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Nxt Battleground Review 09/06/24

It’s time for another big special event and in this case it’s taking place at the UFC venue as the two sides continue to come together. The main event will see Trick Williams defending the NXT Title against newcomer Ethan Page, which should be a big fight. Other than that, there is a ladder match to crown the first Women’s North American Champion. Let’s get to it.

Sexyy Red welcomes us to the show and dances a bit.

The opening video talks about how awesome it is to be in Las Vegas but how bad things can go with a bad roll of the dice. The entire card gets a look here.

Match 1 Women’s North American Title: Sol Ruca vs. Kelani Jordan vs. Jaida Parker vs. Michin vs. Lash Legend vs. Fallon Henley

Ladder match for the inaugural title. Legend and Jordan are left alone in the ring to start, with Legend picking her up for some knees to the ribs. The ladders are picked up on the floor, with Ruca and Jordan dropkicking one into Ruca. Jordan heads outside, leaving Ruca to hit moonsault knees onto Legend.

Back in and Jordan gets crushes with a ladder in the corner, with Jordan being laid onto said ladder. Henley loads up the ladder but takes too long, allowing Michin to cut her off.

The ladder is set up, with Legend sending Michin into it before four women get in a big stacked up sleeper. With that broken up, Jordan goes for a climb but gets caught by Parker and Legend, who pull her down from opposite directions. Ruca and Parker kick Michin down but Henley is back up with a faceplant to send Ruca into the ladder. A bunch of people go up top until Ruca and Legend are up top.

Ruca’s sunset bomb attempt is blocked but Legend is pulled off by everyone else and tossed onto a bridged ladder. Michin goes up but gets pulled down, leaving Parker to go up, only to get pulled down for the Sol Snatcher.

Henley gets the same and goes up, only to have Jordan run up at the same time. They knock each other down though and we get a breather. Jordan’s split legged moonsault connects onto Michin onto a ladder and she runs up to win the title at 12:28.

Official Result Kelani Jordan Wins and 1st Women's North American Champion

Rating: B-. This had the wild and dangerous spots that you were wanting to see, with something of a surprise result. Jordan winning is a nice choice as she is the definition of someone who could be a fresh face in the division. Now she has won something and can defend the title for at least a little while. The match itself was the usual insanity with some things not working as well as they planned, but it could have been a heck of a lot worse.

Yesterday, Oro Mensah jumped Ethan Page as he arrived in Las Vegas.

Match 2 Tag Team Titles: OC vs. Axiom/Nathan Frazer

The OC is challenging. Anderson starts in on Axiom’s banged up arm so Axiom goes with a dropkick to get out of trouble. Frazer adds a running dropkick for two before grabbing a headlock takeover. It’s back to Axiom, who tries to go up but gets sent into the wrong corner so Gallows can stomp away.

Gallows fires off elbows to the bad shoulder and it’s back to Anderson for a headbutt. Axiom manages to get in a shot of his own though and the tag brings in Frazer to clean house. A springboard takes Anderson down and the running shooting star press gets two.

Anderson avoids the phoenix splash though and hits a TKO of all things. The belly to back neckbreaker gives Gallows two and one heck of a sitout powerbomb does the same. Everything breaks down and Axiom comes back in to choke Gallows.

That’s broken up and it’s a running boot into a flapjack combination for two on Axiom. Frazer’s dive to the floor is countered into a chokeslam onto the apron, leaving Anderson to hit a super TKO for two on Axiom.

Anderson tries it again but Frazer makes the save. That means Frazer can dive onto Anderson and Axiom gives Anderson a super Spanish Fly. The phoenix splash gives Frazer the retaining pin at 11:38.

Official Result Axiom & Nathan Frazer Win still Nxt Tag Champions

Rating: B-. It was a pretty formula based match and the OC is still nowhere near what they used to be, but they had a good enough match here. Axiom and Frazer got to beat a team with a bit more credibility, as their build into a strong team continues. This wasn’t some classic match, but it did what it was supposed to do well enough.

We recap Lola Vice vs. Shayna Baszler in NXT Underground. They both have MMA backgrounds, but Vice is more about having fun while Baszler is more about competition. Tonight, they’re having a big fight.

