Chase up for two but Hudson makes the save. Hudson’s fingers are snapped by Dunne so Bate dives onto….Ridge Holland, who shoves Chase out of the way. That leaves Chase to hit the high crossbody for the pin and the win at 17:00.

Official Result Chase You Win

Rating: B-. As usual, this was pretty much of regular tag matches tied together with some falls that were far quicker than normal. The Republic going through the match until the end, with Holland costing the team the win, is a good story throughout but it feels like something we see in so many gauntlet matches. Either way, solid match here and I can go for more Chase U.

Roxanne Perez doesn’t like Karmen Petrovic watching her beat up Lola Vice and mocks her for only watching the stars.

We get a tribute graphic for Sika.

Dante Chen offers to be Nathan Frazer’s corner man tonight but Axiom comes in to say he’ll do it instead. Works for Chen.

Here is Ethan Page for a chat. He’s not happy with Je’Von Evans being the #1 contender because he won a battle royal where Page was never eliminated. Page requests and receives Ava out here and wants her to change the Heatwave main event. Ava thinks he has a point but here is Shawn Spears for another interruption.

Spears pinned Evans two weeks ago, but Page doesn’t see why that matters (fair). Spears promises to pin Trick Williams tonight, so cue Williams to interrupt. Williams doesn’t care who he faces at Heatwave so the fight is on, with Evans coming in to help Williams clear the ring. They aren’t even bothering to try hiding where this is going and that is fine.

The No Quarter Catch Crew yell at Ridge Holland but an off-screen woman (presumably Thea Hail) calls him over. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger come in to issue a challenge for next week. Sure why not?

Stevie Turner seems to flirt with Mr. Stone and suggests that she be the second in command. Neither of them is going anywhere, with Stone saying she couldn’t beat him on her best day.

Match 2 Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey

The rest of Gallus is here with Coffey. Lee runs him over to start but Coffey runs him over with a shot to the face. Back up and Lee kicks him in the face, setting up a quick DDT. Lee stomps him on the back but walks into a power slam for two. All The Best For The Bells is loaded up but Lee hits a quick Cardiac Kick for the pin at 3:15.

Official Result Wes Lee Wins

Rating: C+. This didn’t have much time to get anywhere but the idea was that Lee could hit that kick from anywhere and score a win, especially over a bigger opponent. Oba Femi is likely going to break every piece of Lee in half but at least they’re doing a nice job of setting things up. Nice storytelling here, though it only had so much time.

Post match Oba Femi pops up on the platform and says he’ll see Lee at Heatwave.

Tony D’Angelo’s plan for Nathan Frazer? Punch him in the mouth and keep the Heritage Cup in the Family.

Duke Hudson is with Ridge Holland when he gets an envelope of pictures delivered. Holland says Hudson won and snatches them away as the rest of Chase U comes in to celebrate their win.

Match 3 Heritage Cup: Tony D’Angelo vs. Nathan Frazer

Frazer is challenging. Round one begins with Frazer grabbing a headlock takeover and rolling D’Angelo up for the pin and the first fall at 42 seconds. Round two begins with D’Angelo hitting a backdrop and hammering away with some heavy shots to the ribs. Frazer gets knocked out of the air and a spinebuster ties it up at 1:11 of the round and 2:23 overall.

Round three begins with D’Angelo firing some shoulders into the ribs in the corner. Frazer manages to send him outside but a dive is cut off, with Frazer being sent into the steps as we take a break. Back with about two minutes left in the fourth round and Frazer knocking D’Angelo to the floor for a dive. Frazer hits another one and a low superkick gets two back inside. Frazer’s springboard is pulled out of the air though and D’Angelo hits another spinebuster for two.

D’Angelo misses a charge into the post and gets missile dropkicked as the round ends. Round five begins with D’Angelo knocking him into the corner but charging into a superkick for two. Frazer goes up but dives into another spinebuster for two more. They head outside again and D’Angelo is sent arm first into the steps. Back in and a Coast To Coast gets two on D’Angelo as the fans deem this awesome.

Frazer knocks him off the ropes and hits the Phoenix splash as the round ends. Round six (the last round) begins with Frazer getting some rollups for two each. Frazer goes up but gets caught in a heck of a release belly to belly superplex. I believe the fifth spinebuster retains the Cup at 1:12 of the round and 14:42 overall.

Official Result Tony D'Angelo Wins and still heritage cup Holder

Rating: B-. The repetitive spinebusters aside, this was a good back and forth match with D’Angelo using the power to deal with Frazer’s high flying. That’s often the best way to go and it worked well enough here, with Frazer coming close but not being able to pull it off. The seconds didn’t do anything here, meaning the Axiom/Frazer issues can likely continue going forward.

Je’Von Evans is willing to have Trick Williams back in the main event but Williams is cool on his own. Works for Evans.

