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Nxt Review 16/01/24

We are on the way to Vengeance Day and that means we have some things to cover. There will be more than a few of those this week, as we have more of the Dusty Classic, a battle royal to determine a new #1 contender to the Women’s Title, and probably something involving the NXT Title.

Then again we might have to see something change if Carmelo Hayes is too banged up from his Smackdown appearance. Let’s get to it.

Match 1 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: Carmelo Hayes/Trick Williams vs. Malik Blade/Edris Enofe

There’s your answer about Hayes. Blade and Hayes start things off, with an exchange of dropkicks going nowhere. Williams comes in and dropkicks Enofe so it’s back to Blade, who is dropkicked right down.

We settle down to Enofe being sent into the ropes and managing a low 619. Everything breaks down and Blade and Enofe hit running flip dives to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Hayes in trouble as Enofe hammers away, only to have Hayes flip out of a belly to back suplex. It’s off to Williams, who Rock Bottoms Blade for two.

Everything breaks down and Blade drops a top rope elbow for two on Williams. Enofe is punched out of the air, meaning it’s a Codebreaker into the Flash Knee to finish Blade at 12:09.

Official Result Carmelo Hayes/Trick Williams win

Rating: C+. This was another step in what should be a bigger story down the line. Hayes and Williams are likely on a collision course for a heck of a showdown, perhaps at Stand & Deliver, and this could be a good way to help get them there.

Other than that, I still think Blade and Enofe have a bunch of potential yet here they are, losing in the first round of the tournament. Kind of a shame, but maybe they could get another chance down the line.

Fallon Henley is ready to win the battle royal because it’s Stand & Deliver season.

We look at Dragon Lee winning and losing the North American Title, with Oba Femi cashing in his title shot to take the title last week.

Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice are ready to win the battle royal. Tatum Paxley pops up to say she’ll win so the two of them can’t.

Here is Oba Femi for a chat. He told you all he would be a champion and now here he is. He was tested as a Nigerian prince and an NCAA athlete, and now he has already made his mark here to win a championship.

Femi says he will face everyone but here is Dragon Lee to interrupt. Lee says the title represents opportunity and he wants his shot tonight. That’s going to be a NO, because the open challengers are now closed. Lee asks about Vengeance Day, which Femi will consider.

Eddy Thorpe was happy with his win over Dijak when Tre Bearhill came in to talk about their culture. Dijak came in and seemingly got a match with Bearhill for later.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes are ready to win the tournament but Ilja Dragunov comes in to say he is now clear. Dragunov is ready to defend the title against Williams at Vengeance Day, but Hayes says that’s the finals of the Dusty Cup. Uh oh.

Match 2 Tatum Paxley/Lyra Valkyria vs. Lola Vice/Elektra Lopes

Paxley is dressed like Valkyria because she is a bit odd. Valkyria jumps over Lopez in the corner and grabs a rollup for two before the villains are sent outside.

Back in and Vice kicks Paxley down for two as the beating begins. Paxley slips out of the corner and hands it off to Valkyria to clean house as everything breaks down. Paxley tags herself back in so Lopez kicks her down….and right onto Vice for the pin at 4:03.

Official Result Tatum Paxley/Lyra Valkyria win

Rating: C. This is a weird story and I’m not sure where it’s going. Or now though, There is something to having Vice hanging around with the contract.

At the same time, the battle royal is coming up in the near future, though that potential cashing in is quite the distraction and it’s going to be happening sooner than later, no matter how out there Paxley may be.

A bunch of women want to be #1 contender but Arianna Grace’s speech scares them off.

Match 3 Ridge Holland vs Joe Coffey

The rest of Gallus is here with Coffey. Holland shoves Coffey around to start and drives Coffey into the corner. Coffey is right back into a knockdown and an elbow drop for two. Holland hits a heck of a clothesline into Northern Grit for the pin at 2:25.

Official Result Ridge Holland wins

Post match the beatdown is on and no one makes the save, despite the camera looking at the entrance.

NXT Anonymous show the women of Chase U having done something to help save the school. Jacy Jayne approves and asks of one (Jasmine) of them wants to have some drinks.

Kelani Jordan is ready to win the battle royal. Brinley Reece loves her energy.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker aren’t on the same page about who won their previous match. Breakker has apparently spent four weeks thinking of Woof Dogs for their team name.

On top of that, Breakker was thinking about the team in the shower….and Corbin is cutting him off right there. Maybe they can be called the Wild Boars?

Match 4 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: LWO vs. Chase U

Zelina Vega and Andre Chase are here too. Osborne and Wilde trade armdrags to start so del Toro comes in to take Osborne into the corner.

That doesn’t last long as it’s off to Hudson for a side slam. Hudson clotheslines them out to the floor and Osborne hits a big dive as we take a break.