Match 3 Lola Vice vs. Shayna Baszler

NXT Underground, meaning no ropes and knockout/submissions only to win with wrestlers serving as unofficial lumberjacks. They slug it out to start until Baszler hammers her down. The fight goes outside, with Vice being sent into part of the set. Back in and Baszler suplexes her into an ankle lock. That’s reversed with a roll into the post s Vice grabs a rear naked choke.

Baszler breaks that up and they head outside, with Baszler loading up the announcers’ table. A legsweep and right hands have Vice in trouble but she avoids a running knee to the side of the table. The knee is wrapped around the post and Vice grabs a kneebar.

Baszler starts getting out of that so Vice switches to a quickly broken ankle lock. Vice strikes her down again but another choke is broken up. Baszler fights to her feet and hits a kick to the head, setting up the Kirifuda Clutch.

Some twisting of the bad leg gets Vice out of trouble so Baszler knees her in the face. Baszler takes the knee pad down but charges into a spinning backfist to knock Baszler out to the floor. Back up and Baszler beats up security for some reason, only to have Vice kick her in the head again.

Baszler grabs a triangle choke and kicks Vice out to the floor again. Vice manages to send her into the steps though and another spinning backfist knocks Baszler silly. The hammer fists finish Baszler at 11:17, who ties to jump the referee in her confusion.

Official Result Lola Vice Wins

Rating: C. It was definitely different and the violence was good, but this felt like something that should have gone about five minutes shorter. Vice winning is the right call and it’s one of the biggest wins of her career, but it got a bit boring about halfway through. At least they had Baszler put Vice over in a match that made sense. Just find a better way to do it.

Sexyy Red congratulates Kelani Jordan on her win and they dance.

Heatwave is coming to Toronto on July 7.

We recap the North American Title match with Oba Femi defending against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey. Femi is the unstoppable monster, Lee is the former champion and Coffey is the brawler who wants to beat people up and win the title.

Match 4 North American Title: Oba Femi vs. Joe Coffey vs. Wes Lee

Femi is defending and the other two strike away at him to start, setting up a double dropkick to the floor. Lee knocks Coffey down and hits a dive on Femi, setting up a top rope twisting dive for two on Coffey.

Back in and Femi suplexes them both at once before throwing Lee at Coffey for a nasty crash. They other two get together to stagger Femi, who goes up to the middle rope. Lee goes with him so Femi LAUNCHES HIM at Coffey in an awesome visual.

Back up and Coffey manages a sidewalk slam on Femi, setting up a Vader Bomb elbow for two. Lee is sent into the corner and Coffey manages a Death Valley Driver on Femi. Back up and Lee knocks Coffey onto Femi, with Lee having to make a last second save.

With Femi outside, Coffey hits a dive, only to get planted onto the apron. Lee’s big running flip dive is pulled out of the air, with Femi powerbombing him onto Coffey for the big crash. Back in and Lee headscissors Femi into the corner, with Coffey having to make a save of his own.

Coffey hits a spinebuster for two on Lee but cue Gallus to beat up Femi on the floor. Lee gets hit with a top rope moonsault from Coffey, setting up the running headbutt into the corner for two. Femi gets back up and drops Gallus, only to get knocked down again with All The Best For The Bells.

The standing Meteora puts Coffey down and there’s the Cardiac Kick for two, with Gallus pulling the referee out. Lee dives onto Gallus but Femi powerbombs Lee and Coffey to pin the latter at 12:05.

Official Result Oba Femi Wins still Nxt North American Champion

Rating: B. This was the Femi show as he was out there wrecking everyone in front of him like the monster that he has become. NXT knows what they have with him and this was a good way to make him look that much better. I’m not sure what is going to be able to stop Femi, but he was a wrecking ball here and it was another fun display of his monster size and power. Lee and Coffey were doing their thing, but this was about Femi and it worked.

We recap the Women’s Title match, as Roxanne Perez is defending against the monster TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. It’s a cross promotional match, with Grace as a guest star who still feels like an unstoppable force.

