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NWA Powerrr 12/12/23 Review

This is episode 137 of NWA Powerrr, Return to Robarts: Part 1

Match 1: Talos & Daisy Kill vs The Heavenly Butterflies

A decent tag match to start off the show. Talos and Daisy Kill using some underhanded techniques. It seems to be a very one sided match up. Nothing overly exciting in this match. Daisy Kill and Talos picking up the victory. Grade C-

Backstage Interview:

Kyle Davis is backstage with Mims and Dak Draper who are discussing their upcoming championship match next week.

Match 2: NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship - Joe Ocasio vs Colby Corino

A really good championship match. Plenty of action in this one and some hard hitting moves. Two very talented men in this match and they certainly proved why they were battling for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. Very impressed with this one. Grade B

Match 3: Triple Threat Match - Taylor Rising vs Airica Demia vs Allie Recks

Not a great match, a lot of things seemed to go wrong in this one. I am a huge fan of women’s wrestling, but honestly, this match was really off. I think they tried to do too much in a short space of time so some of the communication may have been missed or something, but this one just seemed to have issues from the beginning. Grade D-

Backstage Interview:

Kyle Davis is backstage with The Southern Six, who are discussing their upcoming match against The Miserably Faithful.

Video Segment:

Matt Cardona sends a challenge to EC3 at NWA Paranoia on 13th January. Cardona challenges EC3 to a NWA World Championship match, in a Death Match!

Main Event: NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match - The Brothers of Funstruction w/Violent J vs The Immortals

An OK main event. Some decent back and forth. The Brothers of Funstruction looked to be heading to victory in this one, then they were attacked by The Kids, causing a disqualification. After the disqualification, the BoF took out The Kids and then the BoF and The Immortals brawled to end the show. Not the best match, hopefully it will be setting up for another match between these teams and we will see a better match. Grade C-

Overall, it was an OK show. The match of the night was definitely the Junior Heavyweight Championship match. It was good to see actual fans on this episode rather than the sitcom type of appearance the show usually has. Exciting announcement with the challenge from Matt Cardona to EC3. That's one to look forward to.


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