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Lucha Del Dia De Los Muertos- and it’s a banger - AEW Rampage review 3/11

Welcome guys to this weeks edition of rampage. We have four matches for you this week and we are kicking things off straight away with the triple threat match.


Penta kicks this one off with a dropkick to Komander straight into the corner. Think this one is going to be wild just from the first move. Penta with the made in Japan on Komander for a near fall. Komander comes back with a back heel kick on Penta, followed by an enziguri on Komander. Komander launches himself over the top rope onto Penta while Vikingo with a tope onto Komander. Penta with a couple of sling blades on both men outside the ring. Vikingo with a reversed phoenix splash onto Komander. Penta then flies and crashes into both men from over the top rope. That was crazy.Penta has Vikingo in the corner as he delivers punches to the body. Penta with a step-up kick but misses a charge into the corner. Vikingo capitalizes by running the top rope as he was looking for a dropkick but Komander turns this into a powerbomb. Komander tries going to the top rope for a shooting star press but Penta catches him for a code breaker. It is just pure chaos here as all three men are countering some amazing spots from one another. Komander and Vikingo going at it on the side apron. Vikingo set up on the ropes but counters as he sends Komander crashing to the mat. Vikingo meets a thrust kick by Penta as he connects with a 2-for-1 fear factor / gory bomb special. What on earth did I just witness! Penta with a near fall as he follows up with an attempt for the Canadian destroyer. Vikingo counters as he pulls off a deadlift and a kick to the jaw. Vikingo to the top as he connects with a 630 senton. Komander to the top as he connects with an implosion phoenix splash that’s broken up by Penta. Penta with the fear factor on Komander. And a pin. And 1 2 3. And this one is done.

Here is your winner : Penta

That was just absolutely chaotic. 3 guys with just incredible chemistry and incredible athleticism. What an opening match. That was everything I expected and a little bit more. Excellent from all three.


Sydal and Austin opening things up. Sydal with a nice kick to the midsection before tagging in Daniels for some double team action. Lateral press by Daniels as Austin quickly kicks out. Colton with a right hand to the face of Daniels as Austin tags in his brother. Austin with a pretty dropkick on Daniels as Daniels quickly kicks out. Nice lift/lariat combo follows on Daniels by the Gunns. Daniels takes advantage of a misfire to get in a suplex on Austin as he tags Sydal. Sydal with a couple of kicks to Gunns. Sydal to the top and gets a meteroa as Colton breaks up the pin attempt. Sydal with a cover on Austin but the Gunns connect with the 3:10 to Yuma to end this one.

Here is your winner: The Gunns

Pretty straight forward one this one. Bit of offense from Sydal and Daniels but momentum is certainly being built for The Gunns. Are we seeing the next ROH tag team champions. The Gunns look great too. Joining Bullet Club Gold has been excellent for them.


Marina with a handshake followed by a leg sweep from out of nowhere. Marina brings Skye back to her feet. Skye tries stomping on Marina’s feet but it’s a no-go. Marina kicks Skye in the midsection to send her rolling out the ring to regroup. Skye with a punch to Marina and a ddt from between the ropes of the side apron. Marina now on the outside as Skye takes advantage with a couple of strikes. Shafir with a nice judo takedown, followed by a chop to the chest. Shafir misses a kick as her foot hits the apron. Skye is tripped up as Shafir connects with a kick to the spine. That looked nasty. A front kick follows as Shafir goes for a cover after a spike. Skye somehow kicks out as Shafir tries for a submission hold. Skye breaking free with some kicks, followed by a front dropkick. Skye with the enziguri as Marina counters her pin attempt into a front face lock. Skye bites her on the stomach to escape and gets a rollup for a near fall. Skye with a thrust kick and the code blue. Here's the pin. 1 2 3 and that's all over.

Here if your Winner:Skye Blue

Both women looked great here. Im still sad that Skye Blue turnt on Julia Hart and ruined my dream of her joining The House of Black. Skye Blue is a star tho. Im calling it right now. She has it all. Sky is the limit for her – no pun intended. Also great to see Shafir get to show what she can do in this one. She has all the talent just needs an opportunity.


Main event time. Nice lockup for control as we see a series of sweeps, chops, and reversals early on. Garcia chops Beretta as he tries going for a headlock but Beretta reaches the ropes for a rope break. Beretta with a kick to Garcia followed by a moonsault on the outside. Garcia spiked on the outside by a brain buster. Beretta has Garcia on the top rope for a super back suplex. Cover attempt made as Garcia kicks out. Beretta with a few stomps and short arm clotheslines. Garcia comes back with some offense as he connects with a pair of double knees to the face, and a back suplex for a near fall. Garcia with a rollup but it’s a quick kickout. Beretta with a few German suplexes as Garcia counters with some delayed German suplexes. Both men take each other out with clotheslines but both back to their feet for an all out hocky fight. Beretta with the piledriver as Garcia kicks out. Garcia finally is able to hit his dancing without any interuptiopn and the crowd love it. Garcia locks in the crossface and Trent has no choice but to tap.

Here is your winner: Daniel Garcia

Two excellent wresters showing what they can do in this one. Very solid match from both guys. I think its time to pull the trigger on Garcia tho. The guy is absolutely incredible.

Post match Garcia grabs the mic and says he wants to start collecting titles and is starting with MJF! Garcia wants a shot at the AEW World Championship. This is excellent. MJF is starting to build up one hell of a list of people that are after his title. This is great. Poor MJF!

Solid show again this week on Rampage. See you guys tomorrow for Collision.


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