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Multiverse United 2: For Whom the Bell Tolls

The opening contest is a six man tag match. Representing NJPW is Taguchi, Rocky Romero, and Master Wato. The representatives of Impact are Heath Ledger, Joe Hendry, and Yuya Uemura. Starting the match is Heath and Rocky Romero. Taguchi and Rocky worked well together unitl Heath reversed a move that would have put his head up Taguchi's behind. Taguchi did not realize Romero was on the receiving end of the move. Heath would tag Hendry in. Master Wato would become the legal man for the NJPW side. Some nice coordinated offense by the NJPW team. Joe shows off some strength by doing a delayed vertical suplex. The commentary team keeps mentioning that there was a Super Junior showcase last night which has some of the NJPW guys worn out. Romero gets a hot tag. Takes out most of his opponents. Hendry stops the comeback of Romero, then Wato steps in. Hendry is able to do a double fall away slam to Romero and Wato. Team Impact wins.

The next match was for the Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship. Kenny King defending against Yoshinobu Kanemaru. I am not familiar with Yoshinobu Kanemaru so this will be interesting. From what Reholdt is saying Kanemaru is a highly decorated junior heavyweight. The early goings of the match is basic opener stuff. When Kanemaru went for a shoulder tackle it allowed Kenny to showboat some. By both the actions of Kenny King and the fact that it is a Impact title on the line it would be a massive surprise if Kanemaru wins. Kanemaru does show some nice offense. First landing on his feet after Kenny rolled out of the way of a moonsault. The second was the tornado DDT. King delivered a nice spinebuster to his opponent. Kanemaru holds onto the official when king has him up on the shoulders. That allowed him to get his Japanese Whiskey and try to spray King. However that did no work. Kenny King hit a Royal Flush for the win. Kenny King will next defend his title at Emergence in Toronto in one week.

The main card started with Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Rich Swann vs. El Desperado vs. MAO vs. BUSHI vs. Kevin Knight vs. YOH. It was hard to keep up with the action as all eight men would fight in various areas ringside. At the beginning Moa and Rich Swan have a bit of a dance off before Swann goes for the quick and dirty pin. The highlight of this match is the chain of submissions that the men put on each other. They are broken by Bushi getting to the ropes. That then got Bushi a lot kicks. Eventually your winner would be Chris Sabin after delivering a Cradle Shock to Yoh.

TMDK vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose Zac Saber Jr and Eddie Edwards start out the match with chain wrestling. Eddie is one of those wrestlers we often forget has the strong fundamentals. Eventually ZSJ would tag Haste in and the two would focus on Eddie's arm. There is a good mixture between technical and brawling. Moose exhibits his power at various times in the match. The punt by ZSJ to Moose while he is on the apron is nice. Moose would eventually spear Haste for the win.

NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship: Giulia (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Momo Kohgo

The fans are quickly behind this match as "Women's Wrestling" chants breaks out. Gisele Shaw is the take the heel role as she takes credit for the chant. This gets all three of the other women to attack her. Action in matches like this seems to be several big moves in a row. Momo did a cross body off the top. Guilia would also hit a massive butterfly suplex on Shaw off the top rope. The eventual winner was Giulia who retained her title.

Next is Sami Calihan agains Douki. Before the match Calihan says that the night has been missing some hardcore action. This is the 2300 Arena afterall. There is lots of carnage. At one point Sami Calihan uses an 8x10 to attempt to inflict papercuts on not only on Douki's hands but also his arm pits.. Tons of chairs get used. Sami Calihan would win with a Cactus Driver 97 onto the pile of chairs.

