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MLW War Chamber

MLW War Chamber II 4/20/2024 Results #mlw, #MLW War Chamber II

We begin the show with a recap from MLW War Chamber on March 29th. Next, the intro and music play for the show.

Cameras go into the arena where Joe Dombrowski and Christian Cole are on commentary. They go through the match card for the show.

Cesar Duran comes out with his Aztec Masked Henchmen. He cuts a promo on Salina De la Renta. He then introduces the newest member of his stable, Virus, who comes down to the ring to set up our first match.

After a video replay of Duran’s challenge to Salina at War Chamber, Star Jr. comes down with Salina de la Renta.


Virus (w/Cesar Duran) vs. Star Jr. (w/Salina de la Renta)

During the match, Salina and Duran exchange words with each other. We are shown a clip of earlier before the event, Duran and Salina’s mother having a heated argument backstage.

Star Jr. gets the win by submission.

Winner: Star Jr.


Next, a replay shows Mr. Franci$ defeating Alex Kane at MLW War Chamber last month with the help of Saint Laurent. We go to a pre-recorded promo cut by MLW Tag Team Champions WTF Superstars (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Tom Lawlor) with Saint Laurent.

Dombrowski promotes the match for the MLW Tag Team Championships for later on when WTF Superstars take on Alex Kane & Mr Thomas. We then go to a commercial break.

During the commercial break, there is an advertisement for MLW’s next PPV, ‘Ateca Lucha,’ from Chicago on May 11th.

Back from the break, the War Chamber Match is promoted tonight between The Calling & The Fighters. A replay is shown for the War Chamber Match main event from last month, where the Contra Unit showed up at the end. 

Outside of the arena, Matthew Justice is with Bill Alfonso, and they cut a promo on Contra. We then go back to the arena for our next match. 

Brett Ryan Gosselin (w/Saint Laurent) vs. Budd Heavy

BRG makes quick work of Heavy and defeats him within a minute with a Swinging Fisherman Suplex for the pinfall.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin


After the match, Dombrowski interviewed BRG with Saint Laurent. He cuts a promo on the opponent he defeated and the Tampa crowd. BRG states he is coming for the gold. Gosselin continues to attack Heavy as he is being helped back up the ramp by officials. 

The cameras catch up to Salina de la Renta talking to her mother. They are excited about Star Jr. defeating Virus. Salina talks about Bad Dude Tito bringing the MLW World Championship back to her stable later on tonight. She closes by saying to her mother how they are going to celebrate as we go to a commercial break.


MLW World Tag Team Championship Match: World Title Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr & Tom Lawlor) (c) vs. Bomaye Fight Club (Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas)  

Mr. Franci$ was at ringside doing commentary, causing a distraction for the BFC.  WTF retained their titles by pinfall after Lawlor hit Mr. Thomas with the title belt, which the ref didn’t see.

Winners: World Title Federation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Tom Lawlor)


After the match, DBS and Lawlor continue to beat up Mr. Thomas. Alex Kane comes in the ring with a chair, sending the heels peddling back up the ramp. we go to another commercial break.

Returning from the break, DBS Jr. and Lawlor cut a promo with Saint Laurent backstage. CozyMAX interrupts them as the teams start arguing. CozyMAX wants a tag team titles match, and DBS Jr. says there is no chance!


Zayda Steel vs. Sofi Costillo

Salina de la Renta joins the commentary team for this match. These two battled back and forth. Steel picked up the win with her I’m Prettier finisher for the pinfall.

Winner: Zayda Steel


Dombrowski again promotes The War Chamber Match tonight. AKIRA, Jimmy Lloyd, Jake Crist, and Raven of The Death Fighters cut a promo on The Calling ahead of their match tonight. We go to a commercial break.

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher controlled most of the match, but Matt Riddle picked up the win and pinfall with the Bro Derek finisher.

Winner: Matt Riddle


After the match, Dombrowski interviews Riddle, who said he is still undefeated since his return to MLW.

Riddle said he has been traveling worldwide, winning titles, but one title that has eluded him is the MLW World Championship. Riddle then announces he will enter and win the Battle Riot on June 1st in Atlanta.

Next, cameras caught The Contra Unit attacking Richard Holliday backstage. Krugger goes after the camera person, causing the camera to go out as we go to a commercial break.


MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Satoshi Kojima (c) vs. Bad Dude Tito

Bad Dude Tito had a good showing in this match, but in the end, it was Kojima picking up the win and pinfall with a Lariat to retain his title.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima


Cameras catch up with Contra, who is now attacking Davey Boy Smith Jr. Krugger knocks DBS Jr. out and then goes after the camera person again, causing the camera to go out.

Returning from the break, Dombrowski gives news that Contra attacked Tom Lawlor from WTF. We go to ring announcer Tim Barr to announce our main event.


War Chamber Match: Death Fighters (AKIRA, Jimmy Lloyd, Jake Crist, & Raven) vs. The Calling (Cannonball, Rickey Shane Page, Talon, & Sami Callihan)

The match saw everything you would expect out of a War Chamber Match. AKIRA gets redemption by submitting RSP in a cross-face.

Winner: AKIRA, Jimmy Lloyd, Jake Crist, & Raven


After the match, AKIRA grabbed a mic to thank and acknowledge the crowd. The crowd acknowledged him back, chanting, “This was awesome!” Raven then grabbed the mic and closed by saying, “Quote the Raven,” the crowd finishes, “Nevermore.”

The broadcast ends with Salina de la Renta and her mother walking in a parking lot, where Cesar Duran lurks behind them, staring and swinging “the key!”

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