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Manu Thinks He Could Easily Join The Bloodline Storyline

Former WWE superstar Manu (Afa Anoa’i Jr.) did an interview with Steve Fall of for a new interview where he discussed The Bloodline storyline. Here are the highlights: 

Whether WWE reached out to him to join The Bloodline:

“It could easily happen. I could easily join, you know, Roman. I could easily join The Usos. I could easily join Cody. I mean, there’s plenty of ways you can introduce me back to TV. So, you know, anything could happen in the World Wrestling Federation. I say that all the time and I always say that. That’s my thing and I feel that to be true.”

Hulk Hogan coming to his childhood birthday parties:

“Through my little league days, you know when we’re at that age, when kid’s imaginations are running wild at that time you know, that was when all my friends and everything like that was. you know, ‘Who’s coming over? Is Hulk Hogan coming back over?’ So at that age bracket growing up, yeah, I had tons of friends.”

“My one birthday party, we were having a cookout in the backyard and all of a sudden the doorbell rings and it’s Hulk Hogan. Apparently, he brought the whole neighborhood because the whole neighborhood came with Hogan. Once he showed up, the block shut down. Everybody came with Hogan. That was before the internet, before you could tweet that Hogan’s here and stuff like that.”


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