United Empire Members TJP and Francesco Akira against Robbie Eagles. Akira begins by going for the legs while Fujita joins in. He is restrained by Fujita in a waist lock. Once more locking up after a downward gaze, Fujita secures the headlock. A dropkick interrupts Akira after he hits an arm drag. Akira's chest has already been cut by Fujita. When TJP enters, he dropkicks the back and covers. Eagles enters and drops a surprise kick on TJP. Off a double team, Akira's knees are slammed into the canvas. Robbie reclines on one knee while covering. Akira manages to get to the bottom rope despite Fujita's leg lock attempt. Robbie receives a dropkick from TJP on the opposing side before Akira hurricanranas Fujita with help. Akira jumps onto TMDK and partially collides with the barrier. TJP supports Akira as she is senton onto Fujita. Eagles makes a comeback by hitting Akira with a hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick. TJP also consumes a dropkick. Eagles strikes Akira with two hard running knees followed by a knee dropkick. Akira is restrained in the middle of the ring. TJP releases the grip, but Fujita immediately throws him back out. Akira attempts to roll up before landing a reverse rana. Tags are given to TJP and Fujita simultaneously. Fujita repeatedly dropkicks TJP to keep him down. Before Akira superkicks Fujita, TJP nearly snatches the victory. Akira connects with a double stomp to the chest before diving onto the Eagles. TJP nearly falls with his splash on Fujita. Akira is pushed off the top by Robbie. TMDK pairs up with TJP. Fujita strikes a stomach-to-belly for yet another narrow fall. When TJP ducks, Eagles accidently kicks Fujita. Eagles and Catch face-plant Fujita together when Akira pulls them out. They land a pair of rushing knee strikes, and TJP defends to secure the victory.

I am not even going to attempt to cover the Bullet Club versus the World match like the others. This 12 man tag was won by Bullet Club. There are too many moving parts to a match this size. The men being able to do this match is a testament to their skill.

The next tag match is one that is very polarizing with its contestants. Lio Rush and Trey Miguel against Mike Bailey and Hirumo Takahashi. The fight starts with Trey and Takahashi. Backing him into a corner, Trey stomps on him. Bailey and Lio receive tags. Rush slaps Bailey's face as they come together in the middle, rejecting Bailey's handshake. Bailey then kicks Rush in the chest as they flip back over on each other. Rush tries to get away from Takahashi, but with Trey's help, he manages to take charge. Takahashi continues to take punches from Trey after he tags in. After a dropkick double team from Trey and Lio, Bailey is knocked off the apron. Later, Bailey makes a comeback dressed as the law and attacks Trey with kicks. Bailey does a shooting star kickout while jogging. Speedball is attacked by Rush in the corner. He avoids kicks and successfully plants Bailey for a two count by using a fisherman's driver. Trey is saved by Takahashi's dropkick on Bailey. Then Bailey performs a moonsault onto Trey. On Bailey, Lio leaps past the barriers. After receiving the tags, Hiromu and Trey repeatedly smack each other. Takahashi is rescued by Bailey from Trey's cover. Rush tries to choke Bailey outside. When Trey counters, Takahashi lands a pop-up powerbomb. Takahashi and Bailey both double-sueprkick Trey. Rush breaks Ultimo Weapon as Takahashi is supporting Trey on his shoulders so Bailey can use it. The crowd erupts into life when all four men are defeated. Lio receives the tag as Trey rakes Taka's eyes. Takahashi receives a Rush Hour stunner for a close call. When Meteora is on the ground, Trey strikes Bailey. Rush performs a flip off the ropes to submit Tanahashi. Rush tries to use Final Hour once again inside, but Taka raises his knees. Rush low blows him while the referee deals with Trey after he dumps Rush into the corner and attempts to hit a Time Bomb. Takahashi is defeated by Rush by pin.

The main event is another match where the outcome is obvious but we should just expect a good match out of. Alex Shelly against the Ace of New Japan Hiroshi Tanahashi. It is a good match at that. Tana pushes Alex into the corner establishing who had the strength advantage. Tanahashi would focus on the left leg of Alex Shelley. At one point Shelley would but Tana in the Border City Stretch. Tana is able to hit his Slingblades during the match. Howerver, Shelley picks Tanahashi up for Shell Shock and that secures him the three-count.

For the most part this is a PPV full of victories for Impact.


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