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The winner of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament was revealed on tonight’s AEW Dynamite after a hard-fought match.

Old foes Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong faced off for the chance to capture the AEW World Champion on next week’s special episode of Dynamite from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The pair engaged in a fierce battle but in the end, Joe was able to make Strong submit to pick up the victory tonight and the title shot next week against MJF.

Leading to a moment on the mic where Samoa Joe where he vowed to take everything away from Max that he loved, it would foreshadow an angle yet to come.

With a conspicuous five minutes left in the broadcast when Joe was walking away from the ring, it seemed unclear what was set to come until Adam Cole appeared.

While Matt Taven and Mike Bennett were in the ring with Roderick Strong, consoling him after his loss, Strong immediately dropped to the mat screaming in agony when he saw Adam Cole appear on the ramp.

Eventually, as Strong was being loaded onto a stretcher, an emotional scene ensued where Roddy was calling out for Cole but the Kingdom were doing their best to block him from seeing the distressed Strong.

While Adam looked on in disbelief, Samoa Joe appeared from out of nowhere to choke out Adam Cole from behind with a Coquina Clutch as he had a message for MJF, speaking directly into the camera.

Reminding MJF that he had said he was going to take everything from him, he choked Adam Cole out before mockingly posing over his lifeless body as the show went off the air.

Setting a dramatic stage for next week’s world title match, there is set to be a showdown between former friends in the Women’s division as well.


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