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Nick Khan: Vince McMahon Has Embraced Triple H As Head Of WWE Creative

Nick Khan says Vince McMahon embraced Triple H

Triple H took over WWE creative duties from Vince McMahon in July 2022 after Vince McMahon retired due to the hush money scandal. During a recent appearance on The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan noted that Vince McMahon has embraced Triple H taking over creative and has had no involvement in the creative process since returning to WWE in January as the Executive Director of the Board. He said, “Not that involved. Triple H, Paul Levesque, is the Head Of Creative. He was named the Head Of Creative in August. Vince has respected that. He’s embraced that. It’s also his son-in-law, as I’m sure you know, so they have their own dynamic. And from my point-of-view, things have been terrific for the past couple of months since Vince returned.”


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