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NXT Review 02/07/24

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review

It’s the last show before Heatwave and that means it is time to firm up everything that is already on the card. The biggest story continues to be the four way NXT Title match and this week’s show will feature the contract signing, because you can’t have a big match without one. Other than that, Jaida Parker and Michin are having a street fight. Let’s get to it.

Match 1 Jaida Parker vs. Michin

Street fight so Michin brings out the trashcan full of weapons and starts the fight on the floor. Parker is sent into the steps so Michin grabs a chain but only hits steps. Michin knocks her down again though and sends Parker, and a bunch of other stuff inside, with Parker blasting her with a trashcan lid. A Samoan drop puts Michin down for two but she’s right back with a German suplex.

Michin whips off her belt and whips away but Parker sits her on the ropes and sits on the stomach for two. They go outside with Michin getting in a chair to the ribs and posting Parker to put her down again. Michin loads up some chairs on the floor and puts Parker in the middle but the ensuing dive only hits the chair for a NASTY landing. Parker’s running hip attack only hits (and breaks) the barricade though and we take a break.

Back with Michin piling up chairs and pouring a bunch of bolts onto them. A package piledriver is countered into a backdrop to send Michin onto them instead but she’s right back up with some kendo stick shots. Parker has a trashcan put over her head for a cannonball in the corner and a near fall. Michin grabs a steel pipe but Parker blasts her with a fire extinguisher and hits a hip attack through a wooden wall. Back in and a running hip attack finishes Michin at 12:32.


Official Result Jadia Parker wins 

Rating: B. I wasn’t expecting much from this one and they wound up beating the fire out of each other with some rather intense brawling. Parker also got a nice win and looked like more of a star than she ever has. This was a very nice surprise and I was pulled into it by the end. Nice job.

Arianna Grace annoys Karmen Petrovic in the back and complains about Sol Ruca snatching her soul last week. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx come in to mock Petrovic but bail from her issuing a challenge.

Je’Von Evans is excited about his first premium live event and is ready to come back over the border as the new NXT Champion.

Video on Kelani Jordan and her gymnastics background.

Match 2 Hank Walker/Tank Ledger vs. New Catch Republic

Bate and Walker start things off with Bate taking over a head scissors. Dunn comes in but gets run over by Ledger, setting up the double-standing body blocks. It’s back to Bate for a suplex on Ledger and Walker comes in again as we take a break. Back with Walker coming back in to beat up Dunne, including a running boot to the face.

Bate gets dropped onto Dunne, setting up a powerbomb/top rope clothesline for two. Bate is back up to send both of them outside but they cut off a flip dive through the ropes. Walker and Ledger hit running body blocks to knock both of them off the apron, followed by a toss into a belly-to-back suplex for two on Dunne. Bate comes back in and drops Ledger, setting up a Spiral Tap for the pin at 11:30.

Official Result New Catch Republic win 

Rating: B-. I get what they’re going for with the team, but I have never gotten the appeal of Walker and Ledger. It feels like a team that has been done better multiple times and that they were given this style because nothing else was going to work for them. It doesn’t help that they’re only so good in the first place, but they did at least have a good showing here against a better team.

Respect is shown post-match.

Video on Shawn Spears, who is back to win the NXT Title in his hometown.

Earlier today, Oro Mensah met with Stevie Turner and Mr Stone, who tell him what he has to do tonight (face Myles Borne) and bicker a lot. Mensah is also barred from Heatwave after his attacks on Ethan Page, which doesn’t seem to bug him.

Match 3 Brinley Reece vs. Izzi Dame

Dame slams her to start and hits a swinging Side Effect to take over early on. Reece fights back up with a flipping clothesline and they head outside, where Tatum Paxley crawls through the broken wall from the street fight. The distraction lets Reece grab a rollup for two, followed by a rollup for two. Dame is back with a Falcon Arrow for the pin at 2:47. Not much to this one

Official Result Izzi Dame wins 

Chase U talks about the history of NXT in Toronto but Duke Hudson and Ridge Holland keep talking in the back. Hudson talks about how Holland gave them an assist, even if he didn’t want one. We see the photos from last week, showing Holland cheating, which doesn’t sit well with anyone. Holland talks about how he wanted to be part of the family and help in any way he could, but Andre Chase asks Holland to stay here while everyone else goes to Heatwave. Please let them win the titles already. They could use the boost.

Here is Lola Vice to call out Roxanne Perez, who comes out with extra security. They have an awkward exchange about how Vice is an MMA fighter and Perez would have gotten wrecked in NXT Underground, but this isn’t Bellator. Vice gets emotional and talks about how we all know Perez’s story but Vice has never told her own story. She talks about being in training for the Olympics….and she can’t speak because of the tears.

By the time she was 20, she was fighting in Madison Square Garden and now she’s going to win the title on Sunday and call her mom to thank her. Perez isn’t sure how to respond to that but says the reality is that everyone in the locker room wants to make that phone call. Those calls don’t happen when Perez is involved though and Vice will find out why she’s called the Prodigy.

Perez isn’t giving up her title to anyone but Vice says she’s taking it from her. Vice has knocked her out again and she’ll show how great she is again on Sunday. Vice promises to become the first-ever Cuban American Women’s Champion…and then beats up one of the security guards. This was an incredibly emotional promo from Vice, but it didn’t make for the best segment as Perez didn’t have much of a follow-up. This would have been MUCH better as a pre-taped vignette from Vice, but she got some fans behind her here.

