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New Chad Gable WWE Faction Members Confirmed?

After an intense moment following his win on tonight’s WWE Raw, Chad Gable went looking for his former friend Otis.

After winning a qualifying triple threat and earning entry in the Money in the Bank ladder match, Chad Gable was approached by Nikki Cross of the Wyatt Sicks as the ring filled with smoke.

Clearly shaken, Gable left the ring and went to the back to look for the rest of his seemingly-former faction, Alpha Academy.

When he found Otis, Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri, while they seemed glad that he was at least safe, Otis still held firm to his boundaries.

When Gable asked for support, Otis said that he meant what he said last week – they were done.

As Tozawa and Otis went back into the locker room, Maxxine hung behind and seemed to have a soft spot for Gable as she told him she would try to talk to Otis.

However, when the door was closed on him, Gable turned around and immediately was greeted by the Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed) and Ivy Nile asking if he was okay.

While Gable said he wasn’t okay, the show went to commercial before we could see what happened next.

There have been teases and expectation for months that Gable would end up in a new group with the Creeds and Nile, separated from Otis, Tozawa and Dupri.

Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE Raw, a championship match was confirmed for Bron Breakker.

Photo credit WWE

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