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Latest on WWE/Giuliam

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

The rumors of WWE and Giulia have heated up.

Fightful Select has confirmed the long standing rumors that WWE has maintained interest in Stardom standout Giulia, but the claim for months was that nothing imminent was to be announced or determined. We’re told that Giulia has obligations with Stardom up until March that were very important to her that she wanted to prioritize. Those we've spoken to claim that Observer's report that Giulia informed Stardom she wouldn't be signing an extension with them were correct. 

We're told that Giulia vs. Mercedes Mone was not a realistic option for the January 13 San Jose  since Mercedes' injury, despite rumors. 

WWE sources heard that Giulia appeared to not be thrilled that word of WWE interest had leaked, as she was nowhere near being able to sign with the company. We’ve also heard that As of the end of 2023, Giulia didn’t appear to want a representative for contract talks as of yet and was handling the process herself so far. That could always change as the situation progresses.

There were rumors that AEW had no interest in her in the past, but Fightful heard her name brought up in conversations this past spring as it pertained to possible Stardom talent that could appear in the company in some capacity. We haven't heard her spoken of within the company as someone expected to be brought in. 

Sources in AEW and WWE both stated that if Giulia were to make a move to the states, she’d likely work heavily with producers and coaches to adjust. WWE sources told Fightful that they viewed Giulia as a potential priority acquisition.

It is widely expected by those within WWE that she would go to NXT and the Performance Center, unless she was prepared on things necessary for the main roster ahead of time. Wrestling Observer noted that she would likely take some time off after finishing up with Stardom to work on her English. WWE sources told us that is something they have resources to aid with as well, in the event that she did come directly over. There was also one WWE source that joked that "Giulia's English is better than the comprehension we've seen out of many native speakers." Amen to that.

Thanks again to fightful select for this breaking news

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