Ethan Page is ready to win the NXT Title.

The No Quarter Catch Crew is giving Myles Borne a pep talk before his match tonight when Damon Kemp comes in with some brass knuckles. Charlie Dempsey isn’t pleased in a funny bit.

Earlier this week, Lexis King interrupted Eddy Thorpe’s DJing and says it should be more about old school rock. Thorpe says not so fast and a match seems to be set.

Match 4 Myles Borne vs. Oro Mensah

The rest of the No Quarter Catch Crew and Meta Four are here too. They go to the mat to start with Mensah getting the better of things to frustrate Borne. Mensah grabs a headlock takeover and talks some trash on the mat but Borne fights up. Borne sends him throat-first onto the top rope and grabs a neckbreaker for two.

We take a break and come back with Mensah knocking him down and hitting a moonsault. A t-bone suplex into a rolling Liger kick drops Borne but he’s right back with a heck of a dropkick. Kemp offers Borne the brass knuckles but the distraction lets Mensah hit the running spinwheel kick (more of a spinning knee to the arm) for the pin at 8:25.

Official Result Oro Mensah wins 

Rating: C+. So I guess Mensah is getting a push now. I’ve heard worse ideas, as Meta Four is a popular act, even with Noam Dar on the shelf. The team could use someone else if they’re going to be dealing with the Crew, but at least they’re off to a good start with a nice first win for Mensah.

Wes Lee is ready to win the North American Title back but Oba Femi doesn’t see it the same way.

Tyson DuPont/Tyriek Igwe and Gallus get in a fight in the back.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade aren’t happy with Brinley Reece’s loss so she’s ready to leave. If they want to come with her, they can.

The OC wants revenge on OTM.

Match 5 Wendy Choo vs. Carlee Bright

Kendal Gray is here too. Bright kicks away to start but Choo cuts her off and hits a rolling Downward Spiral. Choo ties her in the Tree of Woe for a running dropkick but Bright makes the clothesline comeback. Choo gets her knees up to cut Bright off though and the cobra clutch makes Bright tap at 4:05.

Official Result Wendy Choo wins 

Rating: C. Bright (and Gray) are in a weird place as they’re still so new that they don’t have the experience or skill to carry a match. At the same time, she doesn’t have much in the way of backgrounds or character work beyond “I was an athlete in college”. Maybe that development can come later, but for now, there isn’t much to go on.

Trick Williams is ready for Heatwave.

Commentary throws us to Shawn Michaels talking about the Brooks Jensen situation, including a variety of clips and incidents that have taken place. Jensen has been asked to step away from NXT to clear his head but he is also invited to show up here next week to speak with Ava. It’s a big story, but they’re going to need a home run to get around the fact that it’s Brooks Jensen.

Match 6 Karmen Petrovic vs. Jazmyn Nyx

Jacy Jayne is here with Nyx. They fight over wrist control to start with Petrovic knocking her down, setting up a running basement Blockbuster for two. Jayne’s distraction doesn’t really work but Nyx gets in a kick to the ribs to take over. A Shining Wizard gives Nyx two and she grabs a figure four necklock. Petrovic gets a rollup for….two, though it seemed that Nyx was pinned. Anyway, Petrovic fires off some elbows but Jayne offers another distraction, allowing Nyx to kick Petrovic in the face for the pin a 3:47.

Official Result Jazmyn Nyx wins 

Rating: C. Jayne and Nyx are fine enough as a pair but they feel pretty low-level around here. Giving them some wins can help and their association with Fallon Henley gives them a boost, but that’s about all they have at the moment. They need something to make them stand out and I’m not sure what that could be.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer argue over team vs. singles goals.

Karmen Petrovic comes in to see Ava, who makes a tag match with Arianna Grace/Petrovic vs. Jacy Jayne/Jazmyn Nyx. Petrovic has a headache.

Video on Sol Ruca and her athletic background.

Heatwave rundown.

It’s time for the contract signing for the NXT Title, with champion Trick Williams, Ethan Page, Shawn Spears and Je’Von Evans. Williams says the other three are going to bring it in Toronto but the fans are going to be chanting WHOOP THAT TRICK. Page loves the swagger but he saw this at Battleground and knows he can beat him at Heatwave.

Williams promises to win, with Spears saying he loves the emotion. That emotion is going to bring Spears the title, just like it got him a win last week. Evans mocks Spears, who calls him out for being young. Evans signs, with Spears talking about how Evans is at his first major event. Spears signs and hands the contract down before Evans promises to win the title.

Spears shrugs that off and hands Williams the contract, but Page takes it away and signs anyway. Williams says it’s everyone for themselves and praises Evans, but promises that no one can take the title from him. The argument, and the fight, is on, with Page and Spears being put through tables to end the show. They’re in a weird place with this story as it’s only so interesting in the first place, but this was a nice effort to make the title felt like the important thing, along with Williams being in danger.



Overall Thoughts 

This wasn’t the strongest go home show, though it did have some high points. The street fight and big closing segment were good, but some of the matches felt like they were throwing anything they could out there to fill in time before they could head to Toronto. Not a bad show, but I’m not overly excited for Heatwave and this didn’t do much to change that feeling.


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