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More on Kevin Dunn leaving WWE, how he was during his run

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

WWE is living in a post-Kevin Dunn world, and we’ve highlighted some of the changes that have happened of late.

Fightful spoke to numerous sources regarding Dunn, and how he was to work with. One source told Corey Brennan that Dunn wasn’t as difficult to work with as they expected, but he did demand the best out of everyone. He had his hand in every part of the WWE broadcasts, including many aspects most fans wouldn’t ever see. Things from graphics, lighting, camera, audio, pyro, video. If Dunn saw something he thought could be better, he’d usually provide feedback, and was the ring leader of the broadcasts.

Dunn was around for almost every show, but in the event he wasn’t, the NXT producers would fill in for him, which happened for the end of the year shows he missed.

Another interesting note was that Triple H took charge of the broadcast for the end of WWE Survivor Series, and CM Punk’s return, as Kevin Dunn wasn’t at that show. We were asked if his scheduled was similar to that of Michael Cole, who almost misses no days. However, we were told Dunn took a pretty normal amount of holidays and the like during his run.

Those that worked with Dunn said that he got along well with Triple H, Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichards and segment producers and all of them would exchange ideas and there wasn’t much stepping on toes. There was also a focus on safety, with an example being that when Cody Rhodes returned at WrestleMania 38, there was a long hold on pyro, as Dunn was trying to make sure the camera crew on the ramp were clear from getting to hit.

We'll be releasing a longform feature at some point this year regarding Dunn and talent's experiences with him. 

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