Back with Osborne hitting a flip dive onto both of them for a breather. The tag brings in Hudson to clean house, at least until del Toro snaps off a poisonrana.

A blind tag brings in Wilde, who hits a missile dropkick on Hudson. Wilde grabs a suicide tornado DDT to plant Hudson on the floor, setting up a phoenix splash for the pin at 9:43.

Official Result LWO wins

Rating: C+. This was a fast paced match here, with Chase U continuing its downward spiral. I’m not sure how much further it could go but Chase almost has to either lose the school or put the whole thing on the line at some point.

That’s the real story here, as the LWO mainly feels like a team just looking for something to do here.

Riz is worried about having her first match in the battle royal but the D’Angelo Family reminds her of some previous battles.

Joe Gacy joins commentary.

Last week, Mr. Stone and Von Wagner talked about New Year’s resolutions, when Noam Dar and Oro Mensah came in. Wagner wants a shot at the Heritage Cup and math ensues, with the match not quite being made yet.

Match 5 Dijak vs.Tre Bearhill

They run the ropes to start until Bearhill snaps off a backdrop. Dijak is back with a suplex and the suplex toss to really take over.

Some elbows in the corner rock Bearhill, but he suplexes Dijak into the corner. Dijak fights back but goes outside to yell at Gacy, who gives him a headbutt. The distraction lets Bearhill jump him, only to have Dijak come back with the cyclone boot for the pin at 4:38.

Offical Result DiJak wins

Rating: C. I’m not sure what Bearhill’s appeal is supposed to be but somehow it seems like Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe may be continuing, with Bearhill as the next proxy.

Dijak gets to beat someone else up for a change, meaning he is probably on the way to a big loss. Just hopefully not to Gacy.

Post match Gacy goes after Dijak and they brawl up the aisle, while Lexis King comes in to go after Bearhill.

Josh Briggs runs into JBL, who picked him for the Iron Survival Challenge qualifying match. JBL wants Briggs to show who he really is.

Video on the No Quarter Catch Crew.

Trick Williams apologizes to Carmelo Hayes but says he’ll work both matches at Vengeance Day. That seems to appease Williams.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

We look at Cora Jade suffering a torn ACL, which will put her out of action for nearly a year.

Match 6 Battle Royal

Kiana James, Izzi James, Brinley Reece, Kelani Jordan, Roxanne Perez, Arianna Grace, Karmen Petrovic, Lola Vice, Elektra Lopez, Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, Wren Sinclair, Riz, Fallon Henley, Thea Hail, Blair Davenport, Gigi Dolin, Jaida Parker, Stevie Turner, Tatum Paxley

The final four have a four way for a future Women’s Title match. Riz and Parker fight to the floor to start, leaving Dolin to eliminate Jackson. Back in and Legend knocks out Riz and Parker as the ring is clearing out quickly.

Jordan has to save herself from an elimination but is knocked onto the announcers’ table (not eliminated) as we take a break. Back with clips of Jordan doing a Kofi Kingston impression to make it back into the ring.

Turner is out and Reece follows her, only Vice dump Lopez. Then Paxley tosses out Vice, who is rather displeased. Lopez and Vice brawl to the back and Davenport low bridges Dolin out.

Hail kicks Davenport out so Davenport pulls Petrovic outside and drops her. Back in and Legend eliminates Paxley, leaving Grace to pose a bit. Grace tosses the still out cold Petrovic but spends too much time posing and is tossed by Hail.

We take a break and come back with Hail cleaning house, only to be cut off and eliminated by Dame. Legend and Dame collide for a double knockdown, with Dame being tossed shortly thereafter.

Sinclair manages to get rid of Legend but James throws her out, meaning we’re down to James, Perez, Jordan and Henley, with the match turning into a regular four way.

Henley and James take over but Perez knocks Henley outside for a suicide dive. Jordan and Perez trade rollup for two each but Henley is back in with a middle rope neckbreaker.

James spinebusters Henley for two of her own and everyone is down. James hits the 401K to send Jordan outside, leaving Perez to jump James from behind. Perez snaps off a super hurricanrana on James but Jordan hits a frog splash fort two. A quick Pop Rox gives Perez the pin on Jordan at 22:39.

Official Result Roxanne Perez wins

Rating: C+. This was a bit of a weird one, but what matters here is that the women’s division’s depth was on display. It’s interesting to see what happens when you have this many women put together in one match with some slightly different rules and that was the case here. Perez is mainly a safe pick but safe might be just what they need at the moment.

Overall Thoughts

I liked the show well enough, as they were doing a nice job of getting things better for Vengeance Day. They have some things cooking and hopefully they can all be paid off when Vengeance Day arrives.

This show helped set some of those things up and now we have to wait and see where they go. The good thing is that NXT has reached a point where you believe they cam make that happen, which is a heck of a lot better than they were doing before.


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