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Simon Miller suffered a loss to his arch nemesis, Tate Mayfairs at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf. We caught up with him after the show to discuss his feud with Tate and his future with PROGRESS Wrestling.

Tate Mayfairs has attacked you physically and verbally and beaten you twice through nefarious means. Is this the end for you? Would you like to move on? Or is this not over?

It’s not over and to sound as stereotypical as I possibly can, it’ll never be over. It’s definitely not the end for me either. We’re just getting started…

Were you expecting Tate to do something like bring back the brass knuckles from his past antics to get the better of you tonight?

Of course. He’s Tate Mayfairs, master of being an idiot. This is my major issue with Tate. No one argues about whether he’s a top quality wrestler. He is. Hands down. For whatever reason that’s never enough for him, though, and he insists on pulling fast ones or taking short cuts. I hold my hands up on this one, however. I knew what sort of shenanigans he would try and pull and yet he still figured out a way to get one over me. Sounds as if we may need a chat with some ‘powers that be’ to get to a point where he can use the brass knuckles to his heart’s degree… but so can I.

You love hosting PROGRESS Wrestling but is your goal to become a full-time wrestler with PROGRESS?

So you’re right. I do love hosting the shows and I’ve spent my entire life juggling as many plates as possible. That’s my favourite thing to do. With that said, my goal is to get in the ring more with PROGRESS Wrestling, starting with Tate. Then look through the roster. It’s a who’s who of talent and I’d like to test myself against any of them. I still think there’s a few more surprises when it comes to all that. Watch this space…

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