Match 5 NXT Women’s Title: Jordynne Grace vs. Roxanne Perez

Perez is defending and Grace’s TNA Knockouts Title isn’t on the line. Grace blocks a waistlock to start so Perez slaps her in the face. That just gets on Grace’s nerves and she suplexes Perez down, allowing a quick nipup. Grace goes up but gets pulled down by the arm, setting up the seated armbar.

A knee drop misses for Perez but she punches the leg out again. Perez’s high crossbody is countered into a World’s Strongest Slam, only to have Grace miss the Vader Bomb. They both go up, with Grace grabbing a super spinning torture rack bomb but it’s too early for the Juggernaut river. Instead Grace hits a clothesline and a spinebuster for two but the MuscleBuster is broken up.

Perez hits a running hurricanrana driver for two and it’s time to crank on the arm. The armbar over the ropes keeps Grace in trouble but this time she pulls Perez into the MuscleBuster for two more. They head to the apron, where Perez can’t hit Pop Rox to the floor. Instead she sends Grace face first into the apron, setting up a diving tornado DDT. Back in and a double springboard moonsault gets two, followed by a crossface.

That’s broken up as well before both of their finishers are blocked. Grace faceplants her down…and Tatum Paxley jumps the barricade. She grabs the Knockouts Title but here is Ash By Elegance (formerly known as Dana Brooke) to grab it as well. Grace takes Ash down and hits a Death Valley Driver on Perez. The Juggernaut Driver is countered into a cutter though and Pop Rox retains the title at 13:57.

Official Result Roxanne Perez wins Still Nxt women's Champion

Rating: B. These two were rolling before the ending, which seemed to be more of a way to set something up for the Knockouts Title. I wasn’t sure who was going to win here, with Perez fighting against the monster and having to score where she could. Grace has looked like a star every time she has been out there in WWE of any kind and it wouldn’t shock me to see that become a permanent situation as soon as possible.

Sexyy Red brags about the show and Lola Vice comes in to dance. Red and the interviewer join her.

Gallus jumps Wes Lee.

We recap Trick Williams defending the NXT Title against Ethan Page. Williams was likely to defend against Noam Dar but someone attacked Dar instead. That wound up being Page, who signed a deal with the caveat that he got a title match here. Worked for Williams.

Match 6 NXT Title: Trick Williams vs. Ethan Page

Williams is defending. Page starts fast and hammers away but Williams is back up with a neckbreaker for two. Williams’ side kick misses though and he crashes out to the floor, where Page sends him into the steps. Back in and Page stomps away in the corner, setting up a double underhook backbreaker for two. Page grabs a bearhug to stay on the ribs before slowly stomping away.

Williams fights up and hits a spinning DDT to leave them both down. Back up and Williams kicks him in the face but misses the spinning variety. They go outside with Page being sent over the barricade before they head back inside. Williams’ spinning kick to the face gets two but Page knocks him out of the air. The running knee in the corner gives Page two and they slug it out from their knees.

They slug it out, with Williams hitting a Rock Bottom for two. The fight heads outside, where Williams loads up the announcers’ table, only to get powerslammed through the table instead. Back in and the Ego’s Edge (Razor’s Edge) gets two on Williams, leaving Page to yell at the referee. The distraction lets Williams hit the Trick Shot to retain at 12:14.

Official Result Trick Williams Wins and Still Nxt Champion

Rating: C+. And that’s the main event. It wasn’t exactly a hot feud coming in and it wound up going well, but there was almost no heat to the match at all. Page is just kind of a generic guy who hasn’t had the chance to turn into anything around here. Maybe this could have gone better if they had more time to build up the feud, but it only worked well enough.

Sexyy Red comes out to celebrate with Williams to end the show. Red said nothing and danced four times. End of her contributions to this whole thing.

Overall Thoughts

The wrestling ranged from good to ok at worst, but there was very little that actually happened here. Kelani Jordan is the inaugural Women’s North American Champion, and the rest of the titles were retained. It was a show with good action but nothing that you need to see. The problem is that it feels like we’re pretty much right where we were when the build to this show began with only a few minor changes here and there. They need a big story around here and the closest thing right now is TNA having wrestlers show up. It’s going to need more than that and this show didn’t deliver it.


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