Match 4 Roxanne Perez vs. Karmen Petrovic

Non-title but hold on as here is Lola Vice to join commentary. Perez grabs a hammerlock to start and then kicks her down into the corner. Vice promises that her fists don’t lie as Perez hits a running shot in the corner for two. Petrovic fights up and hits some forearms, only to have the big spinning kick blocked. Pop Rox finishes for Perez at 3:43.

Official Result Roxanne Perez Wins

Rating: C. This was pretty much a squash for Perez as she gets to show that she is still on a high level before her match with Vice at Heatwave. That’s a good way to go as Perez has not looked like the strongest force in recent weeks. Petrovic still feels like she has potential, but that is only going to carry her so far.

Post match Vice drops Perez and takes the title with her.

Noam Dar calls into Meta Four and tells them that he suffered a torn tendon in his leg when Ethan Page attacked him. He’ll be out for a while, which sends Oro Mensah into a rather emotional story about how his father almost died in a wreck. His father was severely burned though and as a result, he and his brother were put in foster care. He never felt like he fit in but now he feels like he fits in with Meta Four. That’s why he will do anything to get revenge on Page.

The OC has attacked OTM, leaving Michin and Jaida Parker to yell at each other.

Ava grants Carlee Bright a match with Wendy Choo when Lola Vice comes in. Vice leaves the title on the desk and says to tell Roxanne Perez she wants a title shot at Heatwave.

Match 5 Damon Kemp vs. Tavion Heights

If Heights wins, he’s in the No Quarter Catch Crew (at ringside). Heights takes him down a few times without much trouble and a shoulder breaker sends Kemp outside. We pause for Kemp to pop his shoulder back into place and he drops some elbows back inside. An Angle Slam gets two on Heights but he escapes a second one and hits a spinning belly to belly for the pin at 2:54.

Official Result Tavion Heights Wins

Kelani Jordan is ready to find out her next challenger and wants to be a drama free champion. With that covered,

Jaida Parker comes in to challenge Michin to a street fight next week.

Brinley Reece gives Edris Enofe and Malik Blade a pep talk but Izzi Dame comes in to mock them. Dame bails before a challenge can be made.

Axiom wants to do tape study for Heatwave but Nathan Frazer has to get ready for his Speed match first. Axiom is not pleased.

Match 6 Arianna Grace vs. Sol Ruca

For a Women’s North American Title shot at Heatwave. Ruca pulls her into a head scissors on the mat to start and then shifts into a headlock. Back up an an X Factor plants Grace, allowing Ruca to strike a surfer pose. Grace gets in a quick shot to send her outside and snaps off a suplex for two back inside. A running knee lift drops Ruca again and we hit the seated abdominal stretch.

That’s broken up and Ruca starts the comeback, only to get rolled up for two. The Sol Snatcher finishes Grace rather quickly at 4:14.

Official Result Sol Ruca Wins

Rating: C. This wasn’t much of a match but after Kelani Jordan won the title in a ladder match, having a #1 contender crowned by being handed a title shot wouldn’t have been a great way to go. Ruca beating Grace isn’t much but it’s better than nothing and does at least set up the title match. It’s not exactly interesting, but that’s going to be the case for the first good while of the title’s history.

Roxanne Perez storms into Ava’s office and thinks Ava is behind the whole thing. The title match against Lola Vice is set for Heatwave.

Kelani Jordan and Sol Ruca are cool for their match at Heatwave. Fallon Henley, Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx pop up to complain about not getting their shots.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Match 8 Shawn Spears vs. Trick Williams

Non-title and Ethan Page is on commentary. They go to the floor to start but head straight back inside, with Spears hitting a Thesz press of all things. Williams fights up and grabs a choke before they both hit kicks to the chest. Cue Oro Mensah to brawl with Page and we take a break.

Back with Williams having to use the ropes to get out of a crossface and Hulking Up in a cool visual. A Rock Bottom is countered though and Spears hits a superkick for two. Williams hits a kick to the face but gets caught in a Backstabber, only to come back with a Rock Bottom for two.

Cue someone (it’s Brooks Jensen in a hoodie) to try and interfere so Williams sends Spears outside. A dive drops Spears but Jensen, being pulled away by security, rips the top of the announcers’ table off and hits Williams in the face. That’s enough to set up a C4 into the corner to finish Williams at 8:18.

Official Result Shawn Spears wins

Rating: C+. This was about getting Spears further into the title picture while also bringing Jensen’s deal to the next level. As you could see earlier, there isn’t much of a doubt about where the Heatwave title match is going and this was a step that they needed to take to get there. I’m still not sure what is going on with Jensen (who wasn’t named or identified) or if he is going to be able to live up to the hype, but they’re certainly trying.

Ava, Mr. Stone and Stevie Turner aren’t sure what to do with the title situation so Ava makes a four way for the title, with Williams defending against Spears, Page and Je’Von Evans.

Overall thoughts

This was a show that wasn’t about the wrestling but rather adding all kinds of things to the Heatwave card. Five matches were added to the show, which says a lot when we came in with nothing officially set. That’s a lot to set up in a hurry, but some of the matches were all but made coming into this week. That’s the kind of a show you need on occasion and they made it work very well here.


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